The Call for Cash

Will you pay my phone bill for me?

This happens a lot.

You talk to someone who seems kind of iffy as to whether they want to meet, and suddenly they have some bill they want you to pay.

I have been in the place where I had to decide what gets shut off, and it really sucks, and if I could have avoided it, I would have. I went a week with no hot water once, eating a ‘wrap’ of a taco shell, a piece of ham, a sprinkling of shredded cheese, mayo and lettuce for breakfast and dinner, waiting for the check to clear on some work I did.

Thing is, I did work that someone wanted, and it was worth something.

“Send me $200 for my Internet bill, and I’ll send you pictures of me naked (or a video of me touching myself),” runs entirely up against the fact that I can see any part of thousands of women doing anything I can imagine on the Internet, and it costs me nothing.

Think, ladies! Unless your breasts have the winning Lotto numbers written on them, you’re selling something I can see anywhere.

How’s about this: I’ll get on a video chat with you, and do what you want? Honestly, I can see where that’s more humiliating for you and why you wouldn’t want to do it, but now you have something that I can’t get elsewhere.

People pay for what they don’t have, and they pay for it when they see the value of it meeting or exceeding the cost. That’s not Sugar Daddies, that’s the world, and it’s one of the life-lessons that don’t get taught anymore (like not getting your way and telling someone to fuck off guarantees that you’ll NEVER get your way in the future).

As for your beloved SD – this weekend I was kicked by a horse. Yeah – go figure (and no, it wasn’t my first rodeo). I had to cancel on the binary girl, but I plan to reschedule. I’m actually trying to set up something good for the upcoming weekend, so stay-tuned.

Forever faithfully,

Your SD

She Needs $50 Deposit

I’ll see you next week, but I’ve been burned so many times….

Good morning, my Droogies. I hope you’re all ready for a great 4th of July weekend!

In the never-ending hunt for the right sugar baby, I’ve come across this, and I thought I’d let you know.

So, you’re a person on the Internet, and you’d like to have around $500 more dollars, but you really don’t feel like you should have to do anything for it.

Well look no further! First, you can download pictures like this one (my Droogies – I get 10 messages / day from people claiming to be from Venezuela, who want to do ‘online fun’ and more than 1/2 of them use the picture I’ve posted here), then you can go on a sugar dating site, and say, “Hey! I know my profile says I’m in <some place>, but I’m in <the largest city close to you> for the week – how would you like to get together for almost nothing?”

For almost nothing? I love that price. I have almost nothing on me right now. Let’s meet!

So now you say, “OK, but I’ve been burned and harassed and all sorts of other, horrible things, so I’m going to need a deposit of $50, right now.”

Some people used to say “$50 for gas,” but unless you’re coming from 650 miles away or father, that’s really not realistic.

So I’ll pay you almost nothing, minus the $50 I have to send you now, to meet you next week? Such a deal! What’s your cash app ID?

You send this out, and then you ghost all of these clowns, telling them, “Oh, man! I had to go back early. My parrot died and I have to attend the funeral!”

My Droogies, I’ve told you so many times, “Do not give money to someone whom you’ve never met.” Yes, these girls DO get burned. They go to restaurants and guys don’t show up, and that’s a drag, but you know what? Not your fault. There’s a certain amount of risk in the sugar bowl, and people not showing up when they promised is a small one.

You’ll know I was right when they IMMEDIATELY block your profile. Why? So that you don’t report them, and screw up the other nine SD’s whom they’re playing the same trick on.

Did your beloved SD fall for this? Perish the thought! I saw this one coming from a mile away. As for me, I’m meeting a nice looking girl tomorrow for coffee. The only hangup with her is that she considers herself ‘non-binary,’ meaning I could get caught up in some pronoun madness – but her breasts are quite large, and that makes up for a lot.

I’ll let you know how that goes. Until then, yours faithfully!


