Where do I begin?

OK, first of all, if there’s any place that your beloved Sugar Daddy is comfortable, it’s back on the horse.  That’s where I’ve been

I’ve met two girls, totally different, both a lot closer to real at this point.  One is practically a neighbor, the other in California.

The local girl is in her mid-thirties, looking more for an ambitious man than an SD.  She’s been working her way toward being a restaurateur, very ambitions, intelligent, good looking.  She works out and has kids.  Major league rack on her – your beloved Sugar Daddy likes big boobs.

The second is in her early twenties.  She’s the classic “I’ve been completely irresponsible with my finances” college student who can’t get a job and is now five large in a whole, looking to suck her way to financial freedom.

There is a thing called ‘whore mentality,’ which is real.  Girls can get into trouble and then date a wealthy guy who takes care of her, get her on her feet, and then carry on with their lives.

Being a Sugar Baby isn’t being a whore.  Sucking off or screwing a bunch of guys with money because you need to pay your bills is a mental transition that very few girls can go backwards from.  Once she’s done it, she’s done it.  Every time she needs money, well, that’s the easiest way, the guys are RIGHT THERE, and it “isn’t that bad.”

Then they get caught, then they get branded a prostitute, and that’s it.  This happens to good girls, and it really is one of those things that women do to themselves when they don’t think.  Yeah, yeah, yeah – there are guys are involved, and you can have the chicken or the egg conversation about whether the men or the women are responsible for prostitution going on, but in the end it’s been going on for as long as there have BEEN men and women.

But where you can avoid it, it’s a good thing.  I don’t want a whore and I don’t want to help create one.  A stripper who I dated for a year went that way a year after we broke up.  Now she’s 40 and she can’t get work at McDonald’s.

I’m meeting the local girl on Wednesday.  REALLY looking forward to that.  She could be a really good girl friend and I like motivated women.  I hinted around about what she wanted/expected and like I said, I don’t think she’s got the standard Sugar Baby goals.  You never know, yanno?

As for the other, she could be good for a weekend bone a couple times/month.  She’s young, she’s pretty, she’s a good back up if the other doesn’t work out.  If it does, then she can be more of a protégé until she meets another guy.

We’re not a dime a dozen, but we’re out there.

OK, my droogies – as predicted, things picked up.  They always do.  On another note, I’m building myself a new house on my property, and that’s about to start.  If you came to visit me (and you can’t), then you wouldn’t think ‘Sugar Daddy,’ you’d think “Redneck meth lab.”  The place is a wreck, because I bought the place on a 5 year mortgage intending to remodel.

Turned out the house remodel will cost more than a rebuild and, even if it didn’t, it’s been six years (paid it off in four) and I still haven’t done anything with it.  For me, I don’t usually like a lot of luxury, so the place is perfect for me.  No SB is going to put up with it.

The benefits of buying almost 10 acres is that you can live in one house on the property while you build on another.  I hate hotels.



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