This one is more about the Daddy than the Sugar

Ok, my droogies – your beloved SD is about as burnt out as he’s ever been.  I’ve been working weekly OT for whole frigging year here.  Tomorrow is the alleged ‘big day’ where the VP is going to rally her troops and push to allow me and 2 allies to create a company to service their software needs.  Her IT department has, for some unknown reason, lately been inundated with “What do you mean, this guy is leaving?  Who’s going to replace him???” demands in regards to yours truly.  Technically I have less than 2 weeks here.

It’s ok – your SD does well on the wire.  I operated a floating, 250 megawatt nuclear reactor in an active mine field during the Gulf War.  The stress bugs me but it won’t take me out.  I’m more worried about the fact that I’ve gained like 30 lbs in the last year here.  Nothing like crap food, no sleep and heavy drinking to put on those unwanted pounds!

So I’m in the place which is purgatory: on the one hand is ‘heaven’: a $4.5 million deal which will save the company that’s buying into it about $30 million.  There is ‘hell’: having to through the whole ‘hire me’ process again.

And let’s make no mistakes: that’s hell.  I’m a programmer.  The world is desperate for programmers.  I specialize in legacy software – no one frigging does that.  I can manage teams.

NO ONE frigging does that, who has my skill set.  I can, seriously, deliver serious upgrades ahead of schedule to people who think that Excel is a reporting tool and Access is a development platform.  I can make the kids all play nice together and like it.

So I get about 5 calls/day from people looking for me to work from them.  Mostly they’re from my home state, which is cool.  I pretty much want to go back there (even though that means that I’m totally wasting my time meeting someone here).

They are also, mostly, Indian telemarketers.  What is the world thinking?  You know who DOESN’T want to hear from Indians?  American developers.  And you can call me racist if you want, but I cannot understand most of them, especially over the phone.  At this point, I just hang up on them.

The company we’re currently dealing with is going to take this to the wire.  I don’t know why they would think that’s going to be a better bargaining position.  A month ago, I would have dug in and given a little to get the contract.  At this point, I’m so tired of them I’m willing to let the contract go and return to independent contracting.  Then, at least, I could work four months and take off a year to walk the American Discovery Trail.

The more times I tell myself I should do that, the more I want to do that.

OK, droogies, that’s the latest wisdom.  I should have more on the babies next time




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