Well, my second book is about to come out

Here’s a cool, sort of not sugar-baby related thing, my second book is coming out.

I’d give you all the name of it, but then you’d know my name, and that would screw up the anonymity I’m shooting for here.  Suffice it to say, I’m a published author of a fantasy novel series, I’m committed to eight books over the next couple years, and six of them are already written.

After I cranked out most of the books I got this giant programming gig in Everett, WA, and it takes up all of my energy, so my writing has suffered.  This is another reason why I’m looking for a sugar baby – I kind of hate the whole solo-thing and I want a pretty, young thing to take care of the details in my life that I hate taking care of.  It’s not just the cook and clean thing – could EASILY hire that out, and make sure she was gone when I walked in if I wanted.  It’s the whole, “I’ve made plans for us to go to Seattle for the weekend,” or “Wow, you haven’t cut your hair in a couple months now,” thing that works completely against how I normally take care of myself, that I’m missing.

For example, I muscle up pretty well, and pretty easily, when I lift.  There is a whole, expensive work-out bench with a curling pad and a lat bar attached, not eight feet from me.  I’ll get involved in something like posting here, and it will sit unused, and I’ll let my weight ramp up.  Again, an easy thing to let happen, which I don’t like, which means I need someone to aid in it not happening.

Frankly, the sugar baby is a more honest approach to it all.  Frankly, regular girl friends tend to be kind of hesitant to take that kind of stake in you, and if they do it they you’re wondering what their agenda is.  The baby has an agenda, there’s no wondering, and her preferring to be on the arm of a muscled, well-groomed man benefits us both.

Plus it wouldn’t hurt to have someone going out to the random literary blogs talking about how great it is.

SO, you see – there’s depths to all of this, my droogies.  The key is to be frank with yourself.

You know, about 18 years ago when I got out of the Navy, and my marriage was ending and I was thinking, ‘This whole life could be pointless,’ I took some time off, I sat myself down and I mapped out most of what has happened between then and now.

It took about three weeks.  I decided where I wanted to be in my life and what it would take to get there, I wrote and rewrote the steps, ended up changing the goal a lot, and decided where I wanted to be.  I set myself on the path and realized it in about five years.  I was running my own company, I was making real strides, hiring people, getting contracts, working the goal.  Then my kids didn’t come over one weekend, and I didn’t notice until Wednesday.

Sold the company, let the people go, started being a worker-bee again.  It was fortuitous in that the economy was starting to favor full-time employees again.  Worked for some amazing people, and increased my skill level.  When the economy turned around and tanked, I took on consulting and this glamorous life.

The point is – be frank.  It doesn’t matter what you want, you have to look at what you need more.  I wanted a power-house consulting firm, but I needed for my kids to have a good dad.  I turned back to the dream when it was time to.

Now I want a pretty, young thing, maybe more kids, and to see the world a lot more.

Like with everything else, just got to make it happen.  Pretty good at that

Until the next time, my droogies!




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