Latin American Girls over Americans

There is a bee line of American men who want to go to Latin America and find lovers, girl friends and wives.  There are thousands of pages written on the web saying, “If you have the means, do it.”  Web sites facilitate it, people in general don’t like to talk about, and even Rush Limbaugh, before he was married, came back from a trip ‘with the fellas’ from there and got caught with a bottle of Viagra, so you have to assume he wasn’t there to get cheap leather products.

Why?  What do these women have that American women don’t, is it really better and, if so, how do you get it?

First of all, in the whole ‘Sugar Baby’ world, I’ve written extensively about the benefits of a younger woman for an older man, as opposed to one our own age.  I’m approaching my middle 50’s.  I just don’t want a woman my age – not because she has a few wrinkles or a couple sags, but because the woman my age who’s single has more baggage than a greyhound bus, and I simply don’t want to carry the weight of the last man who wronged her.  Do women get the short end of the stick a lot?  Yes, definitely, but not from ME.  American women are being told, over and over, express that pain and demand that men own up to it.

Why in the WORLD would I step up to that, especially considering that American women notoriously have no respect for the guys who do?  When a woman of any culture can whip a man for something that he didn’t do and get away with it, she sees him as less, and she’s going to dump him when someone better comes along.

Latin American women, in general, are more in tune emotionally with what men want, which is why I picked this particular picture of a girl on a meeting site.  She’s showing off her curves, she’s looking down submissively (not daring you to look at her, but looking away and letting you), and she dressed provocatively without showing that much skin.  Personally, I don’t go for tattoos, but she’s picked one that accentuates her curves.

Now, in her case, that is one big ass.  Also not my thing, but she pulls off the look she wants to portray.

I’ve seen American woman lay in to a guy who ‘looked at them,’ when they were dressed provocatively.  There’s a whole thing called ‘slut walk,’ which glorifies it.  I don’t think women in general understand how much this ‘liberation’ is hurting them.  Unless you’re willing to have your IQ branded on your forehead with a certification, then the only thing you have to make me want to meet you are your looks, and that’s a pretty hard thing to pull off when you don’t want me looking at you.

Latin women are putting more on display because the men whom they’re raised with look for it unashamedly, even in the progressive places like Costa Rica (which calls itself 8% conservative by political measure).  They understand that men like beautiful girls but, more importantly, men like FUN girls.  Fun girls want to dance, want to laugh, want to go out and have a good time with you in the process of finding out if you’re right for them.  They aren’t looking for the first thing you say, that might be considered offensive and, if you make an off-hand comment they don’t like, they won’t beat you up for it.

Which is not to say this woman doesn’t exist in Latin America.  I dropped ‘M’ for just this reason.  She is beautiful, but she’s no fun! She pushed that and I stopped talking to her, and went on to Tinsel Teeth, who is, simply more likely to be fun to be with.

Now, let’s compare these two.  Both beautiful (neither would agree, by the way).  Both have a kid.  Both have profile pictures that show off their cleavage.  Once they decided that I was a prospect for them (and each clearly, consciously, interviewed me with that in mind), both acknowledged that sex was on the table when I went to Costa Rica.

Both want to come here.  Both will tell you that they were treated like crap by their first guy, who was Costa Rican.  Both see an older, American man as a solid personal move – treat him right and you’re pretty well set for life.

They’re essentially sugar babies who don’t want an allowance.  They’re my ‘third type,’ who are seeking a financially solid guy for a secure life.

And let’s get this straight: these Latin girls are not a lot of doe-eyed angels who are patiently waiting to be chosen.  There are thousands of these girls who are heartless scammers looking to get over on a horny, wealthy guy, take his money and keep it.  You have to be at least as careful with a Latin American sugar baby as you would with an American – maybe more so because you’re not going to see it coming from the Latin girl, and the laws in their home countries REALLY favor them.  Much as these Latin guys seem to have no requirement to support their kids, an American is going to get creamed with a big child-support bill, completely enforceable under US law.  A lot of the advice groups tell you right off, “Before you marry one, get a vasectomy.”

So why go there?  Because of the higher density of women who just want to be good wives, be taken care of, and don’t see love as a commodity to be traded or withheld.

