First date with R – very successful

Well, my droogies, date one with R was exceptionally successful. This is the 26 year old from Georgia who was up for any sort of relationship.

It was nice to meet a girl who was WAY better looking than her pictures. Long black hair, nice breasts, trim in the middle. She was late to the meeting because of traffic and she called first (very good). I told her she owed me a kiss for being late and she delivered without asking. We met at the bar and ate outside.

I did most of the talking – I’m kind of a story teller and I’ve been away from womankind for a long time. She’s definitely looking for the long haul. Take care of her, let her move in to the new place, take care of her and her horses, she’s interested in college. Don’t know if I’ll go that far with her, but like I said, she’s the long haul girl.

So we go for a walk through the mall after and she gets herself a cute watch and a Yankee candle and a cup with her initial on it. Did some kissing – like most SB’s she doesn’t really like PDA, but she’s not going to say, “No,” either.

She’s also behind her bills a few hundred dollars. If she’d have said something I’d have brought my check book. I’ll end up wiring her the money on Monday so she can catch up. Next weekend is Easter so the world is busy, weekend after that she’s mine and I’m bringing her up here to see the place before construction starts.

Bad news for you droogies – not even a bj this trip. She wants to be the long haul girl, so we’ll wait for the second date. Such a gentleman, I know. I drove the hour and a half back with the taste of her tongue on my lips, and that was it. Will have to wait two weeks for the hotel room when she gets here.

I’m thinking… hot tub for two



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