Two Sugar Babies for the Price of… Two

My friend and I would love to meet you

So this was an interesting thing to come upon – a girl advertising that she and her girl friend where doing a group thing, and looking to meet someone who could ‘handle’ both of them.

Curiosity got the better of me, my droogies. I bit.

We met at a bar I never go to – if this didn’t work out, I didn’t to do any ‘splainin’. They were pretty, and young, and I made sure that the bartender carded them because I could imagine where this was going otherwise.

A tip – meet at a bar for a drink, and then forego the need to ask for an ID. If she doesn’t drink, excuse yourself and pay your tab going out the door.

The two them were clearly bored and distracted while we sat and I asked them the ‘get to know you’ questions one would ask if this wasn’t simply a precursor to a threesome. Clearly they had other things to do and all of them were better than sitting with me, however they couldn’t be done until I paid them.

“So, do you want to get a motel room?” one of them asked. She was a brunette, short hair, stockier than the other but large-breasted, in jeans and an almost-see-through white top. The other was a blonde, shorter and with smaller boobs but a better body, in a red printed dress that was proving over-and-over again that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

I sighed. “Sure.”

“We usually get $500.” In NYC you’re think they both had herpes. In Tennessee, that’s about a premium price. I don’t live in NYC. The motel would be about $75. Sure – what the hell?

We took separate cars. I could see in my rearview mirror that now the talk was pretty active. I waiting for one of them to jump on the phone but either I didn’t see it or they didn’t do it. We ended up at a place I knew – I put the room on my credit card and found out they didn’t have a room with a hot tub. Damn shame because I really like the hot tub.

We go into the room – them first. It’s a simple double-bed situation and clean. The brunette turns around and asks for the money. Clearly this is prostitution, not a sugar baby. Frankly, I don’t like that. If you want to be a prostitute, be one. Don’t contaminate the sugar bowl.

But I’m there, so ever cautious, I tell her to kiss me first. Cops won’t do that, and you never know.

The brunette says, “I don’t kiss.” The blonde steps right in. She’s down to a thong in nothing flat and I’ve got my pants around my ankles soon after. The brunette sits on the one bed to watch us, while I and the blonde go at it.

It was good sex – and being watched is always interesting. I had to tell the brunette to take her clothes off, and had to actually take her and bend her over the bed (and change condoms) to have her. While the blonde made all of the right noises, the brunette was simply going to wait for me to get off and had nothing to encourage me.

Finally in a classic porno-move, I had them both on their knees in front of me and came on their tits. The blonde sucked me dry while the brunette made a face and waited for the the blonde, who then licked her chest off, which is as close to lesbian action as they got (with an occasional kiss between when they changed positions).

I paid my money, the brunette was right out the door. The blonde talked to me a little while and followed her, and I was out after them. When I returned the key at the desk, I got a look from the lady behind the counter, but I don’t eat at her house or go to her church, so I was pretty much over it.

I don’t think I would have reported them on Seeking Arrangement, but it didn’t matter because they’d already blocked me. So much for repeat action.

Well, that’s my hot story of meeting, my droogies. The search goes on, as it ever does.

Always your faithful,


The Sugar Baby who’s practically a baby

I’m 18 and looking for a 60 year old, because boys my age don’t understand me.

My droogies, we’ve all seen it online.

And yes, I’m going to concede that for the last 20 years, this country has done a piss-poor job of creating men. They’re lazy, they’re dumb, they expect instant gratification and they don’t expect to have to do anything for it.

I’ll tell you, I knew this was coming when I watched He-Man cartoons in college. He-Man and Sheera – he solved all of his problems by talking, while she attacked and defeated her enemies. Later we had Hercules and Xena, and it was the same thing. Now wherever you look it’s the same: women are out there kicking ass while men are discussing their feelings and whining about how they don’t understand what’s going on.