This is the end-point: Latin girls still act like traditional girls.  They don’t bridle when they hear those terms, and you simply have a hard time finding that with American women.  Tinsel Teeth has said more than once, “I’m happy to have met you, because you’re a gentleman and I think you’re going to treat me with respect.”  I have gotten bathing suit pictures from her, but in her case I didn’t ask for nudes.  We talked about sex but I’m not sexting with her and I don’t want to.  This is better than I treated a lot of sugar babies at the start and, I’ll admit, it’s a measure of how she handled me, and I’m comfortable with it.

I could meet her and it could blow up in my face – and knowing that, I’m in contact with some back ups, but this is more positive than I usually am with a new girl.

Compare her with ‘new girl,’ whom I don’t see anymore, who essentially morphed into a whore-for-hire.  That was off-and-on, non-stop drama and unreliability with a self-destructive beauty-queen whom I really had about zero respect for.

American women are eventually going to say, “It’s OK to ‘want a man.'”  I don’t mean generationally, but at some point in their lives.  When they do, if they’re pissed off about it, they’re not going to do well.  No man wants to carry the baggage of the guy you couldn’t have or who did you wrong.  While Latin women are willing to say, “That guy did me wrong, but THIS guy isn’t him,” they’re going to keep men coming, looking for them.


What a weekend

Hello, my droogies.  It’s a sit-on-the-couch Sunday, and I’m corresponding with future girl friends on Facebook, gmail and LAC, remembering yesterday.

Yesterday I ‘paid for the horses.’  Once a year I take a delivery of 100 bales of hay (squares that weigh around 55 lbs), and I load them myself into my hay barn.  Also, the new property I bought produced 13 round bales (1000 lbs each) and I had to load them across the street to my big hay barn.

That meant I had to clean BOTH hay barns, put down something to keep the hay off of the ground, and load it.

Believe it or not, the big roles are easier, but the big barn is harder, because I use railroad ties to stand the hay on, and they’re 300 lbs.  They were stacked up in there, and I had to lift each one to put a chain under it, then use the tractor to move them.

Stab me!  I did that after loading the 100 bales, and THAT made my deltoids feel like they were going to leap off of my body.  I think the last hour of that move was 25 minutes of work and 35 minutes of rest.

As for the great competition, it’s between the A-C, Tinsel Teeth and another girl, ‘the Power Blonde.’  The A-C and Tinsel Teeth are both pretty consistent with the e-mails and photos, and my GOD, so pretty.  The Power Blonde is very pretty, 32, blonde hair and a rack to cause a car accident.  We seem to have the most in common, though it’s a close call between them.  I’m getting to know them all and really enjoying it.

This was that lazy day to sit around and type.  The Little Treasure’s husband is up for a big promotion (if you remember, I taught him how to program, and it’s been more than two years, so he’s up for $90k/yr).  Maybe they’ll borrow less – who knows?

Be well, my droogies!  More later


Just a few things around the house

Hello, my droogies.  I know you’re looking forward to the latest, so here goes:

First, ‘M’ got her walking papers.  Sorry, not going to start a relationship with a woman with no sense of humor, who thinks she can dress me down for an offhand comment.  In this case, she decided that she wants to meet me and bring one of her friends, which I understood, because I could be anyone.  I said, “OK, but now we have to keep it all PG, because I’m not that kind of guy.”  She reacts like I seriously wanted to bend her over in front of her friend.

I mean, seriously.

The other girl in the competition, A-C, is still hanging in there.  We email a couple times a day.  It’s gotten to the point of ‘are you looking for a party girl or something permanent,’ which really not a smart thing to ask.  I mean, seriously, who ISN’T going to say, “Oh, I want something permanent, baby.  You’re the one.”  Either you’re going to mean that, or you’re going to lie about it, but you’re going to say the same thing.

There’s a new, 27-year-old blonde who’s in the running.  She has one kid, and braces.  I warned you, my droogies, these girls ALL have kids.  Supposedly it has to do with, ‘Using condoms means you came meaning to have sex, and then you aren’t a good person.’  That philosophy isn’t working out well for CR as a whole.

Tinsel teeth is actually a really pretty girl with a great body (if her pictures are to be believed).  She’s wanting to spend a weekend (they all do – I think I’m going to plan all of my tours during the week).

Another contender is actually 45.  She’s just plain sexy (again, if her pictures are to be believed).  Her kids are grown and I think she’s just looking for a better life.

