Mothers, don’t let your Sugar Babies lie about their age….

This is such a bad idea, and it’s not local to Sugar Babies.

Women, seriously, don’t lie about your age.

First of all, it’s SO easy to tell. Even if you think your skin looks younger than it should, I can talk to you for fifteen minutes and know when you were born.

Your politics, your opinions, your experiences – unless you’re a self-focused super-genius, you’re NOT going to be able to fake that stuff for long.

Recently, asking the California prospective girl for pics of herself, I noted that the pics had different eye color. Now that CAN be lighting, but then hair length, style, tan lines – all of this came to my notice.

I asked her for a pose that I knew would be hard to find, and she sent back what I believe is her actual pic. Yea, she was 23, but she had about 10 years’ experience at it.

Once you lie, trust is gone. And seriously, what do I care about 33 or 23 when I’m 49? What a pointless way to ruin a relationship.

Simple as that today. I’m seeing the local SB tonight. REALLY looking forward to it – should be good blogging tomorrow.


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