And we’re back to three

Well, my droogies, it’s been a hell of a day.

Can you believe that this shit goes on, AND I’m working AND get paid for it? Paid a LOT. I’d feel guilty if I had those feelings.

OK, droogs – we’re back to three contestants, all three of which I’ve actually spoken with.

The first is a Colombian girl we’ll call ‘C’. She’s in the Southwest, so she’s immediately got a distance issue to overcome. She’s built like Sophia Vergara but about 10 years younger. She seems to be some kind of sports model looking for a man, not as much an SD. We very up front about wanting a long-term and to be spoiled, not given a lot of cash (we’ll see if that’s going to continue). Frankly, as beautiful as she was, I thought ‘Scam!’ I guess your SD is getting a little jaded.

Anyway, I Skyped with her (her idea). Everything she’s said has been true so far – drives a nice car, too. We feel good about ‘C’.

Then I’m contacted by a Tennessee girl, I think she’s a black/Asian mix. Hot bod, great chest, amazing brown eyes, 26 years old. She shaves the sides of her head (which I don’t like) but hair grows back. She ALSO wants a long term relationship, but she wants a cash allowance of $2k/month. That’s doable, but she doesn’t want to have sex right away, so… no. Compromise, she’s getting 1/2 and working her way up to sex, at which point she gets the whole amount. She listed herself as ‘strictly SB/SD’, so I don’t know where she’s coming from on that in relation to what she wants.

She lives about 90 minutes from me. She’s making arrangements for dinner tomorrow. I’m thinking I’m not getting a blow job out of this, but I’ll get my share of affection. We’ll see. I’m calling her BA

This leaves us with contestant #3, who is in her early 40’s. She’s straight up looking for a man, not an SD. She’s also got nice eyes. We’re calling her ‘K’ for Knoxville. I have the least to say about her, but for distance she clearly has the inside track. We’ll see how she feels about doing the duties of an SB.

I have had three on the docket more than once and it hasn’t worked out well. I feel better about these.

We’ll see what happens now



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