More about picking the Sugar Baby

I follow a couple other Sugar Babies’ blogs.  One of them doesn’t like older guys, which I think is kind of cool, being one.  She is smart in that she’s being picky, she’s wondering why she’s hot and yet sitting home alone.  I’m dying to see a picture of her, because I’m a visual person and I like pictures of hot women, but in general it inspired me to talk about why I picked my baby.

So this is for you Sugar Babies who think you’d like a Daddy like me:

1. No slutty pictures.  Most of the SB websites won’t let you post a nude.  Personally, I’d look at the porn but I would NEVER touch a girl who’d do that. My Baby showed enough cleavage to let me know she was sporting at least a C cup, and then was in baggy clothes.  That was more of a turn-on to me: she doesn’t consider herself a piece of meat or a commodity.

2. She didn’t straight up advertise, “I’ll blow you if you take care of me,” or put something out there that said that.  First of all, goddam right you’ll blow me if I take care of you.   If you think you need to put that in writing, then what you’re telling me is that you’re trading money for sex, that is the whole relationship, and you’ll never connect with me.  As I stated in earlier posts, I can buy that in Thailand for a deep discount and you’re not going to look half as good as she does.

3. She was looking for a long-term relationship with a man who would take care of her.  That actually spoke right to me.  If didn’t speak to most of the jokers who e-mailed her.  Most of the offers she received were one-timers, I’m-in-towners and ‘How much is the minimum I have to spend to put my dick inside of you’ guys.  I found her on my first day online, she was on here for six friggin’ months.

4. She didn’t have a perfect body, but she was right upfront about it.  She had a nude ready, she asked permission to send it to me, and she did it to be perfectly honest that she had some weight.  Honestly, I’d prefer the perfect body, but the actual honesty SO trumps that!  I’ll pay for the lypo if she can’t get the weight under control (at her age, its probably stress weight and she’ll likely drop it on her own).  You cannot by definition buy honesty like that.

5. She made it very clear that she’s going to do what she’s told.  Girls, I can’t stress how important this is.  I like long hair, she’s going to grow it out.  I like to hear, “I love you.”  She says it all the time.  I say when we meet, I say where, I say for how long.  Right now it’s going to be every other weekend and I’m likely to disappear on her for a few weeks in December.  She doesn’t bitch about it.

Meanwhile we’re going to New Orleans for her birthday in six weeks.  She wants that, she’s getting it.  She was just upfront about it – I’d like to go there.  Most women do NOT get the difference between, “I’d like that,” and “You need to take me to keep me happy.”  When you like that and I do it, I’m a hero.  When I feel like you got it out of me, I caved.   Guess how I like to feel?   If you got that right, then you can guess who I’m going to spend more time with and money on.

6. Money is the next thing – she doesn’t broach the subject.  She has needs but she doesn’t ask.  I provide and she’s shocked by how much.  She doesn’t make this feel like a transaction, she treats it like a relationship.

I’m sure that if I abuse this, I’d lose her.  You know what?  That makes me respect her.

Like I said – I knew who I wanted and I picked her out of the gate.  You have to think about these things.  Not every guy wants a relationship like this with his Sugar Baby.  Some guys really do want to hit it when it’s convenient, and a girl who keeps him on a tab is perfect.  Some girls just don’t see the value in having a man around, they want his money and the pussy is a way to get it.  These people tend to find each other, IF THEY THINK ABOUT IT FIRST.

Don’t hate the playah, people, hate the game!  Or be a grown up and love it.



One thought on “More about picking the Sugar Baby

  1. Alot of similarities on how it played out between me and my SD. He wanted something long term, so did I. Searching for the right sugar mate can be exhausting for everyone who wants more than just the sex&money deal. Plus long term gives more time for friendship & romance to foster. We both wanted that.

    We are going to New Orleans too this month end. I told him how much the cold puts me down (he stays all the way up north). He was such a doll to offer our next visit to be in the south. I’m definitely gonna make it worth his while not because I have to, because I want to. What a difference!

    What set him apart from the crowd was he didn’t ask for any nude pics (shows me that he respects women). He was also ok with not having sex on our first date even though he had to spend over a thousand in airfares, hotel charges and all the dining (we stay in separate cities). That shows me he wants me to feel comfortable and values company first.

    Now I’m all up for making all his fantasies come true. The man is worth it 🙂

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