Mothers, don’t let your Sugar Babies lie about their age….

This is such a bad idea, and it’s not local to Sugar Babies.

Women, seriously, don’t lie about your age.

First of all, it’s SO easy to tell. Even if you think your skin looks younger than it should, I can talk to you for fifteen minutes and know when you were born.

Your politics, your opinions, your experiences – unless you’re a self-focused super-genius, you’re NOT going to be able to fake that stuff for long.

Recently, asking the California prospective girl for pics of herself, I noted that the pics had different eye color. Now that CAN be lighting, but then hair length, style, tan lines – all of this came to my notice.

I asked her for a pose that I knew would be hard to find, and she sent back what I believe is her actual pic. Yea, she was 23, but she had about 10 years’ experience at it.

Once you lie, trust is gone. And seriously, what do I care about 33 or 23 when I’m 49? What a pointless way to ruin a relationship.

Simple as that today. I’m seeing the local SB tonight. REALLY looking forward to it – should be good blogging tomorrow.


Some notes on what’s a Sugar Baby and what’s not

You see a lot of prospective Sugar Babies online.  There are a 1/2 dozen good sites and more bad ones.  When the economy is bad and women can’t find work, well, there’s always guys like me.

So, some guide lines on Sugar Babies:

1. If you’re over 40, probably NOT a Sugar Baby. I don’t know where the cut off is, and I don’t make the rules, but seriously, look for a different definition of what you are (and it’s pretty much a woman who likes older guys, or a successful woman who wants a successful guy).

2. If you have more than 3 kids who live with you, you’re going to have a REALLY hard time pulling this off, even if you look amazing.  If that’s you and you live some place like New Orleans or Chicago or New York, maybe you’re more of a tour guide for wealthy guys, and then maybe that’s the right way for you to go?  I actually thought of doing sites for women like this – I’m sure you could go to one of those ‘make your own website’ sites and then pull that off with some awesome pictures of you

3. There tend to be two categories of SB’s: Strictly SB, and Looking for a Relationship.  The first charge more because they have no stake in the man and the man (let’s face it) has zero stake in you.  If I’m serious about someone I’m a lot more likely to spend more on more meaningful gifts, each of which is worth less than the multi-thousand-dollar score the ‘strictly’ is looking for.

4. Sex is involved.  Get real.  That doesn’t mean you’re a very expensive or exclusive whore, it’s a realistic exchange of values.  There ARE, by the way, guys who get off on having women take their money and give them nothing.  it’s called ‘financial dominance.’  If that’s what you’re shooting for, take a bunch of pictures of yourself in leather and get an account on FetLife.

5. That said, it’s about SO much more than sex.  Avoid things in your profile that say, “This is what I deserve,” “These are my demands,” or that call yourself ‘queen’, ‘princess’ or ‘goddess.’  As well, shy away from ‘bad girl’ references.  It’s not what your typical Sugar Daddy is looking for.

Finally, some notes on pictures:

Yes, guys want more pictures of you, usually nudes.  I almost always insist on them.  On an Internet full of porn, why is this?

It proves you’re real, and that I’ll be attracted to you.  Now, yes, you can find pictures of people with their clothes on and off all over the Internet and it’s pretty easy to send them as you.  It’s also easy to look those pictures up so, with the exception of some of the older SD’s not up with the current technology (copy the picture, paste it to Google images and hit the pictures of the camera), that’s how I’m going to catch you if you’re lying.

And SO MANY are lying.  So many are fakes.  You could even say more than 1/2.

I’ve actually written and deleted this a few times.  This is the one I’m posting for you, my droogies.

Your SD is now off of his pedestal


Where do I begin?

OK, first of all, if there’s any place that your beloved Sugar Daddy is comfortable, it’s back on the horse.  That’s where I’ve been

I’ve met two girls, totally different, both a lot closer to real at this point.  One is practically a neighbor, the other in California.

The local girl is in her mid-thirties, looking more for an ambitious man than an SD.  She’s been working her way toward being a restaurateur, very ambitions, intelligent, good looking.  She works out and has kids.  Major league rack on her – your beloved Sugar Daddy likes big boobs.

The second is in her early twenties.  She’s the classic “I’ve been completely irresponsible with my finances” college student who can’t get a job and is now five large in a whole, looking to suck her way to financial freedom.

There is a thing called ‘whore mentality,’ which is real.  Girls can get into trouble and then date a wealthy guy who takes care of her, get her on her feet, and then carry on with their lives.

Being a Sugar Baby isn’t being a whore.  Sucking off or screwing a bunch of guys with money because you need to pay your bills is a mental transition that very few girls can go backwards from.  Once she’s done it, she’s done it.  Every time she needs money, well, that’s the easiest way, the guys are RIGHT THERE, and it “isn’t that bad.”

