The First Visit

Who the fuck wants a Sugar Baby whom you’re never going to meet?

I don’t.  I masturbate enough, thank you.  I want access to the source.  Sugar Baby is flying out here next Friday.

Obviously, I paid for the ticket.  Obviously, it isn’t first class.  She lives about 200 miles or so away, so I’m not even sure it would be an option, but it’s a 50 minute flight and, frankly, she’ll survive.

So let’s talk about the first meeting.

I’m getting a hotel room with a hot tub in it.  First of all, that’s my thing.  Sex in hot tubs.  When I finally build my own dream house, it will have one.  I just don’t want to have to clean it.  If you’ve never fucked a girl in a hot tub, then I highly recommend it, especially if you’re not packing an anaconda in your pants (and I’m not) because the angles are a lot easier.

I’ve also had a fantasy for a long time (actually, since high school).  I wanted a girl whom I’ve never spoken to, to walk up to me and kiss me without saying a word.  It’s pretty PG, I know, and maybe it’s stupid, but it’s my thing and I want it.  So I tell her about the fantasy, and she’ll be doing that in the airport.

We meet at about noon.  We’ll to right to the hotel, and then after a shower she’s putting out for me.  I highly recommend everyone read THAT post.

So, sex on the first visit?  Damn straight sex on the first visit.  If she’s ‘not that kind of girl’ then you’re with the wrong one, dump her and find one that is.

I am a Sugar Daddy.  I am not pretending that I want to court a young damsel and win her heart.  Actually, I write about that stuff so I pretty much know what I’m saying here when I tell you that it doesn’t exist.  She went looking for a Sugar Daddy because she wanted to have security and earn it with sex.  If she’s withholding the sex, seriously, what’s the point?

What makes me sad is that there really are guys falling for this.  There is one Sugar Baby blog I read where she’s seeing a bunch of guys, she’s banking their cash and she doesn’t put out for any of them.  She’s on this quest to pick the right one, and it’s all a story about how she’s …

Blah, blah, blah – can’t even finish it.  Face it – she lost us at no sex.  And seriously – she’s seeing other guys?  What if she IS banging them?  You think they’re faithful?  You think the bitches THEY are banging are any different from this whore?

The blog is Tales of a Sugar Daddy.  I don’t want to write an advice column on how to deal with Type Two Herpes and Chlamydia.  The Sugar Baby I’m focused on learned about deal breakers – and the first one is monogamy or she’s gone.

Daddy don’t share.

We’ll likely hit Seattle on the second day, and ride my horse.  If she doesn’t like horses she’s finished, too.  Fortunately, not an issue – already checked.  I have this mad scheme to ride my horse across the country on the American Discovery Trail in the next couple years, and I’d want to bring her.  We’ll screw on the second night and then watch football before she goes home.

A couple other things: told her not to bring luggage, and I highly recommend it.  She can put some simple stuff in a carry on.  If she doesn’t bring luggage, she’s not going to be incentivized to pack it with a bunch of shit I bought for her here.  I actually don’t think I have to worry about that, but your life is a lot better when your handle for, rather than handle AFTER.

She’s NOT bringing her kid, however I made sure that she was doing something logical WITH the kid before I bought the tickets.  Moms and kids are a funny thing – especially moms who want better men.  You don’t want to find out that she thinks it’s ok to leave the bambino with a neighbor she barely knows.  Actually, that’s EXACTLY what you want to find out before discovering that she used your credit card number to rent a car online, and then loaned the car to someone who went to Mexico with it and then got busted for drugs coming back across the border.

Some of these are Sugar Babies.  They’re not mean or stupid, they just aren’t good at handling things like this.  That’s how they got into financial hard time which made them into Sugar Babies.

I’m going to tell you up front that most of the sex is going to be how I want it.  There’s also an additional thing going on that I’m going to cover in my next post.  Selfish sex isn’t really my thing, but setting a tone is.  Providing the sex is really her part – she’s going to have to provide what I want.  That’s part of being the right girl and I don’t feel bad about it.  She should be the kind of girl who derives satisfaction from taking care of me.  When that’s established, then it will be a lot more about her.

Also we’re using the trip to get her nipples pierced.  We actually both want that.  She jumped on it as soon as she realized I was into it, and it’s not her first time.  I just think it’s sexy as hell.  I wont’ be seeing her again for another two weeks so I’ll have her tagged on Sunday or late Saturday so it doesn’t get in the way.

Ok, faithful followers: more later



3 thoughts on “The First Visit

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  2. So I my bestfriend is 20, hot, very sexually receptive, but very naive. She lives with me currently after JUST moving out of her overtly psycho, “BE HOME BY 1130pm” parents. She’s responsible but again, naive. I am married to an older gent myself and I recommend she find herself one as well. I was being figurative, of course she’s not looking for love or a prince charming, she’s 20. I suppose you would do her some good (yes, pun intended) and she will “love you long time”. Anyways, refer to my blog for her photos. She’s XXXXXXX. If you are interested email XXXXXXXXXXX

    Jayde Ox

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