Sorry it’s been so long, my droogies

Sorry, droogs, but if you can believe it, your Sugar Daddy has been on a kind of hiatus for a while.

First of all, that one SB whom I was going to see needed to reschedule twice. Seeing her in 2 days now.

Since then, met another ‘normal’ woman who was closer to my own age, pretty, and whom I couldn’t ask either for nude photos or to blow me on the first date. It WAS really nice to sit and talk to some one my own age for a while. I don’t know that I’ll see her again – I’m not really up for a go-slow, long-wait commitment and, frankly, that’s what the ‘normals’ want.

Had another girl approach me. Train wreck of a body – I hate to be mean (actually, I don’t) but wow, do some sit-ups if you want to be a sugar baby, huh?

What’s really been bothering me is the house lately. Ugh – construction! Why am I going through this?? I wanted a few simple things: a big bathtub in the master bedroom, a laundry chute, a home office. It’s like the builder can’t live with that. We had a come to Jesus this morning where I was ready to fire him and forget this if I had to, but he got in line. We close the paperwork tomorrow, then the REAL stress begins.

SO I’m in this place- I could meet the ‘right girl.’ She’d have to be an at-home because the current house isn’t fit for dating and the new one isn’t built. I don’t want that, and I DON’T want to date.

Ugh – anyone know a nice girl in New Orleans who isn’t busy for the weekend?



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