The New Sugar Baby

Blogging away, actually being read by people, I was kind of surprised when, after Sugar Baby 1.0 didn’t work out, a follower recommended a friend of hers.

And, of course, the new Sugar Baby is a stunning beauty, 20 years old, living in Vegas and a reader of this blog.  So, you know, ring every single alarm bell I could have, right?

A search of the web showed that images of her were very likely, actually her.  She also passed the test of being able to send a spontaneous picture of her.  She’s also, actually, very intelligent, said the right things without saying all of the right things (in other words, she’s a real person, not just reflecting what I want to hear), and so, yeah – this is just an amazingly great girl.

So, you know – yippee!

It’s could be completely different to blog about this, knowing that the Sugar Baby will then read the blog.  First of all, I don’t want this to be a passive-aggressive way of telling her to do something or behave some way.  Second, I don’t want to encourage her to be the founder of because she read something that she didn’t like or that she perceived as a betrayal.

And, of course, let’s remember that this girl isn’t, necessarily, a Sugar Baby.  Her goal is to learn how to do what I do, because she wants to improve herself.  Really have to respect that.  The last Baby was seeking more of a rich boyfriend so she could be an at-home mom and not work anymore, so this girl is really more of an upgrade.

Having texted with her, I looked back at other women I’ve spoken with and wondered how many of them were looking for the same thing.  I mean – let’s face it, she’s going to survive me.  Does she want to step in and take over from me in what I do (which is a real possibility and, I have to admit, pretty cool), or just learn enough to do this on her own and then do it with or without me?

So – the Sugar Baby as a protégé? That’s pretty doable, and comes with a hell of a lot of fringe benefits.  Fulfills my sense of vanity, if nothing else.  Could also give my kids a kick in the ass.

So, my droogies – this has taken a pretty interesting turn.  Hope it lasts.  Like I said, she’s smart and she’s beautiful.  One thing is for certain:

I need to go back to working out!



Here’s a week in my life.

I’ve been getting a lot of ‘why are you looking for a Sugar Baby?’ inquiries on the site I’m on.  I thought it might be something you all are interested in, so here’s a week in my life:

Right now, I’m trying to seal a $4.5 million dollar deal to outsource programming with a Fortune 500 company.  My cut on this is a solid mil.  It should be an easy decision because I’m offering to take over a $35,000,000 responsibility with more people than the company can put to work, better trained, at about 10 times their speed.

And that’s a big deal.  Right now there is a national dearth of programmers out there, and where companies SHOULD be dumping their out-dated developers, they are instead clinging to them, and that means antiquated software using abandoned methods to deliver inhouse products that don’t suit the needs of the people who use them.

So Monday we went live with the software that I personally wrote, that they want to use, and learned that the IT people in house had given us enough bad information that it creates records that the existing software can’t read.  This blew up on them in that our software was robust and worked, and their software crashed.  They went crying to the end users that this was my fault.

The VP who will decide the fate of this deal was out of town for most of this month, because she’s a human dynamo and she’s busy as hell.  While I really respect her, I need her time and had to put a bug in her ear.  She immediately responded with a meeting request for me, her and her key guy to happen next week.

One of the three partners in the upcoming company that will take this responsibility over left the state because he couldn’t take it here anymore.  He’d been here six months.  I’ve been here a year and moved into his duplex, because it has an amazing view.  He’s fine now that he’s remote, but then I’m the personality guy and I handle the leadership, he’s an amazing programmer and he handles that (even though I wrote the software that they’re using).  We have a third guy who has, of all things, a manservant whom he brings around with him everywhere, who ‘guides’ him.  The manservant was hired as a junior programmer by the Fortune 500 company to replace me when they thought I was leaving at the end of my contract here.  He doesn’t know anything about programming, he doesn’t listen when you tell him to do something, and he insists on speaking directly to the client, which is something that junior programmers do NOT do.  On top of that, he’s a know-it-all who is very free with his opinions.  Before he showed up, the third partner was just a geek whom we could manage, and whom we added because he’s one of those rare people who love doing reports.  Now the manservant has the third partner convinced that he needs to be more involved in everything, and has him wanting to be a part of this meeting next week, which he was specifically NOT invited to.

The manservant informed us all in our limo during my 49th birthday party a month ago that we were screwing up the deal and that he would have gotten more money.  It might be noted here that we’ve beaten out 1/2 a dozen other companies AND IBM for this position because we didn’t do that.  The manservant is also 34, has a pony-tail and, as I said, is a junior programmer.  He is also a dungeon master.

