The frustrations of the hunt

One thing that never surprises me: horny men represent a deep well of revenue which attracts a dozen scammers before it meets the first legitimate passer by.

This is why I absolutely insist on ‘send me a picture’ if I decide I want to get to know someone. Send a risqué picture, or one where you’re holding your left earlobe, or some goofy thing we agree on, so that I can look at this and say, “Yes, this is the girl in the picture, not a Lithuanian man who’s going to ask me for a wire transfer.”

I can’t count the number of girls this has weeded out.

Another thing that come of this is that not all Sugar Babies are, in fact, Sugar Babies. One, for example, whom I might actually see is a beautiful girl in Vegas whom I might spend the weekend with. She’s a straight up prostitute using the site to collect Johns, kidding herself into thinking that because she calls herself an SB that it’s ok somehow. Sorry – if you’re going to sleep with me for $1,000, you’re a prostitute. You’re just a really, really good one.

Or you better be, yanno?

Others are women who just want to meet a rich guy. Nothing wrong with that – if I were a good looking girl I’d want to meet someone with money and then see if I could fall for him (if he was worth it, and money does NOT make anyone better at anything other than spending it). However, those girls want to date for a long time before the sex begins and, frankly, who the hell needs that? I went on a date last week with a ‘real girl.’ What a freaking waste of time. I’m not one of these ‘women are only good for one thing’ people because, if I can’t talk to you first, interest dies. At the same time I just have no interest in wading through your whole life to get to you.

Then there are the older chicks lying about their age. Oh, my God! Seriously, you think I can’t tell the difference between early 30’s and early 40’s? THIS is the main reason I want a pic – you’ve got your college ‘Glamour Shots’ photo on your site, and then you send a ‘selfie’ with the truth plastered all over it.

I just don’t want a girl my age. Too much baggage in a woman who’s in her 40’s, and not enough energy. If I want to blow off the week and hit New Orleans, or if I want to take next summer off and walk the American Discovery Trail, I don’t want to hear, “I’ll miss my grandson’s 6th grade graduation.” I want to hear, “OK, let me see if I can get out of my lease – when we get back can I live with you for a while if I need to?”

So here’s why the Tales of a Sugar Daddy has been sans Sugar Baby lately, my droogies. Some good news – we signed the contract to build the house and will have the financing done in about a week. That means the new place will be done in August, weather permitting.


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