So who can blame this girl for wanting to rock it old school, especially considering that an SD can put a couple hundred bucks in her pocket on a whim, while a boy her age may or not have a working game controller to lend her so she can actually participate in the video game that occupies 75% of his free time?

Well, the police for one. When I hear ‘eighteen,’ all I focus on is ‘teen.’ If she says she’s 18 and she’s actually 16, you are begging for trouble. The fact that she is lying is actually immaterial in a court of law – you’re supposed to ID her before you have sex with her, so walking into a court to say, “I wouldn’t have paid her for that night in Vegas if I’d known she wasn’t an adult,” is going to fly like a dead pigeon.

If she’s actually an adult, and if you’re still thinking, “Well, really, what IS a 32 year age difference? My daughter was pretty mature at that age!” then let’s consider some other things.

  1. Maturity: have you really talked to a person under 25 these days? Their values are not our. They’re largely trained to believe that they’re intuitively smarter than anyone else, that feelings trump facts and that no one REALLY has problems, just hurdles to overcome. When you tell her she can’t have something she wants or don’t follow her advice in your life, things tend to escalate fast.
  2. Expectations: Most of them are baffled by the idea, “I did something for you, now I want something.” They believe that the good things in life are free, and ‘free’ means someone else pays for them, and they don’t need to think about it.
  3. Companionship: You’re going to have NOTHING in common with these people. Entertainment for a lot of them, for example, is to watch someone else play a video game on YouTube. Music, reading, even what they like on TV – totally alien to you. You’re thinking, “Well, my SD – that’s not what I want her for.” Well, yes, my Droogie, so true – but then you’re pretty much reconciling yourself to PPM (pay per meet), because after you put cash in her hand, she’s going to screw and leave (or just leave).
  4. Exposure: one thing she’s going to know right away – you’re not taking her to meet your friends. If you do, God help you. There’s a difference between the waiter asking if you would like something for your grand daughter, and your coworker’s wife thinking that you’re screwing one of her friends. You know who often understands that perfectly well? The girl – whom you’re tired of now, and who thinks nothing of posting on your Facebook page, “This old guy screwed me and now he’s dumping me!”

Drama is a whole other issue. They love it – we avoid it. When I was in my 30’s I dated a woman 10 years younger who had a hissy fit in a restaurant once. It was embarrassing for me, for the other patrons and for the staff. When she left, someone was so mortified for me that they paid my check – never found out who. When I saw her again, she told me, “I hope you learned a lesson from that.”

You don’t want to know what that 18-year-old is capable of shrieking in a public place. I’m writing this because I was exposed to it over the week – a man about my age and a girl in purple hair and a pink outfit who wanted him to ‘make’ the waiter bring her a glass of wine, and then couldn’t understand why she couldn’t just take his and have him order another one, because “What are they going to do?”

At the time, I could think of a lot of things and none of them were good.

That’s it, my Droogies. As for me, I haven’t heard from the girl I was excited about last time, and I’ve been very occupied with the multiple responsibilities that come with being able to afford this life style. You’ll get more updates in the future, I promise.

As ever, your faithful,


The Have it All Girl

Hello my droogies. Memorial day approaches – please meet it with the sobriety it deserves. This isn’t about pools and hotdogs, this about the men who women who gave all, so that you could have this society we live in.

Someone else who wanted to give all is the latest SB I met – we’ll calling her the Confidence Woman.

She’s beautiful, and real. Like, model beautiful – exceptionally attractive with an amazing smile.

She’s also claiming that she wants $1,500/month, all of it up front, to see her ‘as much as I want.’

See where that might ring an alarm bell? With unlimited access, one could leave that girl unable to walk by week two. It makes a person wonder:

1. Does she meet you once and ghost you?

.2. Does she just desperately need the money, and have a lot of time (knowing that half the time she’s going to say that she can’t make it).

