Oh, well – that went nowhere

Girl two – swung on and missed.  She’s likely a nice girl but we have zero in common, except that she hinted around that she’d like me to send her some money, without saying how much.

So I’ve been looking around.  Seems there are a lot of misconceptions about Sugar Babies out there, that we need to get straight:

Over 40?  That’s not a Sugar Baby.  Really not sure what you call her – a pragmatist, maybe?  Don’t get me wrong – there are women over 39 who are beautiful as hell and have a mountain of things to offer, but they aren’t Sugar Babies.

A bunch of kids?  Not a Sugar Baby.  That’s more of a really uncareful mom, or woman who got stuck with the wrong guy.  Could be a widow.  Could have a lot to offer.  But frankly, if you can’t jet off for a weekend, you’re not a Sugar Baby.  Not that you have to, you just have to be able to.

Really, really fat?  Not a Sugar Baby.  Overweight can be fine – some girls really carry it off.  I’m not skinny, and in fact I like large breasts, which tends to mean there’s meat on you.  Also, I have no interest in someone who won’t eat three Triscuits in one sitting.  But if you sit on a plane and the seat belt can’t accommodate you, you’re a BBW, not an SB.

In the same vein – have something to say.  A prostitute isn’t a Sugar Baby, either.  I can get a prostitute a lot cheaper if want one, which I don’t.  If our conversations are going to be about how much money you want, it’s not going to be worth it.  Try to at least pretend you care about what’s going on in my life or, heaven forbid, actually care about it.  Think of it this way – if it’s not going well for me, guess where I’m going to start cutting expenses?

Anyway – got the feelers back out.  It takes time and I’m picky.  I’m sure there’s going to be plenty to read about in the next few weeks.



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