Met the Baby

OK my droogies – here’s the post I’ve been promising you.  I met the Sugar Baby today.

Wow.  What a freaking disaster.

First of all – WAY heavier than her picture.  Also, while her makeup was well done, it needed to be.


We meet, we kiss, we start to talk.  We have nothing to say to each other after about 30 minutes.  After an hour, we go to eat, where she porks out on a burger and fries.  She finally opens up to me – and it’s all baby-mama drama.  Her life is hard, her baby’s father is an ass.  It’s not fair.  Yada yada.

We then head back to the hotel room.

Her first action is to fumigate the bathroom and not turn the fan on.  Her second is to take her clothes off.  By the way – she’s on her period.  Probably would have been worth a reschedule.  I get a blowjob and then sit in the hot tub alone while she reads a book on her Kindle.

Not good.

Then she gets a call, and she needs to go back home.  OK – emergencies happen.  We scramble back to the airport, she has a plane leaving in an hour and we don’t make it, so her next one is in six hours.  Frankly, I drop her off at departures and drive away, doing my best to forget her name.

I was pretty proud of hitting it right, right out of the gate.  #1 trait of successful people: admit when you’ve made a mistake.  I made one.  Drove back to the hotel room to watch TV, drink and sit in the hot tub.

And update you, my droogies.

Here’s some rules for smart Sugar Babies:

1. Be interesting.  If I can’t talk to you, I’ll just get bored.
2. Leave the drama at home until I know you
3. Think about what you’re here for.  If you can’t participate, don’t go do your own thing.  Support me while we’re doing mine

That’s it for now, loyal followers.  The hunt continues.



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