One off topic – women who post pictures of their kids to their profiles

If I have an Internet pet peeve, it’s this: women who post family pictures.

You have kids?  Great.  You’re honest about that, not planning to spring them on a prospective guy after he’s made an emotional investment?  Even better – you have some real character.

Post those pictures to the Internet?  You’re a dumbass.  What they HELL are you thinking?

First of all, do you want to date a guy who looks at you and are mildly interested, then sees your kids and says, “Aw, yeah!”  If the kids are the deal maker, believe me, it’s a bad deal.

Second, there are a LOT of scams that are based on the scammer getting pictures of your kids.  Here’s one: the scammer gets your email address, and using that gets your name.  Using THAT, he looks you up on Facebook, and then on to Intellius and, for $4.99, he has your address.

He goes to your house and waits for your kids to be on the way home.  He presents himself (or uses his crack whore girlfriend, whom they’re more likely to trust) with that picture of them saying, “I’m your mom’s friend.  See – here’s a picture I keep of you guys.  Get in my car for whatever reason!”  Now your kids are gone.

Another is to pass that crack whore girlfriend off as you after a little makeup work and all of the above information.  Want to get past a mildly suspicious loan officer?  Start flashing family pics.  Congratulations – you just had your identity stolen.

This is absolutely real and absolutely a self-inflicted injury.  This is also why stealing kids and identities is now a multi-billion-dollar industry: people sharing too much personal information online are making it unimaginably easy.

OK, that’s the rant.  I may have another today.  I have a lot of work to do around the property.



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