3. She’s never done this before and thinks this is as much money as she needs, and has never had that much sex before.

4. She does the first month for this rate and then jacks up her price.

But this should be interesting. I had the opportunity to meet her yesterday but I couldn’t do it. Definitely going to meet her this weekend, but I just don’t see me giving her the whole nut up front. Probably do a weekly until I trust her more. If she’s serious, she’ll deal with that and, if not, then I’ll know.

There are some women whom you just want to have sex with, though, yanno? She’s one of them. What it turns into, we’ll see.

As ever, my droogies, it’s a pleasure to write for you again.

As ever!

Your faithful SD.

Interview with a Sugar Baby

I have a special treat for you, my droogies! I had the opportunity to interview a women who’s been a Sugar Baby for a few years, for some frank and open questions. I’ll put my questions in bold, and hers plain:

How did you get into this? I got custody of my daughter and needed more money to support her. I was working as many as three jobs at one point, but this is simply easier, especially in the last year.

What kind of men are you seeing? It varies. I might go a week and not hear from anyone, in others I’m busy every day. With one I do lunch and ride in his helicopter. Another took me for a ride in his Lamborghini and walked around on his heated floors. I’ve had great conversations with a chiropractor, a general practitioner and an OB/GYN. There was a real life Santa Claus who cleared out my wish list and and provided funds I needed for tires. One regular who is married is just a loving guy. One couple had me make their fantasies come true. Some just reach out to talk or ask for pictures. In the end, it is what it is.

What was the couple’s fantasy? Couple of guys – more than one have had a fantasy fulfilled.

So you’re not looking for a relationship? If one wants to stick around and build that would be great. I’m not actively looking nor do I expect to find it doing this. I’ll remain her until my daughter graduates high school.

Then what? I’ll be open to relocating.

Oh, I missed one – I go massage and put to bed an older man a few nights every month for over a year now. I genuinely enjoy him. I rarely miss him when he calls.

You sound pretty busy. Some weeks I don’t hear from anyone. It varies.

How do you arrange a get-together? I don’t make a habit of going out, except for that local guy. I have a private, studio apartment I use for massages and visits as needed. I stay close to home but away from my daughter.

How much do you charge? Sorry if that sounds crass. Meeting first to see if it is something you are truly interested in works best for me. I generally leave things at the man’s discretion. If he feels it’s going to be just a one/two time thing, I usually recommend going to Adult Look. I can always provide a nice, relaxing massage. Complete relaxation is my goal.

Where do you do a first meeting? I never agree to anything without a face-to-face. I am not one for rushing ever. There is a place nearby where I like to go. As for the studio – the lease is up this summer. If I get my massage license, I expect things to change. Until then, if you’re current, you’re a priority.

How many guys have fallen in love with you? I saw someone who said he loved me up until last week. For a year we had daily interactions. He was married. I caught him fibbing and it raised my alert. Up until then, I was seeing him 3/4 times per week, every other week. I feel like he was seeing someone else on those off weeks. If that was the case, I felt that I should have freedom to see more people, and more money from him. He got a real bargain for a long time – I’m a bit salty over the ending.

Most men will say they want to be a part of your life, but only show up for their physical needs.

So no love affair? My preference is to be close, but you have to harden your heart doing this kind of thing.

Are Sugar Mama’s a myth? I’ve seen a lot of profiles where women are looking for men or women. I’ve never come across one, but I heard they exist. Usually it’s a couple, and usually it’s a scam.

And there it is, my droogies. Live and learn!

Forever faithful:

Your SD

The Platonic Sugar Baby

There’s a new and disturbing occurrence (I’m not ready to call this a trend) out there called ‘platonic sugar babies.’

These are sugar babies who think that you’re going to pay them, but you’re never going to get physical. They may or may not be willing to give you an incredibly expensive web cam show, but that’s it.

So this is for those girls: what do you think you’re bringing to the table?

I’m not asking this to be mean, people pay for things that they want. What do you have, that I want?

