Went out with the Nurse last night

Drove the 90 minutes to see the Nurse last night. We met at a restaurant – she was late, but not too bad.

She was a little heavy but not fat by any means. More full bodied – she could drop 10 lbs and be amazing. She had a LOT of tattoos – what are women thinking of when they do that? It turns a great girl into a commodity.

Anyway, we drank for a while at the bar, kissed a few times. The girl is seriously down for anything. She doesn’t like her life, she doesn’t like her economic status (and who does these days?). She doesn’t care how old I am.

She has a 4 year old daughter – cute as can be. I have a feeling that she’s a good mom to her, and that she’s working her ass off to provide what she can. Another aspect of this is that she’s a former lesbian who went to women because men used to screw her over – then women screwed her over worse. Out of curiosity I asked how she’d feel about a live-in au pare into BDSM, and she was all over it.

I believe that if I decide to bring this one home as a live in she’s going to do everything she can to make me happy. It’s going to take a few more dates to get there – we started the first one off by hitting a hotel room and blowing each other in a hot tub. She’d have let me fuck her without contraception if I wanted.

You know how something can be so impossibly good, it sets off alarm bells? This isn’t impossibly good, but I have my radar out.

As for the Entrepreneur – she’s been taking temp jobs and done three pictures of about 40 she needs to do to get paid. She’s already hinted that she wants money for clothes. I told her to finish the pictures and maybe I’d find something else for her to do.

I dumped a bunch of money into book advertising so I’m not real eager to get into investing into multiple women. I’m thinking I’m going to have to make a trip to Seattle, as well, in the next month. It would be a good time to meet the Entrepreneur, but cheaper to bring the Nurse.

As for me – I’m going to Home Depot to blow a few thousand dollars on appliances for the new house. I’ll buy them on the card and pay them off interest free for the next two years. I’m toying with trying to turn it into a commercial deal with them.

Happy Memorial Day, my droogies!



OK, seriously, WTF?

Hello, my droogies. If I’ve proven anything since I started this, it’s that trouble comes in threes.

In the last two days three prospectives have contact me, completely ignoring my hiatus on relationships until I lose weight.

All three contacts me. All three sent verification pictures, and I’ve spoke to all three on the phone. All three are long-termers.

The first we’ll call The Russian, because she’s from there. She’s here in the US now, living about 6 hours away, 40 years old and stacked like a brick shit house. Guns like that could take out a division of hungry infants. She’s ALL ABOUT long term relations and not being as focused on a pay day.

The second is a local girl (90 minutes away) who’s 24 with a 4 year old, who works as a nurse. She’s clearly just having a hard time keeping her head above water and getting someone to go out with her and deal with the kid. We’re going out on Friday, and she’s made it clear already that I can define any relationship I want, and she’ll be down with it. She’s a cute girl, but she’s clearly had a kid. You can tell that this one is looking for a permanent relationship. We’ll call her The Nurse.

The final girl is the Entrepreneur. She’s 22 and wants a mentor and a friend, and she’s in New Mexico. I swear, you could bounce a quarter off her ass. Hot as get out and very focused on business, getting to business, her own deals, etc. Her profile on the site I go to said Los Angeles, and her name isn’t like her profile, but as I said, she’s picture-verified and she’s been on the phone. The phone is on a LA exchange.

Never one to waste talent, I put her on a book I’ve been working on – an illustrated novelty book which requires pictures, which I’ve simply never released. I had her sign a non-disclosure/non-compete and then let her see the gallies of the book, and gave her some direction. She’s getting $900 for what should be 2 days’ work, and sets the stage for other partnering. Obviously, it’s part down, part on completion.

She really likes the work-for-money aspect. If this doesn’t work out but the book is done, I’m golden.

So I give up, and it’s like the dam bursts here. Especially after little-miss-four-part-personality, I’ve gone from nothing to really being unable to name a front runner. I guess that’s the way of the Internet – it doesn’t understand feast or famine.

More as it develops, my droogies.


And THIS is why I insist on pictures before we meet

Sent to assure me that this girl is real

Sent to assure me that this girl is real

Hello, my droogies. We’re more on the humorous side today, with the latest installment of, “I can rip off a Sugar Daddy!”

In this installment, the girl from SugarDaddies.com uses the pic on the left as her profile pic. Ten seconds on the internet using Google reveals that this DOES belong to a real girl with a similar name, and is on her Facebook. Sending a ‘howdy’ message to this girl gets us a ‘this profile is no longer valid’ message, meaning she saw a ‘Howdy’ from a stranger and blocked me – more to her credit.

