Back from Costa Rica

Hello, my droogies – I’m back from ten fun-filled days in Jaco, Costa Rica, and here are the results:

As for Tinsel Teeth: no.  Just… no.  As you know, we went from four days together, to one.  On the day when she was going to show up, I didn’t hear from her until that morning, when she was going to get ready and show up, and ‘show up’ was her saying, “I’m on my way,” at around 3pm, when she lives 2 hours away and she’s got to go home that night (and needs $100 for cab fare each way).”

I told her, “Forget it – it’s not worth it.”  Of course, immediately after saying this, she tells me, “She’s on her way,” and then within an hour she’s trying to tell me she’s already there.

If she really did get screwed over, the deserves it.  Yes, I’m away of ‘tica time,’ which is the actual fact that the people in Costa Rica often run a couple hours late from any promised time.  That wasn’t the problem.  I wasted an entire day of vacation where she didn’t tell me when she was showing up, just ‘early,’ and then ignored messages for three hours.  What she thought we were going to do for the couple hours she planned to be there was beyond me.

Meanwhile, the day I got home, I started to hear from ‘M,’ who wanted to start something up again, now that she was sure that I was back home.  I blocked them both and killed my membership to Latin American Cupid.

My mistakes: I believed the reputation of Jaco being some sort of party town.  It’s not.  It’s a sleepy little town which has been completely Americanized.  The only women you’re going to meet there who’d want to date you are prostitutes, most of them from other nations.  I’d hoped to dance cumbia or salsa or bachata – the only bands I saw there were classic metal.

It’s a tourist trap there, and the locals are jaded to the single American male and “I want to marry you until the day I leave” riff.

That said, I had a great time doing other things, and it was a much-needed vacation.  I’d go back to Costa Rica, but I’d go to the peninsula or Liberia up north instead.

So the search goes on, my droogies. There’s no keeping your SD down, but you already knew that!

Take care!



Here I am in Costa Rica

First of all and foremost, I needed a vacation.

I can’t tell you all how different I feel, my droogies.  It’s such a load off of my shoulders just not to worry about work.  I’ve still got a week of vacation left, on top of everything else, so I’ve been working on the latest novel, wandering Jaco, eating great food, drinking cheap beer – it’s been good.

As for Tinsel Teeth, I don’t know what happened with her.  Once I got here, she became a lot harder to contact and MUCH harder to pin down.  Yesterday I heard she planned to be here early in the morning.  This morning she was getting ready.  By noon she wasn’t respond to ‘where are you’ texts, then she tells me 20 minutes ago, almost 2pm, that she’s “on her way.”

Putting her here around 4pm and then having to be home tonight to be at work tomorrow.  It would be a miracle to see her for five hours, and the trip one-way is $100.  I told her to stay home.  She tried to tell me first that she would be here in 2 hours, then that she was already in a cab, then an Uber.  In fact, I think she texted me when she called the cab but, regardless, it’s her problem now.

It pisses me off.  I was hoping to have an SB to spoil while I was here.  Now, in Thailand, you can honestly just rent a woman for the day.  The cost is less than $20.  The cost of that here would be significantly higher, and I really don’t think the “I’m in Jaco, let’s start a serious relationship” message is going to carry in Latin American Cupid, so your SD is out of luck.

I’m in a mind space where I just don’t care that much.  I have some activities planned for the week, I need to finish my novel – you all know that your SD is a survivor!

Well, now I’m off to a late lunch that I missed when I was waiting for her, then a beer, a nap, some writing and hit the town.  Plenty to explore still – miles to go before I sleep (except for the nap).

More when I have it for you, my droogies!


Snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory

Hello again, my droogies.

Well, it is as predictable as a sun rise – set something long term in motion, and have problems with it at the last minute.

The vacation in Costa Rica begins tomorrow.  At work, the in-house developers have control of the code I wrote – a fate they resisted until the very end – and I really have nothing to do until my work day ends at 1pm.

So I hear from Tinsel Teeth, with whom I planned to spend at least 4 days, to find out that she just took a new job and now we’re down to most of Sunday.

One cannot help but be suspicious of the timing.  It’s somewhere between, “I found someone I like better, but I want to be sure with you,” and “Well, if you gave me some money, I could afford to start later.”  She hasn’t said either, but it’s a long distance start to a relationship with someone whom you only know from online, and that’s the way those things usually go.

Costa Rica is my first vacation in six years.  I already have plans to hit a catamaran tour and an ATV tour – AND it’s supposed to rain a lot while I’m there, so I’ll definitely be hanging out by the pool and working on finishing the next novel.  Still, I was actually looking forward to meeting this chic.