It’s not experience. Despite what you ‘learned’ while you were racking up a college debt that your children will see you paying off, you don’t know anything. You’re not going to advise me on how to make more money, how to run my business better, how to live better or how to enjoy life more, because you very simply don’t know and haven’t had time to learn it.

Hey, we’ve all seen ‘The Secret to My Success,’ which was a go-go 80’s super-self-impressed movie with Michael J Fox, but in the real life MJF would have done 3 years for what he did and then spent the rest of his life wearing a paper hat. His plans wouldn’t have worked and the whole ‘lecturing at the party’ thing would have been mistaken for a comedy show.

As for your web cam show – I can get anything I want to see (and plenty that I don’t) on the Internet right now, and it costs me nothing. In fact, the ones that ‘cost me’ are still cheaper than a sugar baby. Unless you have the winning LOTTO numbers tattooed to you labia, very few people are paying to see that, the ones who are think that they can talk you into meeting if they put in their time, and those are a shrinking number who are declining fast.

These women honestly believe that you’re going to wine them, dine them, buy them stuff and advise them, and that you don’t want anything for it other than the girl’s company. Whatever television show taught you that this was going to happen needs to be cancelled immediately. Imagine the poor girl who gets dolled up to go out to the best restaurant around, eats, drinks, laughs and at the end of the night holds her hand out for P2P. Maybe you’re getting $50 for cab fare because I didn’t like you, but you’re more likely to hear, “No,” or “Does this mean you want to do it in the back seat?”

Personally, I blame their neo-Marxist liberal arts college professors, but that’s a post for another day. The question is: how do we handle these young ladies?

The answer is, “We don’t.” They’re already pre-programmed to believe they’re right no matter how much evidence they see to the contrary. It’s the world that needs educating, not them. They DO know better than we do how to make money, live and enjoy our lives and to be successful, because they read it somewhere.

The world is going to educate them more effectively that you ever could, so save yourself the drama. There’s actually a type of guy who accepts and even rewards this sort of behavior in them, they’re called ‘simps.’ At this point in time, most of them have no money but don’t worry. At the rate they’re going, that won’t change.

OK, my droogies – spread the word about the blog being back. It’s slowly picking up steam again but everything helps!

Yours always!


Sugar Babies and the Coincidental Emergency

I would never tell a lie!

So you meet a girl online, and she’s everything you’re looking for. She’s funny, she seems smart. She isn’t too greedy and she can’t meet right now, but she can very soon.

And all of a sudden, “Can you do me a favor?”

There’s no food in the house, or there’s a problem with rent, or the car, or some other bill that is coming right out of the blue, and thank God you happened to have met her right then, so you can pay it.

It won’t be for a lot, either. She doesn’t need $1,500 for a transmission repair, she needs $80 for groceries. She needs another $50 to pay the rent, except that it’s the 20th. Shit, you pay more for that on a night out.

Why so little? Because (a) you’re not going to miss it and (b) you’re not going to try to get it back. She’s going to run that scam on as many as 20 so-called ‘Sugar Daddies’ a week, and she’s going to make a nice, tax-free chunk of change doing it.

Once she’s had one payment, she’s quickly need another. Well, why do you think she needed a SD, except that she couldn’t pay these bills. It’s for the same amount or a little more – it just happened. You see, she’s grooming you to pay a bigger ‘bill,’ and she’s likely got about five of these who, knowing that they’ll be meeting her ‘very soon,’ are paying these bills.

Occasionally, someone catches on. Report this to almost any of the SB websites and they’ll turn off her profile and she’ll have to start again (probably the same day) with a new profile. Often with the same pictures. This is why she wants to get you off of whatever service you met her on, and onto something line Whatsapp, ASAP. If you’re talking to her on there, you won’t know notice when her profile disappears, and she won’t lose her contacts.

“But SD,” you ask. “How do I know for sure?”