Because when asked about this, our mystery girl was evasive, so I said, “Well, before we arrange to meet, let’s see some pictures of you – and don’t be shy.”

So I get 4 pictures. One is a shoulder to knee nude of a girl with amazing abs, the other is a picture of a thong riding up the butt off a girl with a LOT of butt. You can see a little blonde hair in the picture, but no face. The third and fourth I attach, compared to the profile pic.

OK, no 2 of these girls have the same color hair. The middle one, who’s showing her tits, has a TOTALLY different nose, mouth AND (if you look carefully) teeth. The first and third have completely different chests. Before I was blocked from the actual girl’s profile, she was all about her incredibly thick head of hair – the third’s hair is thin.

You could ALMOST say that one and three are sisters, or one girl much older than the other, but look at the size of her eyes.

I have no idea why I have this amazing skill at attracting these scammers but, just to be sure, I’m going to keep working out and losing weight.

There’s your chuckle for the day, my droogies.


Meeting with a local girl

Hello, my droogies – I know you’re all ready to get back to the hunt, so here is the next installment of:


I met up with a local SB today. I know, I know – I told you all that I was off of the hunt to improve my bod. I’ve actually been doing that on the ManCore diet/work out plan, which may not have knocked pounds off of me, tho it’s made my waist smaller

Anyway, that’s true, but she contact me, she was local and frankly, fuck it, I wanted to go out on a date.

Remember when I said there are three types of SB’s – well she was proving it. She’s a woman looking for a wealthy-ish boy friend.

Frankly – yuck. I liked her and all, but as I’ve said before, not up for the blue balls, and this one doesn’t kiss on the lips on the first date.

Negative. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m done courting. I don’t care what that makes of the women I like, but there ya go.

I’ll talk more about this tomorrow.


Two mini-adventures

Hello, my droogies – and once again there are a lot more of you.

Funny where peoples’ interests lie

As I type this, a backhoe is tearing my property a new one – literally. It’s a new basement for the new house – they started today. I think the current house, which is just a shit hole, has held me back a lot. I really haven’t had a place I’d call ‘nice’ since I was divorced in 2001. I didn’t lose the house in that divorce, it’s just that it wasn’t nice anymore.

What this property is, is plenty of room for the horses, dogs, cats and I. The backhoe, for example, is digging on the property, and I can see him from the house I’m living in.

Anyway, around the start of the week, a magnificently good looking girl got in touch with me, very eager to learn to be an entrepreneur, and wanting very much for me to teach her and to support her while she did it. We entered a very intense discussion online as to what she needed, what I’d do, when we’d see each other, etc. Then I said, “OK, finalize the deal with some pictures of you.”

Using her profile picture, I’d already identified her. I sent her a message on Facebook, and was almost immediately blocked by her account. I’m thinking someone was stealing her identity online (or at least smart enough to pick some gorgeous girl’s profile pick in the same town where he/she lived).

The second is a local girl who also got in touch with me. She’s about 11 years younger than I am according to her profile, however since when did women tell the truth about their ages on those things. I’m thinking she’s more like 40 – we’ll see because we’re going out to dinner tomorrow night.

Wierdo POF girl got the hint and doesn’t call me anymore. While that could have gone better, I knew from the beginning it was doomed. Just no future in it – I don’t want a woman my age living in a one-room on state assistance, because she can’t function off of her meds, no matter how she looks. It was nice to go out to dinner with someone, and I didn’t promise her anything.

Anyway, my droogies, it’s the weekend, and I’ll likely spend it straightening up the place. If my Cub Cadet lawn tractor is repaired (AGAIN) I’ll even cut the lawn. NEVER buy one of those pieces of shit, it’s 2 years old and it’s been to the shop like six times. The engine is underpowered, the blades it turns are too long for it and that means they’re prone to bend, and THAT means that the rotator pulleys will burn out (which in turn puts more work on the piece of shit motor). I’m thinking this makes it to the end of the season, and I put it on Craigslist.

Take care, my droogies!


Courting the naturally dominant man

Sugar babies will often say they meet two types of SD’s:

The type who ask, “Can I see more pictures of you?”

And the type who say, “Take a couple pictures of yourself when you get home and then send them to me.”

If you wonder why you see a lot more of the latter, it’s because that is a naturally dominant man, and he’s a LOT more likely to be successful. He tends to do what he says he’s going to do, including break it off if he doesn’t get his way.

