A Sugar Daddy, not a Crutch

Well, my Baby distinguished herself today.  She at first thought that the bank had rejected that check I sent her, which I could have seen happening, because it’s an out-of-state check and she deposited it through her ATM.  What actually happened is that she received $1,000 from me as a gift, and she ended up spending about 125% of that.

So now she’s overdrawn and she bounced a check.

To her credit, she didn’t come crying right away for more money, she came asking me to teach her how to balance her check book and manage her funds, work out a budget and get sound.  She also wanted me to punish her for being so irresponsible, and she felt really stupid about what she did.

THEN she asked for some money.

A lot of Sugar Daddy’s would cough it up, I think.  Let’s review: beautiful girl, much younger, wants to go all the way in the relationship, didn’t even QUESTION that she’s putting out on the first meeting.  $250 up against $1,000 is what, beer money?

Big mistake, my loyal followers.  Don’t do it.

Not because you’re being used.  You’re an idiot if you think you’re not being used.  The whole POINT of this is that you’re being used.  She’s being used, you’re being used – that’s why the relationship works: you both have a stake in it.  You’re going to give her a better lifestyle, she’s going to give you sex and support and be all girly when you tell her to.  She’s going to surprise you when you come home and she’s parading around in nothing but an apron, sporting an ass you could bounce a quarter off of.  You’re going to surprise her with a trip to Aruba, jewelry, etc.  That’s what you’re DOING here.

But you don’t teach her, “Be stupid with the money, I’ll bail you out.”

Some of these girls become Sugar Babies not just because they like the idea that they can get cool things and not punch a clock, they sincerely have a hard time taking care of themselves.  They’ve made bad decisions.  They’ve done stupid things.  They drive cars from the ‘Buy Here, Pay Here’ place and they rent their furniture.  Now they’re sick of crappy jobs, high bills, no money and the endless line of losers their own age who are being taught by Obamacare that it’s better not to get a job.

That was the door you walked in through – doesn’t mean you can’t remodel.

Part of being a Sugar Daddy is taking this girl in hand and teaching her, “If buy this because you NEED it, even though you can’t AFFORD it, then the bank will hit you with many fees you don’t want, and then you end up buying a car at the Buy Here Pay Here place.”  When she gets here, after she’s been properly disciplined (you can see an earlier post – the First Visit – on this) and I’ve taken her a couple times in and out of the hot tub in the hotel room, we’re going to sit down with the lap top and we’re going to learn how to balance a checkbook.  We’ll talk about budgets, and I’ll likely write her a page on my website where she can plug in her numbers and I can make sure she’s doing ok.

That’s being a responsible Sugar Daddy.  Giving her the cash just because she wants it is paving the way for doing it again.  And again.  And again.  And then, “What are you mad about – I’ve done this before?” and Sugar Baby becomes a real pain in the ass, and you’re going through the process of dumping her.

Actually, in the case of my Baby, I think it’s something that she actually expects and desires that I punish her for this.  She’s a good girl – I was careful and I got a keeper right out of the gate.

More about that later



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