Sugar Daddy, not ATM

Hello, my droogies. Yesterday was big – signed on the construction loan for the NEW HOUSE, got the check for the Little Treasure’s wrecked Jetta, and arranged for the Ford F250 to have a new engine put in it. It went across the country twice pulling a trailer, once through a snow storm, and survived all manner of abuse and duty, but it didn’t hold up against my daughter and a weekend pulling horses in trailers.

I’m thinking by ‘pull’ we mean the most over-loaded trailer she could find, as fast as she could go, in low-end 4wd. It’s the only thing explaining 2 cylinders going out in an engine that got a clean bill of health in December.

Anyway, with all of this going on, ‘R’ calls and her saddle is done, and she wants it so she can compete this weekend. She’s been borrowing a saddle and the person she’s been borrowing it from is also competing.

First of all, I DO understand how frustrating it is to have something at your finger tips and not have it, and what a pain it is to share a saddle when you compete.

That said, I’ve know her two weeks and she’s wanting to ring up $2000 total on an unbalanced ledger. That requires a talking to. I tell her to call me and she misses the first night because she’s working late, and then calls me last night.

So now I’m kind of disgruntled and thinking that I’m just an ATM to this girl. Characteristic of a ‘player’ SB to come in, give up first or second base, then come on with a bunch of bills until the supply runs out, and roll. I’ve actually read girls’ blogs where they talk about how to do this and get the most from the SD.

Honestly, I think ‘R’ would move into the current house if I would let her. She doesn’t like her current situation and she’s sick of getting by on around $250/wk. She sent me a few scanty pics of herself and we talked about not treating me like a sick uncle, and she also let me know she would wait if I needed her to. I don’t see a problem with it.

But you want to discuss these things up front, not let them fester. Also talked about birth control (she’ll use whatever I tell her to use, which is good because I don’t like rubbers), and anything she might be into. I’m back to the sub vibe from her. She made a sarcastic remark to me and I told her I should spank her, and she left that kind of neutral.

Next weekend she’s coming up here for a thorough boning. That weekend is all about what I want, and she knows what she’s in for. Then we’ll know if I just wasted $2k (which, seriously, I’d give a stranger if they had a legitimate need) or if I’ve found the SB I’m looking for.

Either way, I’m going on a diet!

Yours always,



One thought on “Sugar Daddy, not ATM

  1. I got to agree with a live-in condoms are a waste is so many ways. I went ahead got clipped in January just to be sure. I got the “no needle” procedure which frankly was painful but wasn’t long lasting, as in a afternoons worth. I blogged about it if you want to know more, or just ask.

    Something to consider too… subs fall hard for their doms.

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