Well, the Little Treasure distinguished herself

Hello, my Droogies. Just got back from sunny Florida where I spoke on the topic of IT retention in the manufacturing world. I was gone for three days

While I was gone, the Little Treasure (my daughter of 20 years old), who lives in my house with her boyfriend while they try to get their equestrian training center on its feet, needed only to feed the dogs, cats and my horse, keep the place kinda clean and get about her life.

On the first day I was gone, she totaled her 2005 Jetta when she lost control of it in the rain. Her claim was that ‘she was doing the speed limit,’ which means to her that this couldn’t possibly be her fault, while I’m sure the police and the person whom she hit have a whole other opinion. She walked away without a scratch on her (which is why I bought her that car), the other person is starting her whiplash complaints, which is for the insurance to decide on.

This, by the way, is the second Jetta she totaled in 30 months.

Now, a month ago, you may remember that she managed to borrow my 2003 F250 for a day and return it, only for me to find 1 week later that the truck with only 200,000 miles on it, which had JUST received a clean bill of health from the Ford dealership, had 2 bad cylinders. My solution to this was to treat myself to a new F150 Laredo with the Off Road package, which is more suited to my needs, and then to eventually replace the engine on the F250 and sell it. Where she used the F250 to haul horse trailers full of horses all day, her claim was that there was no way she did anything wrong (like leave it in low end 4WD).

So I was thinking that she REALLY needed a pick up truck more than the Jetta, which was paid off, and I’d just take the insurance from the one to repair the other.

Then I come home last night. The house REEKS of cat shit. Why? Well, she JUST cleaned the litter boxes, but of course she dumped them in the garbage in the kitchen, and then didn’t bother to take the garbage to the cans outside. Also, there’s a stack of dishes in the sink and smell coming off of them could make a coyote wretch. She immediately goes to her room when I get home, no interest in how the trip went, because she has to get up early

And she does, and I do, and lo and behold – it is beneath her station in life to clean the dishes, because she’s in a hurry.

Like hell! Clean the dishes, I’m not your maid. As I leave her fuming in the kitchen, she treats me to a parting ‘Asshole,’ to impress her boyfriend.

Last straw, princess.

I turn around, give her my opinion of her performance as my daughter and, when she decides to ‘whatever’ me and ignore me, take her by the arm.

She whips a dish into the sink, breaking half of them, turns and warns me, “You better not touch me, I’ll call the police! I dare you to do that again!”

OK, there comes a point in time where your own children can be an actual threat to you, and that’s the point. I’ve seen this happen to friends of mine. The cops come in and they have no choice – it’s a domestic violence case, daddy goes to jail until they ‘sort this out.’ Fuh-huck that! Ok, chica – get yourself another place to live.

This morning her cell is turned off. I’m already cancelling her credit cards. Her idiot boyfriend can get his car back from the couple he lent it to (because they like to drive hers, and I pay for gas), or not. Who cares? At her age I had a 71 Ford LTD that cost me $500. You know what it taught me? Be good to your car!

She gets the eviction notice when she gets home. Her boyfriend gets told, “Stay off my land,” because he has no legal right to be here. It’s a damn shame with her, but this isn’t her first time to the rodeo, and she’s got a real attitude that she’s entitled to drive fast, spend freely, speak her mind, and that the rest of us should be grateful for the advice and the wisdom.

Let’s see how long that lasts.

Also, I know a lot of 20-somethings read this. As well as some dads. Countering view points are welcome.


3 thoughts on “Well, the Little Treasure distinguished herself

  1. Well she’s lucky, if she was in my house with my mother she wouldn’t have an ass to sit on.

    My mother always says “I brought you into tho weld and I sure can take you out!”

    I hope she sees the light!

  2. Completely agree, Jolie. The deal these days, tho, is there’s a Department of Family Services or something similar, and the moment they hear, “Hit,” they think “Arrest.” It is a tremendous pain in the ass even when the charges don’t stick.

    Personally, I think it’s bad for these kids. They grow up with no understanding that they need to be polite, and that they can’t shoot their mouths off to future employers or peers.

  3. Wow. In family where I grew up I would’ve had my ass whipped in no time for something like that. I’m just glad to hear that you are actually doing something to show her that there are consequences because I’m sure you are not the only one who she treats like this.

    Good luck.

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