A little bit about daughters

Hello my droogies. Hope you’re all enjoying the adventures of your favorite SD. You’re becoming quite a diverse bunch

As I blogged a couple weeks ago, the Little Treasure, my daughter, decided to vent her spleen at me and pushed me too far, and got her completely adult ass invited to find its own home, and to bring the rest of her with it.

Today, while I was digging out a piece of the irrigation system that was leaking, before I went to Tractor Supply to buy a trailer so that I could bring the lawn tractor she trashed to the repair shop for warranty work, I reflected on how I was feeling.

I’m actually pretty happy. The Little Treasure’s riff, much like my second ex-wife (not her mother), was to be constantly pissed off, a victim of her circumstance, under a lot of manufactured pressure which puts her at the center of everyone’s attention, all the time.

This was accompanied by an ever-growing demand for more and more expensive crap. In the Treasure’s most recent case, after requiring $4,500 for car repairs to the car she would within 2 months total, she needed another $3,800 for a new saddle.

The repairs were because she continued to drive the car even though the check-engine light AND the air bag light were on, refusing to take the car to the dealership to be repaired for MONTHS, because she felt she didn’t have time. The check engine light was due to the timing chains being stretched and causing miss fires, the result was a bunch of out-of-spec parts devouring each other.

The saddle was for one of her horses, which I bought for her eight years ago. She’s been working this horse for the entire time and seeking a better horse to show as a dressage competitor, because this horse “wasn’t good enough.”

Well, lo and behold, she’s purchased one stallion “with amazing conformation” who she couldn’t manage and ended up giving away as a gelding, another mare “with amazing conformation” which in fact had TERRIBLE conformation AND was so touchy she was dangerous to ride, which she gave away, and then another mare which may well have good conformation, but which is too small for her, which she didn’t pick up on. This has cost me thousands of dollars. She also refuses to go to any sort of school because she has about 1/2 dozen ‘students’ whom she’s training, under the tutelage of another trainer who is her friend. This other trainer has actually competed and won quite a bit.

Meanwhile she’s turned up her nose at the idea of the new house I’m building, she actually burst into tears when she found out I was moving back to Tennessee from a year-long contract because she thought my house was hers now, and she’s got herself a boyfriend who is never out of her sight, ever, and who actually quit his job to help her with the stables she’s trying to run now. I tried to show this kid how to program and he has some aptitude at it, but she won’t leave him alone long enough to do it, and he doesn’t have the gonads to tell her otherwise.

So this weekend, with the dating and the digging and the being outside, I was thinking that pretty soon the Little Treasure will likely try to get herself back in here. If she doesn’t, more power to her. To her credit she has 3 credit cards of mine and hasn’t touched them. She had her cell phone turned off as well. So I got to thinking about her coming back.

Why the HELL would I want that? Sorry, chica, you’re an adult. I put a LOT of money into your happiness and all you claimed was more misery. Your latest accomplishment was to follow someone too close in the rain, rear-end them, total your car, hurt them and lie about it. Your response: can I have your F250 after you spend $6,000 to rebuild its engine?

If she comes back in, it’s more misery and crying and wanting. It’s more struggling and giving up things I want for things she feels she need, without bothering to do any manner of research, just based on her own feeling at the time. She’s not going to value any of this until she bleeds a little for it, and I’m not helping her with that.

So, in essence, she’s going to come in here and hear:

No matter what you want – no.
No matter what your conditions – I reject them.
I do not admit nor do I acquiesce on any point. I’m not willing to put forward anything or make any offer. Whatever you want, it’s too much.

Sounds mean, but seriously, I haven’t been this happy, this relieved, in years. Not just because I met a nice Sugar Baby who is going out of her way to be everything I want, but because I have this lodestone off of my back.

So let this be a lesson to the daughters who read this: give your dad an actual reason to love you. You want him to be excited when you meet a goal, don’t turn your nose up at his. You want support, support him. And remember this:

Respect is the one thing you can give away all day for free, and still have plenty left for yourself.



One thought on “A little bit about daughters

  1. This post makes me so angry! I hope that she grows up & learns to appreciate the things that she has. My ex has been “going to fix” my car since September; no, I didn’t hit anyone or anything. I have a mysterious thing that drains my battery. Unfortunately, not having a car leaves me trapped in my house. I would do ALMOST anything if I could get my car fixed, and I would be eternally grateful. I know what it’s like to struggle & work hard to achieve a goal, and I know what it’s like to be a supportive partner. Of course, I’m sure I’m older than her , so maybe there’s still hope for her. As for You, I wish You luck & hope that there is someone out there who appreciates You.

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