So I’m doing what anyone would do – I’m going back to the runners up in the ‘who will receive SD’s penis’ contest, and seeing if they’re still interested.  The key here is to fill up the dance card enough where I have fun, but still get all of my stuff done.

Don’t worry about your SD, my droogies – I ALWAYS pull through and have a great time.  This won’t be any different.

Well, I’m getting the travel-lap-top ready, so I have to roll.  My ‘good’ lap top is Alienware – the HELL I’m bringing that to Costa Rica.  I picked up a little Lenovo for $220 with tax, which I really don’t care about, for the journey.  I’ll probably give it to the Little Treasure when I’m done.

Take care!


And the winner is…

Hello, my droogies.  Hope it’s good to hear from me again.

In six days, I’m off to Costa Rica!  This has been quite an adventurous time in my life.  As my loyal droogies know, I’m a systems level software developer who is a go-to guy for companies which have really hoarked up their software.  My usual contract is less than a year.  I get in, I fix what’s broke, I charge a lot and I leave.

My last contract, which is ending soon, lasted over 1/2 a decade.  These people had REAL issues.  Unfortunately, I got REALLY used to being there, which is why I don’t take these long contracts.  There’s a reason why I’m not the CIO for a large company, and that reason is that I don’t have sticky feet.  Getting too comfortable makes for a boring SD.

The other side of that is the “Oh, my God, I might not have a job in a month” reality that will really curdle your premium beer.  Getting used to this job also encouraged me to enjoy myself a lot, and the money was SO good.

Well, a little work and a LOT of prayer later, the company I’m working for realized that they don’t have anyone ready to take over my software, and gave me time to find another position, locally, for almost the same money, which is pretty amazing for East Tennessee.  It also turned out that the property I bought is worth nearly double what I paid for it, so I should have no trouble flipping it.

For my less-than-loyal droogies, I looked on Zillow to check out my own property values and realized that the acreage across the street from me had been foreclosed on.  I bought it straight from the bank and side-stepped the realtor fees, which was great because no realtor in their right mind was going to let it go for the price I paid.

While all of this was going on, Tinsel Teeth is the winner of the ‘who will I put my penis into’ competition for my trip to Costa Rica.  It’s actually not that base, I simply couldn’t resist typing that.  TT is 1/2 my age, with a kid, but so VERY pretty and has really made an effort to keep in contact with me, to send me up-to-date pictures, and to keep me aware of what’s going on in her life.  She hasn’t begged for money – winner across the board.

The Power Blonde really only contacted me when I initiated it.  The woman my age also fell to the wayside, and she was kind of pushy on when we were going to meet.  She had a pair of guns that would have intimidated a battleship, which I kind of wanted to see, but that’s about it.  Frankly, TT did a good enough job where I’m happy just seeing her.

Four women in this competition made it to the Facebook stage.  All of them wanted to do ‘Whatsapp.’  Here’s some advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about: Don’t use Whatsapp.  It is NOT secure.  Once you’re on that, you’re daring someone with my skill set, lacking my morality, to get into your phone and find out everything you store on your phone, which is more and more.  In fact, not only am I surprised it hasn’t happened already, I’m sure it has.

So I use Facebook, where at least you’re pretty sure of what you’re getting.  Four made it there, TT was the only one who survived.

Using Facebook forced a little honesty on me.  They can see who my friends are, I have four friends from Costa Rica, and they’re all single women, added recently.  Gee – that’s hard to figure out.  I’m sure that’s what ran the Power Blonde off.  Probably thought I was doing the sexual tourism thing.

By the way – there’s no point in doing that in Costa Rica.  It’s been done out.  According to the ‘mongers’ – the people who go get laid in other countries – the hookers there are expensive and not really into it.  You can go to Dominican Republic or Colombia or Panama and have a better, less expensive experience.

Latin girls who want older guys are looking for security, loyalty and a way the hell out of Latin America.  This girl, for example, wanted to buy a dress for $100.  She’d have to clean five houses for that sort of money.  She couldn’t afford to take a taxi to meet me at the hotel if I didn’t pay for it.

Of course, paying for that sort of stuff is all of the Sugar Daddy stuff that I’m used to.  If it works out and it’s a chemistry match, then the next step is to bring her here for the length of a tourist Visa to see if I can stand her.  If not, I have 6 more days in Costa Rica.

No down side.

Thanks for keeping up with me, my droogies.  I’ll have more later.


Latin American Girls over Americans

There is a bee line of American men who want to go to Latin America and find lovers, girl friends and wives.  There are thousands of pages written on the web saying, “If you have the means, do it.”  Web sites facilitate it, people in general don’t like to talk about, and even Rush Limbaugh, before he was married, came back from a trip ‘with the fellas’ from there and got caught with a bottle of Viagra, so you have to assume he wasn’t there to get cheap leather products.