Other interesting things: my contract with a client of 5 1/2 years is ending, so I’ll be on the job hunt for the end of the year.  That should be interesting.  Someone needs to screw up their software pretty fast, if I’m to maintain my current lifestyle.

Because this happened, of course a piece of property across the street from me, that I’ve wanted for 9 years, became available.  Here’s some advice, my droogies: if you want to pick up foreclosed properties, use Zillow.  Zillow had the status of this property before any realtors did, and I picked it up directly from the bank for a song.

Of course, as soon as I did, the guy next door to it saw my hay guy making round bales on it, and got my name, and wanted to buy it from me, but didn’t think that he should pay any more than I did.  Guess what?  No!  If I flip it, it’s going to be at market price, which isn’t cheap, because the world wants to move to Tennessee.

Remember New Girl?  She was sniffing around this week – probably wanted to trade more sex for money.  I told her of my pending vacation and unemployment, so that’s officially over.  Until the next time she needs money, of course.  What can I say?  She’s a slut.  She LOVES drama – seriously, if she’d been smart, she’d have made her case and created more of a 50’s lifestyle with me, because she’s really suited to be June Cleaver, and she’s completely incapable of running her life.

That’s all of it for now, my droogies.  Hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am.

Yours, always,


Ladies, let talk about your bodies

It’s time to touch the third rail – and I’m the guy to do it.

No one is happy about how they look.  Not even Alyssa Milano at her ‘happy weight.’  Everyone wants to have a bigger this, flatter that, or perkier those.  Everyone, without exception.

So here I am, talking to the M prospect, whom I REALLY like, and I’d love to go out and do some things like dance, hit the beach, lay out by the club pool, blah blah blah.

“No, I don’t want to do that,” she tells me.  “I am still losing baby weight from six months ago, and I’m not comfortable with my body.”

Like I said, we’re touching the third rail.  As I type this, my ultra-sensitive ears can hear future readers bridling.  Some women have a REALLY hard time losing that weight.  I know all about it, because the original Mrs. SD went through it, to the point that she STILL hadn’t lost it when we had the Little Treasure, 4 years later.

And like M, she didn’t want to go out in public until she had the flat stomach back, which of course never happened, and we got divorced, not because she didn’t look good but because she was such a freaking DRAG to be around.

I don’t have a flat stomach.  Even when I used to model (in college), I didn’t have more than 4 of a six-pack, and that was in the 80’s when I was making $150/hr doing it.  I know that society is MUCH more forgiving to guys, but I never wanted her to go out with society, I wanted her to go out with ME.

Ladies, when you’re with the right guy, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.  That’s not poetry, that is a fact, and I can show you several dozen highly successful, beautiful models who live in misery because their awesome looks can’t get them past their blah personalities if I need to prove it.  Quite frankly, I would knock a Kaley Cuoco on her ass to get to M.

If you REALLY want to piss a guy off, let him cinch up his courage, tell you that you’re beautiful and that he wants to show you off, and correct him.  That is, hands down, the most frustrating, irritating, unforgivable slight you can hand down, and most of you don’t realize it, because someone told you when you were entering puberty that your looks are about you.

By definition, your looks are about how others perceive you until that time that you have an IV installed and surround yourself with an octagon of mirrors.  If a guy you’re legitimately interested in tells you you’re beautiful, telling him, “Well, I won’t go out until I’m MORE beautiful” is an incredible turn off, and most guys will start looking for someone else the first time you say it.

The worst part of this: her answer is that she’ll come over to the hotel, we’ll go up to my room and screw.  Sorry, ladies, that is NOT paradise, that is a couple hours of awesome and the rest of the day of boring.  If I’m so into her that I can spend a whole day locked up in a room with her and just talk to her, then I need to figure that out on my own, it can’t be forced on me.  When it comes after, “I don’t want to do anything fun because of my body,” it just ain’t gonna happen.

And yes, there’s the whole, “Well, if you give her time,” argument – but I’m not going on vacation to conduct therapy, neither am I convinced that this problem gets better for most women with time.  Personal experience says it doesn’t.

Ladies, the bottom line is this: if your looks are important to you, that’s great.  If they’re keeping you in a dark room starving yourself, that’s dementia and, if they’re amazing to the person you’re interested in, then who gives a flying crap about what anyone else thinks?  Seriously, were you planning to go out dancing and take on the room?  Were you hoping to get someone better at the pool?  If you were, more power to you, but good luck convincing the man who’s amazed by you that doing that makes you better.

