Hello, my droogies, from snowy Tennessee

You know how you move to the south and think, “The weather is always beautiful – I’m going to lie in my hammock and drink sweet tea and be tan all the time?”

Yeah… no.

Right now it is 37 degrees here and it was snowing a few hours ago. My horse, who HATES her blanket, is avoiding me every time I go out to the upper pasture to throw it over her. If I don’t get it on her soon that mare is going to be in some real trouble tonight.

Meanwhile, my good friend and co-consultant at the company I’m programming for is quitting, and the guy we work for wants to review my work sometime soon and talk direction. This likely means I’m going to either get his work, or get fired. The job has been sweet for a long time, so fired would be kinda bad. I was wanting to ride this horse ’till the end of the year. It’s going to be what it’s going to be, tho. There’s a local company that wanted me for decent money, which I can consider if I want. Don’t worry, your Sugar Daddy isn’t going to run out of Sugar any time soon.

Which is a good thing, because ‘R’ wants a new saddle for $1,200. She somewhat uncoyly informed me that her custom saddle was done, and she couldn’t wait to get it. My response was “Then I guess I’m going to have an AMAZING time with you Friday after next.”

I was planning for her to come here for the weekend that weekend – meaning that I have to have my son stay here with the animals while I get us a hotel room with a hot tub in it. I plan to show her the property but I seriously don’t want her sleeping in it.

You know, there’s a thing about getting in life to where I am – the getting there. I never really had a nice house. When I was building my first business, I actually spent a couple months picking what days I was going to eat on, so there was plenty for the kids. I drove for a couple weeks with no insurance because I couldn’t pay the bill, I came within 2 days of having the house taken over by the bank (no kidding – I had to Fed Ex the check to cover the house payment).

The house I live in is a shit hole but it doesn’t bother me. The floors don’t cave in, the ceiling doesn’t leak, the house itself isn’t heated or air conditioned but I use a space heaters. That shit just doesn’t impress me. Like, until it died a month ago, I drove a 10 year old Ford F250. It did what it did and it didn’t bother me.

“R” is going to live with me in the new house when it’s built. Like I said, she’s the long haul girls. I could end up in a marriage scenario with her if I want it and she’s made it clear, “Take good care of me and I’m yours.”

As pretty as she is, I’m surprised by it, but then this is the SouthEast and, frankly, there are plenty of guys who love their mom, their beer and their pick up truck, and that’s it. She’s had a hard go of it in the world of equestrian pursuits, and an older guy without money issues is likely really nice.

So she wants a new saddle, and she understands that’s she’s getting bent over to get it. I could also have told her that she could just save her $250/wk allowance and I don’t think she would have split on me, but seriously, I’d rather she have it. I’ll probably go down there next trip to see her ride (and bend her over again).

Other things going on: the new loan gets signed on and becomes a commitment tomorrow. Before I make the first payment on it, I plan to have it and the truck be my only bills. This means that, with the cool stuff, I could STILL be the WalMart greeter and make ends meet.

I’m not GOING to, but I could.

A lot of this is to let people (especially Sugar Babies) who read this see into the mind of an actual SD. You see Dallas on TV and you think you see rich people – I’d eat any one of them for lunch. This is what my idiot second ex-wife never got: being wealthy isn’t about spending it, which is why most lotto winners are in worst shape financially 2 years after winning than the month before. Being wealth is about understanding the difference between broke and poor, between condition and circumstance. For the last 20 years, if I’ve wanted something I essentially bought it on the spur – I just don’t want that much, and what I want is usually designed to make me better off than I am right now.

What I want right now is R, bent over or not. I really like that girl



2 thoughts on “Hello, my droogies, from snowy Tennessee

  1. Been reading your blog (went through a marathon reading session today!). Good to hear the perspective from a fellow SD. Kudos to you on your no nonsense tell it like it is approach to writing.

    Its an interesting dichotomy between how SD’s see the site and how SB’s see the site. I’ve read several SB blogs about how they’re appalled that men look for sex from their SB’s. Yet they don’t see the other side, when those same SB’s are playing multiple guys at the same time.

    • Thanks for reading my blog – I’ll be checking yours out for sure.

      You’re right about the dichotomy. I’ve read a few of the SB’s and said, “Yikes!” over how they treat these guys like ATM machines and then don’t expect to provide any ‘quo’ for the ‘quid pro’.

      Especially when they’re running 1/2 a dozen at a time. Hey – I could do that. I could string the poor girls along, but I tend not to do what I don’t think is right, and I NEVER forget that the SB is a person before she’s anything else. It’s a relationship even if it IS – well, the actual reason for most marriages for over 2,500 years, up until the last 100

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