Most people consider him an asshole. He’s not – he is, in fact, trying to facilitate matters and has no idea that you might feel like you’re being ordered around. If he’s started ‘telling’ you what to do, it’s because he’s comfortable with you, and in his mind he’s trying to close the deal, at least in the first stages.

But you don’t need to just swallow this if it makes you uncomfortable – the naturally dominant man understands conflict as something to overcome, so if you’re direct and quick, you can actually benefit from his dominance, and keep him feeling like he’s still in charge as well.

Imagine this scenario: you’ve met this guy online, he’s what you’re thinking you’d like. His income is right, his goals (which he told you of at the outset) are inline with yours. Now you’re at the chatting / chemistry stage, and you want to go slow and be sure.

“I’m thinking I’ll come see you this weekend,” he says.
You weren’t expecting that, but it’s doable. Hey, at least he wants to meet! “I should be able to do that,” you say. “What are we doing?”
“I haven’t decided yet,” he says. “Lunch maybe. It’s kind of a long drive – I might get a hotel room.”

Now you’re wondering if he expects you to put out from the first date. You don’t know this person and you don’t want to be treated like a whore. You start to hem and haw, and you he seems to be frustrated with you, trying to nail you down with his texts, and becoming pushy.

And he may be just that – the guy who wants to hit it one time and roll. But you can tell right away:

“I haven’t decided yet,” he says. “Lunch maybe. It’s kind of a long drive – I might get a hotel room.”
“Let’s nail something down, so I know what to wear,” you say.

The difference: you’ve given him something to act on. The naturally dominant man is a PROBLEM SOLVER. You put this in front of him, he’s going to bite.

“OK – lunch,” he says. “Maybe shopping after.”
“I know a place by the mall I like,” you say, giving him a specific target. “I know what I’ll wear – want a picture of me in it?”

Because the dominant man is going to want to see you naked as a benchmark, and likely you want to see HIM with his clothes on first. Taking fifteen minutes to put an outfit on and take a selfie hasn’t just assuaged that, it’s told him that you speak his language.

Cause, effect, solution, progress. The dominant man is all about this – he attacks problems, quickly solves them, and then moves on. The stalker, on the other hand, wouldn’t have let the hotel room idea goal until he was sure he couldn’t talk you into it. He’d want you to be in the sluttiest thing you could wear, where the naturally dominant man is more likely to want you in sometime that turns him on without diverting his focus.

That means you don’t come at this guy with a lot of cleavage unless you want to fuck him right away. If you’re sporting ‘great guns’, save them for the lingerie he’s going to want to take off of you, or for the shy guy who’ll love you for tormenting him with them.

OH, speaking of tormenting – one last thing. Some guys like to be rubbed up on, teased, etc. NOT the naturally dominant man – he’s going to have no idea where you’re coming from, because he sees goals as VERY important and something to achieve. Giving him one of taking your bra off when you REALLY want your shirt rubbed will just piss you both off. SET BOUNDARIES, because he understands boundaries. You’re both local, it’s a first meeting, you want to just kiss him – say so. He crossed the country to see you, he’s staying over night, be ready to start your SD relationship and at least blow him. The naturally dominant SD will be perfectly ready to define the relationship before hand.

And he’ll respect you more if you stick to your guns, even if you’re out of his reach. If he wants you bad enough, he’ll find a way

OK, that’s it for today, my droogies. They set the stakes for the house yesterday, and are digging this week. The July 20 goal for finished house is looking more real.

So if one of you is looking to be a live in, it’s a good time to start making your argument.


Amazed at the number of people who just want to talk

Is the world REALLY that full of lonely people?

Personally, I find speaking to most people very frustrating. This is often because they’re dumb – hate to say it that way, but it’s a fact. The average IQ of 100 means for every IQ of 110 there are five of 98, not that there is one of 90.

Texts are 100 times worse. I send a text looking for information about some prospective person, and hear about her dog’s new collar with rainbows on it. You know, if your dog were here and I was looking at it, yeah, that’s a topic for discussion. In text, it’s not an answer to “Are you looking to stay in Nevada?”

Most guys like results. Successful guys are more used to it. If I say, “Get in touch with me when you have free time,” and don’t hear from you for three days, then I’m going to assume that you aren’t interested, not that your definition of free time is when you’re sitting in a bathtub, which you do every Wednesday. I sure as HELL don’t need 50 texts to that end on Thursday when you’re asking me why we don’t talk.

This is kind of a cranky post, but I’m doing ManCore now and I think it’s messing with my blood sugar.