Looks like we went three for three again

Hello, my droogies.  When last we spoke, we were down to one Baby whom I affectionately called ‘ghetto girl.’

Now we’re down to none.

Ghetto was another girl looking to cash in on rich guys with one hand on the keyboard and another either on their wallet or their Johnson.  Here’s how the scam goes (it’s relatively common):

1. She’s only on here because she’s had bad financial luck.  You get used to that one – that’s more than 1/2 of your Sugar Babies.
2. She’s got an emergency coming up – any help I can offer, that would be great!
*** Note that this came REALLY fast, but the girls who do this have NO interest in meeting someone.  In her case, she arranged for me to come out and meet her, but I wanted pictures of her first.  She did some bikini pics and promised nudes if I sent her a gift first, which was reasonable.
3. Escalate the emergency – wow, $2,500 due on rent, and they’re going to get kicked out TOMORROW if they don’t make the cash.
*** On the off chance this was true, and because I hadn’t gotten around to buying her anything, I offered to send her the money instead.
4. OK, didn’t bite on the $2,500 – the landlord will accept $1,500 if its on its way today.
*** I let her know I sent $250, which is beer money.  Seriously, I’ve given more to strangers.
5. Wow – so generous – dammit!  My cell phone is crashing!  I don’t know what to do!  I’ll contact you as soon as I can.

You’ll never hear from that girl again.  It’s a pain in the ass to go to Post Office and cancel the money order (it’s an automated procedure, just tell them you sent money to someone who was a fraud), but they can even go so far as to reroute the overnight package if the recipient hasn’t received it yet.

It’s depressing.  Actually, I’m more upset about the first girl, whom I spoke on the phone with.  She seemed REALLY nice.  Like I said, though, I don’t think she had the heart.

Life goes on.  There are always more girls – never fails.

So keep on coming back – your Sugar Daddy isn’t going to let you down.



4 thoughts on “Looks like we went three for three again

  1. I like your persistence. Surely in due time, you will find someone who is compliments you and vice versa. p.s. No PayPal?

  2. If you send via PayPal she has it immediately. If she’s running a scam, then you just lost your money.

    People tend to think, “In the mail is in the bank.” They’ll usually react accordingly, and then you have time to address an error

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