Why?  What do these women have that American women don’t, is it really better and, if so, how do you get it?

First of all, in the whole ‘Sugar Baby’ world, I’ve written extensively about the benefits of a younger woman for an older man, as opposed to one our own age.  I’m approaching my middle 50’s.  I just don’t want a woman my age – not because she has a few wrinkles or a couple sags, but because the woman my age who’s single has more baggage than a greyhound bus, and I simply don’t want to carry the weight of the last man who wronged her.  Do women get the short end of the stick a lot?  Yes, definitely, but not from ME.  American women are being told, over and over, express that pain and demand that men own up to it.

Why in the WORLD would I step up to that, especially considering that American women notoriously have no respect for the guys who do?  When a woman of any culture can whip a man for something that he didn’t do and get away with it, she sees him as less, and she’s going to dump him when someone better comes along.

Latin American women, in general, are more in tune emotionally with what men want, which is why I picked this particular picture of a girl on a meeting site.  She’s showing off her curves, she’s looking down submissively (not daring you to look at her, but looking away and letting you), and she dressed provocatively without showing that much skin.  Personally, I don’t go for tattoos, but she’s picked one that accentuates her curves.

Now, in her case, that is one big ass.  Also not my thing, but she pulls off the look she wants to portray.

I’ve seen American woman lay in to a guy who ‘looked at them,’ when they were dressed provocatively.  There’s a whole thing called ‘slut walk,’ which glorifies it.  I don’t think women in general understand how much this ‘liberation’ is hurting them.  Unless you’re willing to have your IQ branded on your forehead with a certification, then the only thing you have to make me want to meet you are your looks, and that’s a pretty hard thing to pull off when you don’t want me looking at you.

Latin women are putting more on display because the men whom they’re raised with look for it unashamedly, even in the progressive places like Costa Rica (which calls itself 8% conservative by political measure).  They understand that men like beautiful girls but, more importantly, men like FUN girls.  Fun girls want to dance, want to laugh, want to go out and have a good time with you in the process of finding out if you’re right for them.  They aren’t looking for the first thing you say, that might be considered offensive and, if you make an off-hand comment they don’t like, they won’t beat you up for it.

Which is not to say this woman doesn’t exist in Latin America.  I dropped ‘M’ for just this reason.  She is beautiful, but she’s no fun! She pushed that and I stopped talking to her, and went on to Tinsel Teeth, who is, simply more likely to be fun to be with.

Now, let’s compare these two.  Both beautiful (neither would agree, by the way).  Both have a kid.  Both have profile pictures that show off their cleavage.  Once they decided that I was a prospect for them (and each clearly, consciously, interviewed me with that in mind), both acknowledged that sex was on the table when I went to Costa Rica.

Both want to come here.  Both will tell you that they were treated like crap by their first guy, who was Costa Rican.  Both see an older, American man as a solid personal move – treat him right and you’re pretty well set for life.

They’re essentially sugar babies who don’t want an allowance.  They’re my ‘third type,’ who are seeking a financially solid guy for a secure life.

And let’s get this straight: these Latin girls are not a lot of doe-eyed angels who are patiently waiting to be chosen.  There are thousands of these girls who are heartless scammers looking to get over on a horny, wealthy guy, take his money and keep it.  You have to be at least as careful with a Latin American sugar baby as you would with an American – maybe more so because you’re not going to see it coming from the Latin girl, and the laws in their home countries REALLY favor them.  Much as these Latin guys seem to have no requirement to support their kids, an American is going to get creamed with a big child-support bill, completely enforceable under US law.  A lot of the advice groups tell you right off, “Before you marry one, get a vasectomy.”

So why go there?  Because of the higher density of women who just want to be good wives, be taken care of, and don’t see love as a commodity to be traded or withheld.

This is the end-point: Latin girls still act like traditional girls.  They don’t bridle when they hear those terms, and you simply have a hard time finding that with American women.  Tinsel Teeth has said more than once, “I’m happy to have met you, because you’re a gentleman and I think you’re going to treat me with respect.”  I have gotten bathing suit pictures from her, but in her case I didn’t ask for nudes.  We talked about sex but I’m not sexting with her and I don’t want to.  This is better than I treated a lot of sugar babies at the start and, I’ll admit, it’s a measure of how she handled me, and I’m comfortable with it.

I could meet her and it could blow up in my face – and knowing that, I’m in contact with some back ups, but this is more positive than I usually am with a new girl.

Compare her with ‘new girl,’ whom I don’t see anymore, who essentially morphed into a whore-for-hire.  That was off-and-on, non-stop drama and unreliability with a self-destructive beauty-queen whom I really had about zero respect for.