Once the program was initiated and the tech manuals written, a junior exec from the Fortune 500 company decided to leap into the process and ‘make it more popular,’ with about 2 dozen suggestions on how to pointlessly change the user interface.  She didn’t have any usability information, because she doesn’t use it, and she doesn’t know what the people who DO use it, do. 

I implemented a plan where people can give us program feedback online.  When they do, we process the feedback and send them an email about it, usually thanking them.  This has never happened here before, and the people who work there love it.

In light of these two fact, she reported back that she was able to increase the popularity of the software.

My son, who was misdiagnosed by the Navy with a stomach ulcer, which turned out to be IBD, nearly passed out in a supermarket from the effort of walking.

The check that I sent to the landlord never arrives.  I proceed to fall down a flight of stairs moving crap from old apartment, and land on a coffee pot.

My truck has a nail in the tire.  I realize this when the pressure in the tire drops to 5 lbs.  In fixing it, I am informed that the truck has a minor oil leak and is out of align.

My daughter has decided that she wants to start a company of her own at 19, running a stable in Tennessee.  I hook her up with my lawyer.  Her business partner, who has managed three stables before this, doesn’t know what an LLC is.

And I worked out on the new equipment for the first time, having noted that, during the move, I gained 5 lbs.

Why do I need a Sugar Baby?  Because the right woman who make this go away. She’d be handsomely rewarded.  It’s Friday night and I’m blogging.  I should be getting a beer with someone awesome. 

So what I want?  Someone to handle the small shit, who’s awesome.

There ya go.  That’s why I want a Sugar Baby.


Well, my second book is about to come out

Here’s a cool, sort of not sugar-baby related thing, my second book is coming out.

I’d give you all the name of it, but then you’d know my name, and that would screw up the anonymity I’m shooting for here.  Suffice it to say, I’m a published author of a fantasy novel series, I’m committed to eight books over the next couple years, and six of them are already written.

After I cranked out most of the books I got this giant programming gig in Everett, WA, and it takes up all of my energy, so my writing has suffered.  This is another reason why I’m looking for a sugar baby – I kind of hate the whole solo-thing and I want a pretty, young thing to take care of the details in my life that I hate taking care of.  It’s not just the cook and clean thing – could EASILY hire that out, and make sure she was gone when I walked in if I wanted.  It’s the whole, “I’ve made plans for us to go to Seattle for the weekend,” or “Wow, you haven’t cut your hair in a couple months now,” thing that works completely against how I normally take care of myself, that I’m missing.

For example, I muscle up pretty well, and pretty easily, when I lift.  There is a whole, expensive work-out bench with a curling pad and a lat bar attached, not eight feet from me.  I’ll get involved in something like posting here, and it will sit unused, and I’ll let my weight ramp up.  Again, an easy thing to let happen, which I don’t like, which means I need someone to aid in it not happening.

Frankly, the sugar baby is a more honest approach to it all.  Frankly, regular girl friends tend to be kind of hesitant to take that kind of stake in you, and if they do it they you’re wondering what their agenda is.  The baby has an agenda, there’s no wondering, and her preferring to be on the arm of a muscled, well-groomed man benefits us both.

Plus it wouldn’t hurt to have someone going out to the random literary blogs talking about how great it is.

SO, you see – there’s depths to all of this, my droogies.  The key is to be frank with yourself.

You know, about 18 years ago when I got out of the Navy, and my marriage was ending and I was thinking, ‘This whole life could be pointless,’ I took some time off, I sat myself down and I mapped out most of what has happened between then and now.

It took about three weeks.  I decided where I wanted to be in my life and what it would take to get there, I wrote and rewrote the steps, ended up changing the goal a lot, and decided where I wanted to be.  I set myself on the path and realized it in about five years.  I was running my own company, I was making real strides, hiring people, getting contracts, working the goal.  Then my kids didn’t come over one weekend, and I didn’t notice until Wednesday.

Sold the company, let the people go, started being a worker-bee again.  It was fortuitous in that the economy was starting to favor full-time employees again.  Worked for some amazing people, and increased my skill level.  When the economy turned around and tanked, I took on consulting and this glamorous life.

The point is – be frank.  It doesn’t matter what you want, you have to look at what you need more.  I wanted a power-house consulting firm, but I needed for my kids to have a good dad.  I turned back to the dream when it was time to.

Now I want a pretty, young thing, maybe more kids, and to see the world a lot more.

Like with everything else, just got to make it happen.  Pretty good at that

Until the next time, my droogies!



