And then there were… 5?

Wow, droogies – so long as I don’t meet them, it appears I am a CHICK MAGNET!

First, had an honest discussion with ‘C’, the Colombian girl who lives in Arizona. She’s a model, an aviator, some kind of entrepreneur, and stacked like a brick shit house (and I say this having seen her on Skype). She’s the one who started talking commitment right off the bat.

I can’t go to Arizona anymore, because the Little Treasure (my daughter of 20 years this month), distinguished herself and now isn’t available for house sitting. My house is kind of a shit hole until August when the new place will be done in construction, and I really don’t want people in it. “Would you like to come to TN” I ask (so I can tend the animals) “and I will put you up in a hotel?”

Sure – sounds great.

“What type of contraception do you use?” I don’t like rubbers, so I’m more about a diaphragm and a trip to the doctor beforehand to be verified STD free. Seeing as I haven’t been laid in a YEAR, I’m not real worried about myself. However if a girl is active, the glove goes on.

She first pretends she doesn’t know the word, then she doesn’t know the word in Spanish. En Espanol, it’s ‘Contracepcion’ with an accent over the ‘o’. She doesn’t know THAT word. So I ask her how she avoids getting pregnant.

“Oh, you want to have sex with me? Ha ha ha ha hah !” What’s so fucking funny? Do you not understand how this works? No, no, she understands. Don’t worry about it.

You know what? That makes me worry about it. Either (a) you have no plans to have sex or (b) you want to get pregnant or (c) you have a penis. None of them is good.

In nearly the same breath, she needs money. She hasn’t made a condo payment in a while. Can I send her $3000? Because, you know – I do that.

OK, we hem and haw, and she tells me generosity = fun times, so I ask her what’s her idea of a fun time, and she doesn’t want to touch on the subject to the point where I’m actually wondering if she’s a cop. So finally I say, “Look – you want the long term. You come out here, you do what I want – the word ‘No’ isn’t in your vocabulary. You see if I’m the kind of man for you and, regardless, you get your $3,000.” I figure dinner, some work around the farm, a LOT of sex, go horseback riding. Big surprise, she agrees. How soon can I bring her out?

On to contestant #2 – BA. She blew up my phone with texts the entire time I was in Orlando. Sent a LOT of pictures – very pretty, intelligent, 26 to my 49, wants long term but JUST a SB/SD relationship. She also wants a $500/wk allowance, and not to have sex right away. I was supposed to see her before I left but there just wasn’t time. Now she’s down with allergies like 1/2 of Tennessee. She can go on hold for a week.

Then there’s ‘K’ from Knoxville – who fell off the map and showed up again tonight on email to say she’s been crazy busy. That’s ok when I haven’t had time for her. She still wants to meet – maybe next week.

In walks 2 new player: ‘J’ in South Carolina, and ‘R’ in Georgia.

J is 40 and stacked better than ‘C’. Pretty, has her mind in the right place, no interest in being an SB, she wants a man (and a kid). She is very frank that she likes and expects sex, she doesn’t want a dime, just to meet. Sent the mandatory ‘this is me’ pic – don’t know if I’ll push her for nudes. J is a contender – she’s close (ish), she’s intelligent, she can move if this works out. Her life isn’t about to end.

‘R’ is 26 and she’s up for anything, she just wants the hell out of GA. She’s big into horses like me – that’s huge. She wants a man to take care of her and spoil her – that’s huge, too. The age diff doesn’t bother her, and I’m seeing her tomorrow for lunch – maybe more. She’s made it very clear she’s down for whatever relationship I like. I’m wondering if she’s a BDSM submissive – she just sends me that vibe. She’s pretty but not glamorous. Like I said, I’m actually meeting her so she’s a front-runner.

I don’t like balancing this many serious candidates. Where I was REALLY pulling for ‘K,’ I think she let the train pass her station. Between J and R, it’s hard to say who’s doing best. I have to go meet J for a day – maybe do a 1/2 way or fly her up here. She doesn’t like where she lives and would be happy here. Also she’s a painter – we creative types tend to get along (or freak each other out – ya never know).

I’d say that BA is pretty much out on her financials, and C is right behind her. Of the two, at least C wants to move in. In the long run I think that’s a better option for me – a live in is dangerous unless you have the deal in writing, which I will. But it’s someone to take care of the place, regular sex, and I don’t feel bad if I’m boring to her because she’s on the payroll.

Maybe I’ll put each of them over my knee (after getting consent) and see which one belongs there? Ya – that ain’t gonna happen.

It’s a tough life, my droogies. On a lighter note, construction starts this month. Got a KILLER 3.125% rate on the construction loan so I included closing costs, and now I have an extra $5k to spend as I see fit.

Your loyal daddy!



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