The New Sugar Baby

Blogging away, actually being read by people, I was kind of surprised when, after Sugar Baby 1.0 didn’t work out, a follower recommended a friend of hers.

And, of course, the new Sugar Baby is a stunning beauty, 20 years old, living in Vegas and a reader of this blog.  So, you know, ring every single alarm bell I could have, right?

A search of the web showed that images of her were very likely, actually her.  She also passed the test of being able to send a spontaneous picture of her.  She’s also, actually, very intelligent, said the right things without saying all of the right things (in other words, she’s a real person, not just reflecting what I want to hear), and so, yeah – this is just an amazingly great girl.

So, you know – yippee!

It’s could be completely different to blog about this, knowing that the Sugar Baby will then read the blog.  First of all, I don’t want this to be a passive-aggressive way of telling her to do something or behave some way.  Second, I don’t want to encourage her to be the founder of because she read something that she didn’t like or that she perceived as a betrayal.

And, of course, let’s remember that this girl isn’t, necessarily, a Sugar Baby.  Her goal is to learn how to do what I do, because she wants to improve herself.  Really have to respect that.  The last Baby was seeking more of a rich boyfriend so she could be an at-home mom and not work anymore, so this girl is really more of an upgrade.

Having texted with her, I looked back at other women I’ve spoken with and wondered how many of them were looking for the same thing.  I mean – let’s face it, she’s going to survive me.  Does she want to step in and take over from me in what I do (which is a real possibility and, I have to admit, pretty cool), or just learn enough to do this on her own and then do it with or without me?

So – the Sugar Baby as a protégé? That’s pretty doable, and comes with a hell of a lot of fringe benefits.  Fulfills my sense of vanity, if nothing else.  Could also give my kids a kick in the ass.

So, my droogies – this has taken a pretty interesting turn.  Hope it lasts.  Like I said, she’s smart and she’s beautiful.  One thing is for certain:

I need to go back to working out!



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