Have you missed me, my droogies?

Well, the daddy of all Sugar Daddies is back after a months’ long hiatus.

To give you the briefest of briefs: moved back to Tennessee through a blinding blizzard right after last Thanksgiving.  Took seven days, and I had only my son and my dog to keep me company.

Could have done without the son – he got out of the Navy a year ago and they REALLY fucked up his health.  Of course, he tried to hide it until he couldn’t any more, and the trip was a frigging nightmare.  Came back to an even bigger one, my daughter and my house.

I don’t care what you say, your kids have access to your property, it’s going to get trashed.  My daughter treated the house so badly, I’m having it torn down and rebuilding it new.  She also managed to take out my pick up truck moving horses around.

Imagine that – it’s an F250 diesel – I drove it 75mph in 4WD across the country, and she managed to take it out in three months.

So I’m looking at a new vehicle AND a new building to live in, AND I’m still working for the same group of rocket scientists I was working for in Washington State, I’m just doing it from what’s left of my home now.

So you know, I was thinking, the Sugar Baby thing is going to be a lot harder sell in Tennessee, because the girls get married a lot earlier here, they stay married, and they’re all about kids.  They also age a lot faster.  I don’t know what it is, but a 38 year old in TN looks like a 90 year old anywhere else.  I was thinking, “Fine – get settled, finish the novel series, and go get a vendo-wife from Costa Rica.”  They make good wives

But, again, who has the freaking time.  I’m back on the prowl, kiddies.  Have one calling me from GA in a couple hours, so I’ll be doing some programming ’till then, and then we’ll see how this one stacks up.

I’ll keep you up to date – you know I always do!



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