Take care, my droogies!


The mark of the Scammer

Fact: people try to meet on the Internet.

Fact: the farther apart they are, the more likely they are to try to meet on the Internet

Fact: knowing this, scammers surge to the places where they can pretend to be one type, seeking another.

So you go on (for example) Latin American Cupid, and you try to meet a ‘dream girl.’

She’s going to be beautiful, receptive to everything you want, wanting to move fast.

We call these, “Your first three clues.”

Don’t get me wrong, those beautiful, willing girls are out there.  They’re even in Latin American countries, where the local guys often REALLY treat women like crap, which makes men who don’t do that look extra special, even if they’re old enough to be the girl’s father.

But you have to differentiate.  You have to see the ‘Mark of the Scammer.’

Question 1: Do you have a Facebook page?  If she does, was it clearly, recently created?

Question 2: Can I look up your pictures on Google Image Search?  You can find this out by downloading them, and then dragging them to Google, on the Image Search page.

This will catch you about 20% of the scammers – the stupid ones.

Question 3: Can you SEND me a picture of you touching your left ear, or sticking your tongue out?  You’ll get most of the scammers this way, because they download pictures of Ukrainian models that don’t search well.  But they can’t manipulate those pictures.

Question 4: What’s your email address?  This is what inspired me to write this.  Someone who said she was 24 had a hotmail address.

Seriously, hotmail?  You can’t even get one of those anymore, and if you can, no one that age is going to do it.

Also, from an email address you can often get an ACTUAL ID in the response email – people won’t realize that it’s not the same as the one they’re using.

The more you feel like you quickly developed a REAL connection, the more you think, “I’ve met the one – hit it right out of the gate!”, the more you want to think ‘scam.’  Scammers have to be good at making you feel that way, fast, before you can think.

The best ones won’t even ask for money (those are easy to avoid – they have a spontaneous, immediate emergency that only money can solve!), they’ll just make you feel bad about how hard they’re having it, and let you do the rest so that you say, “She didn’t ask for money, I offered it.”

Just a little wisdom, this time, my droogies.  Remember, while you don’t want to lose sight of the destination, it’s all about the journey.

Yours always,


Lining up the prospects

Hello, my droogies!  Time for a status

First of all, thanks for the ‘welcome backs.’  It’s a surprise how many remember me after 2 years’ inactivity.

As I said in my last post, I’ve signed up to Latin American Cupid, and started talking to women online, as well as going to a few advice sites to find out what to do, where to go, what to bring, etc.

You learn a few things right away, such as, “Saying that you want to meet only Costa Rican girls is meaningless,” and “saying that you want to meet women of a certain age group is even more meaningless.”  I’ve received ‘interest’ from girls as young as 18 and as old as 60.

Some guys want an 18 year old – I’m not one of them.  I’m sure you all remember my daughter, ‘The Little Treasure’?  She just turned 24.  That kind of sets a base-line, and it doesn’t set it at 24.  Of course, it’s kind of liberating to know that, no matter whom I meet, the Little Treasure will make a point of hating her.

The front-runner Tica (a Tica is a girl from Costa Rica – see, you learned something today!) is a girl I’ll call ‘M.’  She is actually a Colombian who lives in CR, and like most Colombian women, her breasts are surprisingly large.  I think the girls are inspired by the mountains at a young age.  She’s got long hair that she considers short and the usual, beautiful brown eyes that comes with being a Latin girl.

She also has a kid.  Hers is 4 mos old – this is a major flag for me in most cases, but less so in CR.  It seems that in Costa Rica, it’s all but required by law that a woman has first kid before she’s 24, and that the father then abandons her.  This is a real surprise to me, based on how ungodly favorable for women the divorce laws there are.  These guys must simply be able to disappear or something, but I’ve met about a hand full of women who don’t have at least one kid, and I’ve seen 26 year olds with 4.

There’s another girl with two kids who’s a close runner.  She’s what they call ‘Afro-Carribean.’  Her smile could light up a room if her pictures are to be believed.