The Search Continues

Well, loyal followers, the search has been ongoing since, well, yesterday, to find a new baby

I’m a little more hesitant on it.  Last time was too easy.  And yet, what’s happened but a 19 year old is shaking my tree and saying I’m the guy she’s been looking for.

Nineteen – it fills me with dread.  She’s pretty, too.  You have to wonder what the hell she’s thinking.  Daddy issues?  That’s kind of disturbing, even though you see it a lot.  Maybe she just decided early that she doesn’t want to work particularly hard – you never know.  I’m probably going to take her out to dinner this week just to see what’s up.

Don’t worry, my droogies – I made sure it wasn’t illegal, and I warned her that there wasn’t going to be sex.

I’ve decided that there’s going to be a ‘no kids’ rule.  I want kids, just not someone else’s.  First of all, I plan to ride across the country soon, so I can’t be screwing around with a mom.  Second, I’d like to the focus of someone’s attention, at least until I get sick of it.

Just a short post today to let you know I haven’t forgotten you all.



Met the Baby

OK my droogies – here’s the post I’ve been promising you.  I met the Sugar Baby today.

Wow.  What a freaking disaster.

First of all – WAY heavier than her picture.  Also, while her makeup was well done, it needed to be.


We meet, we kiss, we start to talk.  We have nothing to say to each other after about 30 minutes.  After an hour, we go to eat, where she porks out on a burger and fries.  She finally opens up to me – and it’s all baby-mama drama.  Her life is hard, her baby’s father is an ass.  It’s not fair.  Yada yada.

We then head back to the hotel room.

Her first action is to fumigate the bathroom and not turn the fan on.  Her second is to take her clothes off.  By the way – she’s on her period.  Probably would have been worth a reschedule.  I get a blowjob and then sit in the hot tub alone while she reads a book on her Kindle.

Not good.

Then she gets a call, and she needs to go back home.  OK – emergencies happen.  We scramble back to the airport, she has a plane leaving in an hour and we don’t make it, so her next one is in six hours.  Frankly, I drop her off at departures and drive away, doing my best to forget her name.

I was pretty proud of hitting it right, right out of the gate.  #1 trait of successful people: admit when you’ve made a mistake.  I made one.  Drove back to the hotel room to watch TV, drink and sit in the hot tub.

And update you, my droogies.

Here’s some rules for smart Sugar Babies:

1. Be interesting.  If I can’t talk to you, I’ll just get bored.
2. Leave the drama at home until I know you
3. Think about what you’re here for.  If you can’t participate, don’t go do your own thing.  Support me while we’re doing mine

That’s it for now, loyal followers.  The hunt continues.


More about picking the Sugar Baby

I follow a couple other Sugar Babies’ blogs.  One of them doesn’t like older guys, which I think is kind of cool, being one.  She is smart in that she’s being picky, she’s wondering why she’s hot and yet sitting home alone.  I’m dying to see a picture of her, because I’m a visual person and I like pictures of hot women, but in general it inspired me to talk about why I picked my baby.

So this is for you Sugar Babies who think you’d like a Daddy like me:

1. No slutty pictures.  Most of the SB websites won’t let you post a nude.  Personally, I’d look at the porn but I would NEVER touch a girl who’d do that. My Baby showed enough cleavage to let me know she was sporting at least a C cup, and then was in baggy clothes.  That was more of a turn-on to me: she doesn’t consider herself a piece of meat or a commodity.

2. She didn’t straight up advertise, “I’ll blow you if you take care of me,” or put something out there that said that.  First of all, goddam right you’ll blow me if I take care of you.   If you think you need to put that in writing, then what you’re telling me is that you’re trading money for sex, that is the whole relationship, and you’ll never connect with me.  As I stated in earlier posts, I can buy that in Thailand for a deep discount and you’re not going to look half as good as she does.

3. She was looking for a long-term relationship with a man who would take care of her.  That actually spoke right to me.  If didn’t speak to most of the jokers who e-mailed her.  Most of the offers she received were one-timers, I’m-in-towners and ‘How much is the minimum I have to spend to put my dick inside of you’ guys.  I found her on my first day online, she was on here for six friggin’ months.

4. She didn’t have a perfect body, but she was right upfront about it.  She had a nude ready, she asked permission to send it to me, and she did it to be perfectly honest that she had some weight.  Honestly, I’d prefer the perfect body, but the actual honesty SO trumps that!  I’ll pay for the lypo if she can’t get the weight under control (at her age, its probably stress weight and she’ll likely drop it on her own).  You cannot by definition buy honesty like that.