Then they get caught, then they get branded a prostitute, and that’s it.  This happens to good girls, and it really is one of those things that women do to themselves when they don’t think.  Yeah, yeah, yeah – there are guys are involved, and you can have the chicken or the egg conversation about whether the men or the women are responsible for prostitution going on, but in the end it’s been going on for as long as there have BEEN men and women.

But where you can avoid it, it’s a good thing.  I don’t want a whore and I don’t want to help create one.  A stripper who I dated for a year went that way a year after we broke up.  Now she’s 40 and she can’t get work at McDonald’s.

I’m meeting the local girl on Wednesday.  REALLY looking forward to that.  She could be a really good girl friend and I like motivated women.  I hinted around about what she wanted/expected and like I said, I don’t think she’s got the standard Sugar Baby goals.  You never know, yanno?

As for the other, she could be good for a weekend bone a couple times/month.  She’s young, she’s pretty, she’s a good back up if the other doesn’t work out.  If it does, then she can be more of a protégé until she meets another guy.

We’re not a dime a dozen, but we’re out there.

OK, my droogies – as predicted, things picked up.  They always do.  On another note, I’m building myself a new house on my property, and that’s about to start.  If you came to visit me (and you can’t), then you wouldn’t think ‘Sugar Daddy,’ you’d think “Redneck meth lab.”  The place is a wreck, because I bought the place on a 5 year mortgage intending to remodel.

Turned out the house remodel will cost more than a rebuild and, even if it didn’t, it’s been six years (paid it off in four) and I still haven’t done anything with it.  For me, I don’t usually like a lot of luxury, so the place is perfect for me.  No SB is going to put up with it.

The benefits of buying almost 10 acres is that you can live in one house on the property while you build on another.  I hate hotels.


Looks like we went three for three again

Hello, my droogies.  When last we spoke, we were down to one Baby whom I affectionately called ‘ghetto girl.’

Now we’re down to none.

Ghetto was another girl looking to cash in on rich guys with one hand on the keyboard and another either on their wallet or their Johnson.  Here’s how the scam goes (it’s relatively common):

1. She’s only on here because she’s had bad financial luck.  You get used to that one – that’s more than 1/2 of your Sugar Babies.
2. She’s got an emergency coming up – any help I can offer, that would be great!
*** Note that this came REALLY fast, but the girls who do this have NO interest in meeting someone.  In her case, she arranged for me to come out and meet her, but I wanted pictures of her first.  She did some bikini pics and promised nudes if I sent her a gift first, which was reasonable.
3. Escalate the emergency – wow, $2,500 due on rent, and they’re going to get kicked out TOMORROW if they don’t make the cash.
*** On the off chance this was true, and because I hadn’t gotten around to buying her anything, I offered to send her the money instead.
4. OK, didn’t bite on the $2,500 – the landlord will accept $1,500 if its on its way today.
*** I let her know I sent $250, which is beer money.  Seriously, I’ve given more to strangers.
5. Wow – so generous – dammit!  My cell phone is crashing!  I don’t know what to do!  I’ll contact you as soon as I can.

You’ll never hear from that girl again.  It’s a pain in the ass to go to Post Office and cancel the money order (it’s an automated procedure, just tell them you sent money to someone who was a fraud), but they can even go so far as to reroute the overnight package if the recipient hasn’t received it yet.

It’s depressing.  Actually, I’m more upset about the first girl, whom I spoke on the phone with.  She seemed REALLY nice.  Like I said, though, I don’t think she had the heart.

Life goes on.  There are always more girls – never fails.

So keep on coming back – your Sugar Daddy isn’t going to let you down.


Looks like we’re down to one

Good morning, my droogies.  Last night I spent some times emailing the baby in Memphis.  Some of it was about me, some about her – the ‘getting to know you’ stage is a necessary evil.  You want to make sure you’re avoiding some of the more obvious traps, such as baby-mama drama, living with a boy friend, etc.  These mark a chick you’re JUST going to have trouble with.

She’s in a desperate way in her rent, which is why she is ‘doing this.’  I’m sending her a money order this morning so to take she edge off, and she’s going to do a nude photo shoot for me.

Two mistakes you don’t want to make: giving cash for nothing, and seeing a girl whom you haven’t seen naked.  The second didn’t save me from my first encounter with the ‘big baby,’ but it ensured I was seeing a girl who wasn’t going to waste my time with “I’m not that kind of girl,” once we met.

If I wanted courting, I’d go after a girl whom I wanted to court.  It’s a waste of time.  I want someone for fun when I feel like having fun.  She’s already wanting to talk about being a live in, but she hasn’t seen what a wreck the house is yet!

