The First Gift

Ok, my little droogies, lesson one in your life as a Sugar Daddy: gifts.

Girls who don’t need money don’t become Sugar Babies.  At least, not the girls you WANT.

My Sugar Baby has had some hard times.  She had a kid out of wedlock.  The dad is a deadbeat.  She’s in a shitty job in a shitty place.  Her car was wrecked.  She went onto because she was hoping to meet someone who would bail her out, and she met a bunch of dudes looking for free floating pussy.

Definition:  free floating pussy: a sex organ attached to a human being whom you could care less about, which you hit when you’re horny, then leave your spare change for.

Frankly, sex with strangers got old in my 30’s.  I love sex, don’t get me wrong – but there’s a learning curve to a female, there’s performance issues after droughts, fuck it.  I’m pushing 50, I want the same girl, who knows what I like, does it, and is used to what I do or don’t do.

That girl isn’t going to be rich.  My Baby isn’t rich.  I knew her for one day when I was sure she was the right one, and I sent her a copy of one of my books.

Inside of the hard cover was a check to her for $1,000.

Wow, right?

No, not really.  It’s about a day’s work.  When the deal is done on the big client, less than that.  I’ve got it, I can spare it.  Meanwhile, she can’t pay her bills on time or afford cable or a bunch of other things because she doesn’t make any money.  To her, that is a shit-ton, so I sent it to her.

Didn’t tell her.  Two days into the relationship she’s blowing up my text (like she always does, and frankly, I like it), and she asks my permission to ask for something girly.  I say, “Sure,” and she wants flowers to her office, because she’s having a bad day.  I call ‘Flowers for Friends” or some other dumb-ass service, and she get flowers.

Now, this is on a Friday, and she gets paid, and she has to run around on her lunch hour to pay all of her bills, and realizes that she’s got no money left for basics.  The flowers make her whole day.  She REFUSES to ask for money to pay her bills.  She’s clear that she needs it, but she won’t ask.

Keep in mind that, the first day we met, this girl sent me a nude picture of herself because she’s a little overweight and she didn’t want to be dishonest with me.  She’s 30.  She’s going to get back in shape.  I’m 49 – a LOT harder.

Today she’s blowing up my text again in the morning, and she’s getting ready to go to a check cashing place and get a payday advance, because she’s hurting for cash.  Well, her mail is going to come today and she’s going to get my check, but she’s about to get fucked over by PayDay Advance or one of those other places, so I ruin the surprise and tell her to wait for the mail.

She can’t believe how lucky she is, and she’s apologizing to me for ruining my surprise.  She’s planning out her bill strategy, and something for her daughter.

As if I had to doubt that this is the right girl?

Now, did she play me?

Sugar Babies are Sugar Babies – they want rich men.  They want gifts.  They want to live better, and they settle for older guys to get them there.  If you’re kidding yourself about that then wake up, slap yourself and get real.  We were all 22, we all went to bars and we all laughed at the pathetic older guy who thought he could break dance.  We’ve all left with the girl that he got drunk, as soon as he went to the bathroom.  When you’re 22, that’s funny.

She was very likely looking for me to say, “I’ll Western Union you $300 to get by.”  If you make her wait for it, you’re teaching her (a) to ask for money and (b) that you’re going to keep her to the point where she can get by.

And there’s guys reading this who think, “Duh, asshole,” and there’s women reading this thinking the exact same thing.  There are Sugar Babies out there who see a few men, they put out for a price and give bonuses maybe.  If you want that, fine – but that bitch is done with you as soon as she can better deal you.  Again, if you want that, fine.  Some guys like rotating pussy.  I don’t.  This is all about the relationship.

So give.  Be generous, but not ridiculous.  She’s not going to get a new car out of me.  We started off by finding the girl who wasn’t all about the partying and the shopping, she wants a man with cash so that she’s taken care of.  Well then, take care of her.  It really IS that simple.

By the way – she’s on her way here next week.  That’s my next entry: the first visit.



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