Did she ACTUALLY play the Dead Grandmother card?

Hello, my droogies. Been kind of a wacky week.

Haven’t been hearing from ‘R’ except in short bursts, and she’s supposed to call me twice and didn’t. Her having done this right after getting money for her saddle had me thinking I’d been played – to the point where I was starting to look elsewhere.

So I JUST got a text from her: grandma is dying. It’s her last gasps, she’ll be there at the end. Obviously supersedes all other plans.

I sort of remember something from lunch about a sick grandmother, but I couldn’t swear to it. Meanwhile, seriously, WTF? Part of me is saying, “Convenient” while part of me is saying, “Who would make that up,” while a final part says, “That’s exactly what people make up, because who would challenge it?”

So we’re in SB limbo on this one, heavy on the skepticism.

Droogies, if you learn one thing in business, it’s that ‘the benefit of the doubt’ is a fiction. People do what they do. Chips actually DO fall where they may. Obviously I’m not challenging her on this, obviously I’m skeptical, but it’s not like I’m going to demand a death certificate. I told her I was sorry for her loss, and hoped it was peaceful if it’s really the end.

Meanwhile, your beloved SD is looking more like a papa bear than a stud muffin, so I’m going to spend the next couple months not looking for anyone and working out. If ‘R’ comes around, lucky lucky. She gets about 30% less SD for the price of all of me.

If this is a lead in to ‘I need some time to myself – never expect to hear from me again,’ then it is. I’ll be more appealing with a lot more muscle and a lot less fat. In the past I dropped 70 lbs in 4 months. This is a good summer goal for me, so I’ll do it.

It is the positive, Droogies. Nothing is a loss unless you choose to lose. That is, very specifically, what separates the awesome from the ‘awe, damn!’

More will be forthcoming, regardless. You know the gym will be stuffed with gym-bunnies, after all!



2 thoughts on “Did she ACTUALLY play the Dead Grandmother card?

  1. Good job on working out! Just remember it’s 80% nutrition and 25% exercise. People waste so much time at the gym but fail to eat healthy and drink plenty of water and they wander why they’re not getting any results or getting slow results.

    Btw, nice blog!

  2. It sure sounds really convenient to have a family emergency at this time. What sucks is that people who have intentions of being fair and upfront in the sugar bowl run into these types of situations and end up getting jaded. On the one hand it’s annoying when girls BS guys because by the time I meet them, they are already more skeptical, mistrustful and assume all sort of stuff about me, but on the other hand it makes me look good in the long run.

    Good attitude about the gym! It’s inspiring me to go run again now that I’m almost over my cold.

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