Yes, my house looks like a cast reject from a reality TV show.  I bought a place I could pay cash for when I moved here and planned to remodel it.  The problem is just that (a) it is too far gone and (b) it is too close to the road and (c) it takes too much time.  So I live in it for now while I’m having a bigger, better place built on the part of the property where I want it.  Then I ‘move’ and have this place demolished.

That will likely happen in July or August.  The woman who moved in here between then and now would have to REALLY love me.  I don’t foresee it.

By the way – that IS a good way to get more for your buck.  I got an amazing deal on the loan for the new house because I had the full value of the land for security.  The older place went for a song because no one wanted it.

So this weekend is likely going to be the weekend.  That is, if I freaking remember to go to the post office.  I’m a programmer (which is calling to me now) and time kind of flies during the day, yanno?

OH – ugh – almost forgot to tell you about the one who didn’t make it!  Not a sad story, just a typical one: she didn’t return emails.

Don’t put up with that.  If they can’t give you attention in the courting phase, they are NEVER going do it after meeting.  Also, it tends to say she has her attention focused on someone/some thing else.  Either way, you’re going to be battling that through the remainder of a future failed relationship.

Say what you want about the ghetto girl – she’s attentive.  Got to love her

More later!


One off topic – women who post pictures of their kids to their profiles

If I have an Internet pet peeve, it’s this: women who post family pictures.

You have kids?  Great.  You’re honest about that, not planning to spring them on a prospective guy after he’s made an emotional investment?  Even better – you have some real character.

Post those pictures to the Internet?  You’re a dumbass.  What they HELL are you thinking?

First of all, do you want to date a guy who looks at you and are mildly interested, then sees your kids and says, “Aw, yeah!”  If the kids are the deal maker, believe me, it’s a bad deal.

Second, there are a LOT of scams that are based on the scammer getting pictures of your kids.  Here’s one: the scammer gets your email address, and using that gets your name.  Using THAT, he looks you up on Facebook, and then on to Intellius and, for $4.99, he has your address.

He goes to your house and waits for your kids to be on the way home.  He presents himself (or uses his crack whore girlfriend, whom they’re more likely to trust) with that picture of them saying, “I’m your mom’s friend.  See – here’s a picture I keep of you guys.  Get in my car for whatever reason!”  Now your kids are gone.

Another is to pass that crack whore girlfriend off as you after a little makeup work and all of the above information.  Want to get past a mildly suspicious loan officer?  Start flashing family pics.  Congratulations – you just had your identity stolen.

This is absolutely real and absolutely a self-inflicted injury.  This is also why stealing kids and identities is now a multi-billion-dollar industry: people sharing too much personal information online are making it unimaginably easy.

OK, that’s the rant.  I may have another today.  I have a lot of work to do around the property.


And then there were two

Good evening my droogies!  Your beloved Sugar Daddy is enjoying white wine, Jack Daniels and coke, Blue Bloods and the time of two of these prospective Sugar Babies.

So the one I spoke with – she’s gone.  Gave her a shot, but I think the phone conversation freaked her out.  She’s good for selling naked pictures of herself I think – she was offering that on, anyway, but I don’t think she has the heart to put out for cash.

The other two live three and six hours away respectively, one in Nashville and one in Memphis.  Memphis is really on the ball with it.  She needs a car and she can’t make her rent, so she’s in a situation, but she’s 30, she’s tired of losers and ghetto guys, and this IS the kind of girl who wants to be a Sugar Baby.  I’m going to see her next weekend, so I asked her for some nudes, she wanted something first and sent some bikini shots.

Frankly, I like that.  I’m not looking for a stupid girl.  And she’s hot – really hot.  Unexpectedly hot.  That’s always a good thing.

She knows I’m going out there for the weekend, she knows she’s going to have to put out for that.  This is the appeal of the whole Sugar Baby relationship – it’s not a game, it’s not a lie.  Women who pretty much know what guys want, guys who are honest with themselves about what they have to offer.

Romantic love and poverty are all fine when you’re in your teens and early 20’s, but frankly it gets old.  Look in most other nations and they get married later because they want to get on their feet first.  It makes a lot more sense, and at least for me, that is what this is about.

Nashville is more slow out of the gate.  I think she’s busier – don’t know for sure.  A lot of these girls run the whole thing off of their cell phones, and that’s just a bad idea.  You just can’t manage the complexities of more than one relationship on a screen that small.

So that’s where we are, my droogies!  Next weekend I’ll be taking the brand new truck to Memphis for sex and meeting.

But I’m sure you’ll hear from me before then.