Some notes on what’s a Sugar Baby and what’s not

You see a lot of prospective Sugar Babies online.  There are a 1/2 dozen good sites and more bad ones.  When the economy is bad and women can’t find work, well, there’s always guys like me.

So, some guide lines on Sugar Babies:

1. If you’re over 40, probably NOT a Sugar Baby. I don’t know where the cut off is, and I don’t make the rules, but seriously, look for a different definition of what you are (and it’s pretty much a woman who likes older guys, or a successful woman who wants a successful guy).

2. If you have more than 3 kids who live with you, you’re going to have a REALLY hard time pulling this off, even if you look amazing.  If that’s you and you live some place like New Orleans or Chicago or New York, maybe you’re more of a tour guide for wealthy guys, and then maybe that’s the right way for you to go?  I actually thought of doing sites for women like this – I’m sure you could go to one of those ‘make your own website’ sites and then pull that off with some awesome pictures of you

3. There tend to be two categories of SB’s: Strictly SB, and Looking for a Relationship.  The first charge more because they have no stake in the man and the man (let’s face it) has zero stake in you.  If I’m serious about someone I’m a lot more likely to spend more on more meaningful gifts, each of which is worth less than the multi-thousand-dollar score the ‘strictly’ is looking for.

4. Sex is involved.  Get real.  That doesn’t mean you’re a very expensive or exclusive whore, it’s a realistic exchange of values.  There ARE, by the way, guys who get off on having women take their money and give them nothing.  it’s called ‘financial dominance.’  If that’s what you’re shooting for, take a bunch of pictures of yourself in leather and get an account on FetLife.

5. That said, it’s about SO much more than sex.  Avoid things in your profile that say, “This is what I deserve,” “These are my demands,” or that call yourself ‘queen’, ‘princess’ or ‘goddess.’  As well, shy away from ‘bad girl’ references.  It’s not what your typical Sugar Daddy is looking for.

Finally, some notes on pictures:

Yes, guys want more pictures of you, usually nudes.  I almost always insist on them.  On an Internet full of porn, why is this?

It proves you’re real, and that I’ll be attracted to you.  Now, yes, you can find pictures of people with their clothes on and off all over the Internet and it’s pretty easy to send them as you.  It’s also easy to look those pictures up so, with the exception of some of the older SD’s not up with the current technology (copy the picture, paste it to Google images and hit the pictures of the camera), that’s how I’m going to catch you if you’re lying.

And SO MANY are lying.  So many are fakes.  You could even say more than 1/2.

I’ve actually written and deleted this a few times.  This is the one I’m posting for you, my droogies.

Your SD is now off of his pedestal



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