Well, they often use fake pictures, so one of your SD’s favorite practices, “Send me a picture with your ring finger touching your nose,” is a good one. If they make a huge fuss over this, or send you a picture of her sucking her finger or something else which is close but no cee-gar, you know immediately.

For the ones who actually use their own pictures, the obvious answer is, “OK, let’s meet in person and then I can help you out.” Most of them don’t want to do that, and don’t expect that you will for $75. They’ll “need the money right now, a couple days is too late,” or they can’t see you now – it’s just a bad time.

The idea here is not to be a sugar baby or to do what the sugar baby does. They spend their time gathering the money of what I like to consider ‘left-handed typers.’

Of course, with my guidance, you’ll never be one of them!

Ever and anon, my droogies! As ever

Your loyal SD!

The Horrible Truth about International Sugar Babies

Have you heard from that amazingly hot girl from Venezuela, or Colombia, or Estonia?

Does this girl want to marry you?

She is so into you – she picked your profile from across the ocean and fell instantly in love. She is really, really suffering in her home country, living with her dying aunt. She may or may not have a kid, but the kid is sick. She just wants to get out of there, and she will marry you in the US if you just help her now.

They are experts in making that pitch – it’s a lie. First of all, it is nearly impossible for these girls to get out of Venezuela. The country isn’t issuing passports and our embassy there, when it’s open, doesn’t issue VISA’s. If a person can sneak into Colombia (a 10 hour bus ride or more), and get a VISA from there, odds are that the US won’t honor it.

Colombia will issue a passport and a VISA (she’ll need both to come here) but it takes a long time and it’s around $300 for both. In either case, asking for that is her hook. You might think, “Well, shit – I spend more than that for beer on the weekend – I won’t miss it,” and you won’t, but that’s not where it’s going to end.

As soon as she goes to get that, she’s going to start having money troubles. She can’t make her rent, her kid/ mom/ aunt is sick, there’s no food in the house. She just needs a hundred dollars – and really, what is that to you? It’s a cheap sugar baby.

Except you expect to MEET your SB, and you’re never going to meet this person, if it’s even a girl. It’s more likely to be a guy who speaks English who took sexy pictures of some girl he knows. They are USUALLY smart enough to not pull a pic off of the Internet (to check, just right click their picture and ‘save image as’ to a folder on your PC, drag it to Google Images and drop it, and Google will find it on the web if it exists).

So before a dozen of you email me with “My Latina was real!” here’s some indicators that she’s not.

  1. She can video chat with you, but the camera on the phone she usually uses to talk to you is broken, so she’s going to use a friend’s.
  2. She immediately wants to get on WhatsApp.
  3. She can type to you in perfect English, but she can’t speak it
  4. She can’t send you any more pictures of herself, because she’s shy

So how can I know if this girl is real (because I really, really want her to be)?

It’s as simple as this, my droogies: ask her for a picture of her touching her ring finger to her nose, and be honest: this is to tell if you’re real.

After she / he scours the web for that picture and comes up with something that sort of looks like her, pulling her ear or with her thumb in her mouth, and “Why isn’t that good enough – don’t you love me?” she’ll tell you that she’s not the kind of girl who takes pictures like that.

Hope I saved you a couple bucks with this post, my droogies.

More to come!

Ever your loyal,


I heard your call, and I came back

Oh, ,my droogies, it has been a troubled time.

A time of COVID19. A time of a downtime, unemployment, the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer!

I’ve sent the Master Sugar Daddy to protect you!

A time prime both for Sugar Babies and the Daddies who pursue them.

And with that time has come the call, “SD! Save us, for we know not what we do!”

Well, your SD is back with a newer, better, site. We’ll be addressing sugaring, when to and when not to, who should and who can, ‘online fun’ and ‘please, help me please!’

We’ve got it all, my droogies, and I’m bringing it to you, just in time. Stand by and I’ll be bring you better, I’ll be bringing you more, and I be bringing it better than anyone else!

As always, your faithful,