This one is more about the Daddy than the Sugar

Ok, my droogies – your beloved SD is about as burnt out as he’s ever been.  I’ve been working weekly OT for whole frigging year here.  Tomorrow is the alleged ‘big day’ where the VP is going to rally her troops and push to allow me and 2 allies to create a company to service their software needs.  Her IT department has, for some unknown reason, lately been inundated with “What do you mean, this guy is leaving?  Who’s going to replace him???” demands in regards to yours truly.  Technically I have less than 2 weeks here.

It’s ok – your SD does well on the wire.  I operated a floating, 250 megawatt nuclear reactor in an active mine field during the Gulf War.  The stress bugs me but it won’t take me out.  I’m more worried about the fact that I’ve gained like 30 lbs in the last year here.  Nothing like crap food, no sleep and heavy drinking to put on those unwanted pounds!

So I’m in the place which is purgatory: on the one hand is ‘heaven’: a $4.5 million deal which will save the company that’s buying into it about $30 million.  There is ‘hell’: having to through the whole ‘hire me’ process again.

And let’s make no mistakes: that’s hell.  I’m a programmer.  The world is desperate for programmers.  I specialize in legacy software – no one frigging does that.  I can manage teams.

NO ONE frigging does that, who has my skill set.  I can, seriously, deliver serious upgrades ahead of schedule to people who think that Excel is a reporting tool and Access is a development platform.  I can make the kids all play nice together and like it.

So I get about 5 calls/day from people looking for me to work from them.  Mostly they’re from my home state, which is cool.  I pretty much want to go back there (even though that means that I’m totally wasting my time meeting someone here).

They are also, mostly, Indian telemarketers.  What is the world thinking?  You know who DOESN’T want to hear from Indians?  American developers.  And you can call me racist if you want, but I cannot understand most of them, especially over the phone.  At this point, I just hang up on them.

The company we’re currently dealing with is going to take this to the wire.  I don’t know why they would think that’s going to be a better bargaining position.  A month ago, I would have dug in and given a little to get the contract.  At this point, I’m so tired of them I’m willing to let the contract go and return to independent contracting.  Then, at least, I could work four months and take off a year to walk the American Discovery Trail.

The more times I tell myself I should do that, the more I want to do that.

OK, droogies, that’s the latest wisdom.  I should have more on the babies next time




From the drought, to the rain storm (sorta)

Ah, my droogies – did you miss me?  Wow – been more than a week since my last post.  Why, you ask?

Well, there’s this big deal I’m working on with a local manufacturer.  I’m not going to publish the name because, you know – that would be insane.  Suffice it to say, this is a deal worth a few million dollars, and one of those to yours truly, which gives me a pretty stark, vested interest in this deal.

It was done.  I mean, sign it and we’re in business done.  Then their IT department got cold feet and very likely at the same time realized that, while this was a win for their company, it sure as hell wasn’t for their department, and I don’t know if you, my droogies, are aware of this, but so many large companies these days are composed of fiefdoms who by-and-large say, “Fuck the company, I’m here for me and mine!” that this is more likely to happen than not to.

So I’ve been spending a week unruffling feathers and smoothing down ripples on the clear, blue pond of my business deal, all-the-while reinforcing the need for my deal by seeding the proper kernels of concern to the tune of, “You know, if SD doesn’t get this deal, he’s gone, and then who will support all of this software that we love so much, because it sure as hell isn’t going to be the IT department.”

My life – yanno?

Well, this put off the hunt for the great and vaginaful Sugar Baby, but I came back rip-roaring to it this past week, to the tune of zero response to all inquiries.

I was starting to think that SB 2.0 put my name on a ‘beware of’ blog.  Then, out of the blue, two SB’s contacted me – one through Daddies, and the other through Fetlife.

Now, the Daddies site, you know about.  Fetlife is another deal – it is more oriented to BDSM.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m somewhat interested in this.  Got my start in (I hesitate to admit this) the Gor novels of the late 70’s.  To this day, I believe that it’s a comment on my parents’ complete liberal “I can’t be bothered to raise my own children” attitude that I was allowed to read those novels, but I did, and at the time, being a walking human hormone under the constant supervision of my own penis, I thought it was pretty cool.

30+ years later – yeah, there is a good bit of eros in spanking a girl who likes to be spanked.  Bondage – huge turn on.  Candle wax, nipple clamps, hair pulling – so long as the recipient is agreeable, I love it.