Supposedly, one aspect of CR life is the girls don’t screw around before marriage.  Apparently another is that the guys all screw around on their wives, and a third is that prostitution is completely legal, and it’s not uncommon for a single mother to head out and sell it to the tourists to make ends meet.  Over all, kind of a mixed message here – however one thing keeps shining through:  they likely talk a good game, but just like any Sugar Baby, they know how to solve a problem with their vagina.

Another thing you learn on the LAC board is the fleeting attention span of the Costa Rican girl, and research says that THIS is typical of the place as well.  I’m not leaving for another 5 weeks (as of tomorrow – yeah!), it was too early to get on there, and the girl ‘looking to meet the love of her life’ isn’t going to email you for nine weeks (or even five) because it’s boring.  If you’re reading this for advice (clever of you, by the way!), start your LAC membership around 5 weeks out and then weed out the short-termers.

By ‘short-termers,’ I mean the ones on there who want to hit up a guy who’s going to be there next week.

One thing you won’t find on LAC is the chicks begging for cash, or they’ll be sleeping on the street tonight.  It still stuns me that guys fall for that, but ‘Seeking Arrangement’ and ‘Sugar Daddies’ are proof that they do.  Do that on LAC and they’ll ban you, the girls take it seriously, and I’ve yet to be bothered.

Back to the topic – it’s largely M versus A-C for the title.  There are as many as six more I’d call ‘second string,’ meaning there’s interest but they aren’t going to take me seriously for a couple more weeks.  While I’m there, I want to do the catamaran tours, the ATV tours, dance with someone at a club at night, and maybe take some surfing lessons.  The ultimate winner will be the one comes closest to all of that, and of course who’s going to sleep with me.  Hey, I’m being denied sex right now, I don’t need to go out of the country for that.

In that vein – do you all remember ‘New Girl?’  Very large breasts, single mom, 1/2″ taller than I am, who I picked up, dumped and then let come back around?  I hear from her once in a while when she needs to blow me for cash.  It’s an expensive beej, but when you get down to it, she’s got a great body, it’s easy for me (she delivers like a pizza) and I get some kissing in.

OK, that’s all for my exciting life.  I may be switching jobs in the next month – I’ll let you all know.  If I do, then these things will have to wait until night time.

Your very own:


Back for a New Adventure

Hello, my droogies!

I know it’s been a long time, and I know that many of you have waited loyally for your favorite Sugar Daddy to do something interesting.  Well, here it is!

First, some catch up.  I have, once again, given dating a break while I focused on other things.  I’m hitting 54 this year, so I really don’t believe I get to do that too many times!  In this case, the focus was work and weight loss.  I’m down 60 lbs, making me a MUCH more attractive kinda guy, and of course work is what it is.

For the first time in SIX years, I’m actually going on vacation – this time to Latin America.  What am I looking for, you ask?

Ha!  As if you need to.  I’ve said before, if you can’t find what you want in the US, then there’s always abroad, so I guess that what I’m doing: looking for a broad!

The market is UNGODLY full, and also a little heart breaking.  Seriously, I want a young girl, but you see eighteen-year-olds willing to marry a guy my age just to get the hell out of some of those places.  Where I simply don’t WANT someone that young, I think I’d be receptive to sending money their way to make their lives better.

That’s another story.  Another still is this thing they call ‘mongering,’ which I have no interest in.  ‘Mongering’ is the new description of sexual tourism.  Prostitution is pretty well accepted in Latin America – you’ll even find women with jobs doing it on weekends just to make ends meet.  Suffice to say, I’m not going there to find cheap whores.

So my strategy, and we’ll see if it works, is three fold:

  1. I learned to dance.  Ain’t THAT special?  I can do the meringue, cumbia, bachata and, to some degree, salsa now.  Learning was a lot of fun and really good exercise so, no matter what, I think I’ll be sticking with that.
  2. I joined Latin American Cupid.  There are a LOT of sites for this, and as you all know, most are a scam.  LAC is the farthest from a scam I could find.
  3. Been brushing up on my Spanish, mostly working with the people who contact me on LAC.

One thing with the LAC site – you’re going to be contacted by a lot of fakes with pictures of amazing looking women, and you’re going to be contacted by a lot of real women who aren’t going to make the grade or be what you’re looking for.

Gee, is there a site on the Internet that ISN’T like that?

OK, my droogies – if you’re glad I’m back, let me know.  If you have questions, post them.  I’m really excited about this, and I’m sure I’ll have a lot of stories to tell you.