Looks like we’re down to one

Good morning, my droogies.  Last night I spent some times emailing the baby in Memphis.  Some of it was about me, some about her – the ‘getting to know you’ stage is a necessary evil.  You want to make sure you’re avoiding some of the more obvious traps, such as baby-mama drama, living with a boy friend, etc.  These mark a chick you’re JUST going to have trouble with.

She’s in a desperate way in her rent, which is why she is ‘doing this.’  I’m sending her a money order this morning so to take she edge off, and she’s going to do a nude photo shoot for me.

Two mistakes you don’t want to make: giving cash for nothing, and seeing a girl whom you haven’t seen naked.  The second didn’t save me from my first encounter with the ‘big baby,’ but it ensured I was seeing a girl who wasn’t going to waste my time with “I’m not that kind of girl,” once we met.

If I wanted courting, I’d go after a girl whom I wanted to court.  It’s a waste of time.  I want someone for fun when I feel like having fun.  She’s already wanting to talk about being a live in, but she hasn’t seen what a wreck the house is yet!

Yes, my house looks like a cast reject from a reality TV show.  I bought a place I could pay cash for when I moved here and planned to remodel it.  The problem is just that (a) it is too far gone and (b) it is too close to the road and (c) it takes too much time.  So I live in it for now while I’m having a bigger, better place built on the part of the property where I want it.  Then I ‘move’ and have this place demolished.

That will likely happen in July or August.  The woman who moved in here between then and now would have to REALLY love me.  I don’t foresee it.

By the way – that IS a good way to get more for your buck.  I got an amazing deal on the loan for the new house because I had the full value of the land for security.  The older place went for a song because no one wanted it.

So this weekend is likely going to be the weekend.  That is, if I freaking remember to go to the post office.  I’m a programmer (which is calling to me now) and time kind of flies during the day, yanno?

OH – ugh – almost forgot to tell you about the one who didn’t make it!  Not a sad story, just a typical one: she didn’t return emails.

Don’t put up with that.  If they can’t give you attention in the courting phase, they are NEVER going do it after meeting.  Also, it tends to say she has her attention focused on someone/some thing else.  Either way, you’re going to be battling that through the remainder of a future failed relationship.

Say what you want about the ghetto girl – she’s attentive.  Got to love her

More later!



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