5. She made it very clear that she’s going to do what she’s told.  Girls, I can’t stress how important this is.  I like long hair, she’s going to grow it out.  I like to hear, “I love you.”  She says it all the time.  I say when we meet, I say where, I say for how long.  Right now it’s going to be every other weekend and I’m likely to disappear on her for a few weeks in December.  She doesn’t bitch about it.

Meanwhile we’re going to New Orleans for her birthday in six weeks.  She wants that, she’s getting it.  She was just upfront about it – I’d like to go there.  Most women do NOT get the difference between, “I’d like that,” and “You need to take me to keep me happy.”  When you like that and I do it, I’m a hero.  When I feel like you got it out of me, I caved.   Guess how I like to feel?   If you got that right, then you can guess who I’m going to spend more time with and money on.

6. Money is the next thing – she doesn’t broach the subject.  She has needs but she doesn’t ask.  I provide and she’s shocked by how much.  She doesn’t make this feel like a transaction, she treats it like a relationship.

I’m sure that if I abuse this, I’d lose her.  You know what?  That makes me respect her.

Like I said – I knew who I wanted and I picked her out of the gate.  You have to think about these things.  Not every guy wants a relationship like this with his Sugar Baby.  Some guys really do want to hit it when it’s convenient, and a girl who keeps him on a tab is perfect.  Some girls just don’t see the value in having a man around, they want his money and the pussy is a way to get it.  These people tend to find each other, IF THEY THINK ABOUT IT FIRST.

Don’t hate the playah, people, hate the game!  Or be a grown up and love it.


A Sugar Daddy, not a Crutch

Well, my Baby distinguished herself today.  She at first thought that the bank had rejected that check I sent her, which I could have seen happening, because it’s an out-of-state check and she deposited it through her ATM.  What actually happened is that she received $1,000 from me as a gift, and she ended up spending about 125% of that.

So now she’s overdrawn and she bounced a check.

To her credit, she didn’t come crying right away for more money, she came asking me to teach her how to balance her check book and manage her funds, work out a budget and get sound.  She also wanted me to punish her for being so irresponsible, and she felt really stupid about what she did.

THEN she asked for some money.

A lot of Sugar Daddy’s would cough it up, I think.  Let’s review: beautiful girl, much younger, wants to go all the way in the relationship, didn’t even QUESTION that she’s putting out on the first meeting.  $250 up against $1,000 is what, beer money?

Big mistake, my loyal followers.  Don’t do it.

Not because you’re being used.  You’re an idiot if you think you’re not being used.  The whole POINT of this is that you’re being used.  She’s being used, you’re being used – that’s why the relationship works: you both have a stake in it.  You’re going to give her a better lifestyle, she’s going to give you sex and support and be all girly when you tell her to.  She’s going to surprise you when you come home and she’s parading around in nothing but an apron, sporting an ass you could bounce a quarter off of.  You’re going to surprise her with a trip to Aruba, jewelry, etc.  That’s what you’re DOING here.

But you don’t teach her, “Be stupid with the money, I’ll bail you out.”

Some of these girls become Sugar Babies not just because they like the idea that they can get cool things and not punch a clock, they sincerely have a hard time taking care of themselves.  They’ve made bad decisions.  They’ve done stupid things.  They drive cars from the ‘Buy Here, Pay Here’ place and they rent their furniture.  Now they’re sick of crappy jobs, high bills, no money and the endless line of losers their own age who are being taught by Obamacare that it’s better not to get a job.

That was the door you walked in through – doesn’t mean you can’t remodel.

Part of being a Sugar Daddy is taking this girl in hand and teaching her, “If buy this because you NEED it, even though you can’t AFFORD it, then the bank will hit you with many fees you don’t want, and then you end up buying a car at the Buy Here Pay Here place.”  When she gets here, after she’s been properly disciplined (you can see an earlier post – the First Visit – on this) and I’ve taken her a couple times in and out of the hot tub in the hotel room, we’re going to sit down with the lap top and we’re going to learn how to balance a checkbook.  We’ll talk about budgets, and I’ll likely write her a page on my website where she can plug in her numbers and I can make sure she’s doing ok.

That’s being a responsible Sugar Daddy.  Giving her the cash just because she wants it is paving the way for doing it again.  And again.  And again.  And then, “What are you mad about – I’ve done this before?” and Sugar Baby becomes a real pain in the ass, and you’re going through the process of dumping her.

Actually, in the case of my Baby, I think it’s something that she actually expects and desires that I punish her for this.  She’s a good girl – I was careful and I got a keeper right out of the gate.

More about that later