And then there were two

Good evening my droogies!  Your beloved Sugar Daddy is enjoying white wine, Jack Daniels and coke, Blue Bloods and the time of two of these prospective Sugar Babies.

So the one I spoke with – she’s gone.  Gave her a shot, but I think the phone conversation freaked her out.  She’s good for selling naked pictures of herself I think – she was offering that on, anyway, but I don’t think she has the heart to put out for cash.

The other two live three and six hours away respectively, one in Nashville and one in Memphis.  Memphis is really on the ball with it.  She needs a car and she can’t make her rent, so she’s in a situation, but she’s 30, she’s tired of losers and ghetto guys, and this IS the kind of girl who wants to be a Sugar Baby.  I’m going to see her next weekend, so I asked her for some nudes, she wanted something first and sent some bikini shots.

Frankly, I like that.  I’m not looking for a stupid girl.  And she’s hot – really hot.  Unexpectedly hot.  That’s always a good thing.

She knows I’m going out there for the weekend, she knows she’s going to have to put out for that.  This is the appeal of the whole Sugar Baby relationship – it’s not a game, it’s not a lie.  Women who pretty much know what guys want, guys who are honest with themselves about what they have to offer.

Romantic love and poverty are all fine when you’re in your teens and early 20’s, but frankly it gets old.  Look in most other nations and they get married later because they want to get on their feet first.  It makes a lot more sense, and at least for me, that is what this is about.

Nashville is more slow out of the gate.  I think she’s busier – don’t know for sure.  A lot of these girls run the whole thing off of their cell phones, and that’s just a bad idea.  You just can’t manage the complexities of more than one relationship on a screen that small.

So that’s where we are, my droogies!  Next weekend I’ll be taking the brand new truck to Memphis for sex and meeting.

But I’m sure you’ll hear from me before then.



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