American women are eventually going to say, “It’s OK to ‘want a man.'”  I don’t mean generationally, but at some point in their lives.  When they do, if they’re pissed off about it, they’re not going to do well.  No man wants to carry the baggage of the guy you couldn’t have or who did you wrong.  While Latin women are willing to say, “That guy did me wrong, but THIS guy isn’t him,” they’re going to keep men coming, looking for them.

What a weekend

Hello, my droogies.  It’s a sit-on-the-couch Sunday, and I’m corresponding with future girl friends on Facebook, gmail and LAC, remembering yesterday.

Yesterday I ‘paid for the horses.’  Once a year I take a delivery of 100 bales of hay (squares that weigh around 55 lbs), and I load them myself into my hay barn.  Also, the new property I bought produced 13 round bales (1000 lbs each) and I had to load them across the street to my big hay barn.

That meant I had to clean BOTH hay barns, put down something to keep the hay off of the ground, and load it.

Believe it or not, the big roles are easier, but the big barn is harder, because I use railroad ties to stand the hay on, and they’re 300 lbs.  They were stacked up in there, and I had to lift each one to put a chain under it, then use the tractor to move them.

Stab me!  I did that after loading the 100 bales, and THAT made my deltoids feel like they were going to leap off of my body.  I think the last hour of that move was 25 minutes of work and 35 minutes of rest.

As for the great competition, it’s between the A-C, Tinsel Teeth and another girl, ‘the Power Blonde.’  The A-C and Tinsel Teeth are both pretty consistent with the e-mails and photos, and my GOD, so pretty.  The Power Blonde is very pretty, 32, blonde hair and a rack to cause a car accident.  We seem to have the most in common, though it’s a close call between them.  I’m getting to know them all and really enjoying it.

This was that lazy day to sit around and type.  The Little Treasure’s husband is up for a big promotion (if you remember, I taught him how to program, and it’s been more than two years, so he’s up for $90k/yr).  Maybe they’ll borrow less – who knows?

Be well, my droogies!  More later


Just a few things around the house

Hello, my droogies.  I know you’re looking forward to the latest, so here goes:

First, ‘M’ got her walking papers.  Sorry, not going to start a relationship with a woman with no sense of humor, who thinks she can dress me down for an offhand comment.  In this case, she decided that she wants to meet me and bring one of her friends, which I understood, because I could be anyone.  I said, “OK, but now we have to keep it all PG, because I’m not that kind of guy.”  She reacts like I seriously wanted to bend her over in front of her friend.

I mean, seriously.

The other girl in the competition, A-C, is still hanging in there.  We email a couple times a day.  It’s gotten to the point of ‘are you looking for a party girl or something permanent,’ which really not a smart thing to ask.  I mean, seriously, who ISN’T going to say, “Oh, I want something permanent, baby.  You’re the one.”  Either you’re going to mean that, or you’re going to lie about it, but you’re going to say the same thing.

There’s a new, 27-year-old blonde who’s in the running.  She has one kid, and braces.  I warned you, my droogies, these girls ALL have kids.  Supposedly it has to do with, ‘Using condoms means you came meaning to have sex, and then you aren’t a good person.’  That philosophy isn’t working out well for CR as a whole.

Tinsel teeth is actually a really pretty girl with a great body (if her pictures are to be believed).  She’s wanting to spend a weekend (they all do – I think I’m going to plan all of my tours during the week).

Another contender is actually 45.  She’s just plain sexy (again, if her pictures are to be believed).  Her kids are grown and I think she’s just looking for a better life.

Other interesting things: my contract with a client of 5 1/2 years is ending, so I’ll be on the job hunt for the end of the year.  That should be interesting.  Someone needs to screw up their software pretty fast, if I’m to maintain my current lifestyle.

Because this happened, of course a piece of property across the street from me, that I’ve wanted for 9 years, became available.  Here’s some advice, my droogies: if you want to pick up foreclosed properties, use Zillow.  Zillow had the status of this property before any realtors did, and I picked it up directly from the bank for a song.

Of course, as soon as I did, the guy next door to it saw my hay guy making round bales on it, and got my name, and wanted to buy it from me, but didn’t think that he should pay any more than I did.  Guess what?  No!  If I flip it, it’s going to be at market price, which isn’t cheap, because the world wants to move to Tennessee.

Remember New Girl?  She was sniffing around this week – probably wanted to trade more sex for money.  I told her of my pending vacation and unemployment, so that’s officially over.  Until the next time she needs money, of course.  What can I say?  She’s a slut.  She LOVES drama – seriously, if she’d been smart, she’d have made her case and created more of a 50’s lifestyle with me, because she’s really suited to be June Cleaver, and she’s completely incapable of running her life.

That’s all of it for now, my droogies.  Hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am.

Yours, always,