There are people who are called ‘littles,’ who like to dress up like babies and be treated like babies, except that you put your penis into them.  They are mostly males for some reason, tho there are women in adult diapers and powdered bottoms who go for it.  This is not my thing at all – this is not what I want for a ‘Baby.’

However this has attracted Sugar Babies to the website, and among these are some view actual sugar babies.  Among these are many more who want to get into ‘financial servitude,’ where a man gives a bitchy broad his money, and she takes it.  Also not my thing, but surprisingly popular.

A very serious Baby actually contacted me from here.  She’s 30, she’s pretty, she’s got no kids, but she does see another guy, who is quite dedicated to her, but who has no money.  She doesn’t like him because he’s too dedicated.  What she’d like to do is to get naked for me, show me how subservient she can be, and see if I want her.  At that point we go on from that point.

At its worst, this could be the least expensive blow job I’ll have received in Washington State.

The other is a bounce-a-quarter-off-her-ass, stone-cold hottie with tits that could poke your eye out, struggling student, above-average IQ, tired of being poor girl who lives about 200 miles from me.  She’s working three jobs to pay bills, her car died, her cell phone is out and she’s pretty much in the condition that I’ve come to expect Sugar Babies to be in, which is why they are Sugar Babies.

The first girl is white, the second is Asian/African/European mix in her 20’s.  Neither has kids.  I can talk to the second one more if she has her phone turned on, so I let her believe she’s giving me naked pictures of herself for the cost of that.

In case you’re wondering, I always get naked pictures.  This is a good idea – not just because you then have naked pictures (because, lets face it, you can get enough nude women off of Google Images to blister your palms) but because you’re clever enough to ask for a specific pose which then won’t be this girl using the image of a little-known porn star or, as happened to me with SB 1.0, the Baby using pics from before she packed on 100 lbs.

And let’s face it – I plan to have sex with them.  That’s easier when you’ve already seen them naked.

Now don’t let feminist bile rise, my droogies.  You know full well I plan to have sex with them.  They also know this.  This is a relationship, but it is an arrangement as well.  The girls are going to be pretty, or not successful.  What is the point, then, of dating a pretty nun?

So we’re back to the races, my droogies!   First of all – will the deal go down, or is yours truly going to move back to Tennessee?  By the way, in that case, I already have a job where I can REMAIN a Sugar Daddy.

Will Sugar Baby 3.0 be the white girl or the AsAfriEur?  What will dates with them be like?  How long will it take to decide which is the right one?

Follow on, as loyal followers do, my droogies!  Answers can only be forthcoming!


Oh, well – that went nowhere

Girl two – swung on and missed.  She’s likely a nice girl but we have zero in common, except that she hinted around that she’d like me to send her some money, without saying how much.

So I’ve been looking around.  Seems there are a lot of misconceptions about Sugar Babies out there, that we need to get straight:

Over 40?  That’s not a Sugar Baby.  Really not sure what you call her – a pragmatist, maybe?  Don’t get me wrong – there are women over 39 who are beautiful as hell and have a mountain of things to offer, but they aren’t Sugar Babies.

A bunch of kids?  Not a Sugar Baby.  That’s more of a really uncareful mom, or woman who got stuck with the wrong guy.  Could be a widow.  Could have a lot to offer.  But frankly, if you can’t jet off for a weekend, you’re not a Sugar Baby.  Not that you have to, you just have to be able to.

Really, really fat?  Not a Sugar Baby.  Overweight can be fine – some girls really carry it off.  I’m not skinny, and in fact I like large breasts, which tends to mean there’s meat on you.  Also, I have no interest in someone who won’t eat three Triscuits in one sitting.  But if you sit on a plane and the seat belt can’t accommodate you, you’re a BBW, not an SB.

In the same vein – have something to say.  A prostitute isn’t a Sugar Baby, either.  I can get a prostitute a lot cheaper if want one, which I don’t.  If our conversations are going to be about how much money you want, it’s not going to be worth it.  Try to at least pretend you care about what’s going on in my life or, heaven forbid, actually care about it.  Think of it this way – if it’s not going well for me, guess where I’m going to start cutting expenses?

Anyway – got the feelers back out.  It takes time and I’m picky.  I’m sure there’s going to be plenty to read about in the next few weeks.