Sugar Babies and Hot Lead

Since she got her saddle, communications have kind of fallen off with ‘R’, which isn’t good, however it was Easter weekend, and I was all involved in being pissed off at the world, so there ya go. Cut the honey some slack.

Sent her a text yesterday and got a couple back, but the conversation didn’t go far. Finally, I asked her when she was getting off work Friday, knowing it’s a three-hour drive from there to here.

6:00pm. This means that the earliest she’ll be here is 9pm, and you can imagine she’s going to be a fiery, red-hot animal between the sheets after working all day, then the drive, especially considering she wants to go back on Saturday. So I propose I just go there and meet her after work. I’ve got a house-screening meeting to pick floors and colors on Friday at 2p, so I’ll likely be out at 4p and there by 7pm if I go the whole way. Now I’m thinking of naked chick waiting for me in the hotel room.

She texts, “No, it’s ok,” and doesn’t respond to my next text, but I know she’s doing a late night. I also know I’m making a lot of excuses for this girl.

Today I send her a text, “Another late night tonight?” because I want to hear her voice tonight and gauge what’s going on. Years in sales, I’ll tell more from your tone of voice in a minute than you could tell me in an hour.

“I have court after work,” she tells me.

Well, isn’t THAT an interesting development? Elucidate on ‘having court.’ Seems she pulled a pistol on a guy who was pestering her a couple months ago, and somehow the law got involved. I googled the incident and got nothing, so I tend to think she didn’t blow him away. Now she has a court appearance and she doesn’t know if her lawyer is good, and she’s overwhelmed by the whole thing.

OK, first of all, this is in the great state of Georgia, and it could be bad. GA is trying to be democrat as hard as it can, so expect some REALLY restrictive gun control laws. Second, expect litigators who see the future wanting to have convictions under their belt. She gets convicted on ‘threatening with a gun,’ as it is called in GA, and at best we’re thinking she’s in GA for the next year, at worst she’s asking me to care for her horses while she’s in prison.

Another aspect of this is, “Do you pay her attorney’s fees,” which would hit five figures faster than you could imagine. I like ‘R’ but I don’t have that sort of commitment to her yet.

She doesn’t have a lot of money at all, so she could have a public defender, and that’s never good. You could think yourself into a chasm in no time in a situation like this.

SO the dealio is for her to call your beloved SD after court, and tell me what’s going on. Give me the facts, I’ll know the solution.

You know, at the beginning of this blog, I made the point that I could go to Thailand or even Mexico and get a girl for a few grand and be done with it.

I might start looking into that.

Keep tuned, my droogies!



7 thoughts on “Sugar Babies and Hot Lead

  1. I’m impressed with your willingness to listen and be this nice and accommodating this early int the game. I bet many SDs would quietly vanish after hearing this new development.

    • I never got anything good in my life that came easily.

      I think that the key to being successful in anything eventually boils down to knowing when to keep fishing, and when to cut bait.

  2. As someone that has and is going through the whole “live-in SB/GF” thing… You need to go a dragon hunting! It all comes down to good communications and trust. Give her a safe place so she can be comfortable and tell you where they lay in wait without fear you’re going dump her.

    Hope she is not playing games… Likely isn’t but actions not words are what count.

    • Well, you DID just find someone, so if I went there, it would have to be to kick his ass and take you. Funny how inoften that actually works!

      Besides – why would you come here? 7 1/2 acres, BRAND NEW house being built now – think of the shopping, hun!

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