On to the on to the…

OK, my droogies, as well you know, you can’t keep this Sugar Daddy down. We back to the plan, and we’re doing it

First of all – work commences on the luxurious, 2250 sq ft home I’m building on the current property outside of Knoxville. The size is perfect for me – 3 bed, 2 1/2 bath with a giant breakfast nook, living room, dining room, home office and a multi-purpose room that I could do anything with (and will). Big things I wanted were a basement and a laundry chute. I should be moved in there by the 1st of August.

Been too busy to hit the gym yet, but I am underway on the diet, and that’s a start. There’s plenty of work to do on the property, and I’ll be a chain-sawin’, wood cuttin’, horse ridin’ bachelor all weekend. The best work out is usually work, and I won’t want for it.

The Little Treasure (my daughter) distinguished herself on her b-day, when she (a) refused to use the phone I pay for any more and (b) told me that I screwed up her life by not giving her the money from the second wreck of her second Jetta in under 3 years. This last one was a following-too-closely, rear-end in the rain where she actually managed to hurt someone, and it got her dropped from daddy’s insurance.

I’m a bad guy because she REALLY wanted that money, and now she’s never been so broke in her life. By never been so broke, I mean she’s living off of her boyfriend. When his money runs out, she has to start in more on his parents. If they pay her way, more power to them. They can learn what I did.

Heartless, you say? When I was building my first company, which I started the month before 9/11, I had weeks when I had to pick what days I would eat on, so the kids had enough. I came within 2 days of losing my house. I worked from 6am to 1 am every night except Sunday, which I spent with the kids. There was nothing else to do.

It made me strong. It will make her strong, or it will break her and she’ll recover. I defy anyone to find a self-made man or woman who hasn’t had a really significant failure in her/his life. This, my droogies, is the lesson she needs.

On top of that, she informed me that I can NEVER be forgiven for doing this. Well, then – I guess she won’t be getting the $6k I earmarked for her, so she could buy a car and pay cash for it, then get minimum insurance and at least drive. She actually told me that I could do that for her if I wanted, but it wouldn’t make a difference. Well, then – I guess I’ll be enjoying that otherwise.

Ladies, I know it feels good to say, “I’ll never forgive you.” In fact, you give that person no where to go. My mom was an alcoholic who beat me. She’d actually pull me away from my homework to tell me what a loser I was going to be. I went to visit her with my son of 1 year and my wife of 2 years (after she invited us, to reconcile), and after 2 days there she threw us out of the house knowing we’d flown there and didn’t have a car. I sat on her lawn for 2 hours with my family while she threatened over and over to have the police remove us, as I called friends I hadn’t seen in years for a ride to my dad’s.

Her, I never forgave. I also didn’t need her in my life. If the Little Treasure wants to put me in that category, it’s the drama, not the reality.

Anyway – as I said, we’re on to the “On to the…” It will bring us what it brings.



7 thoughts on “On to the on to the…

  1. Pretty much, yeah.

    Kids today have no fear of their parents. They’re taught in some schools that their parents can’t even raise their voice to them, and if they do, call the police.

    Now she gets to learn what she avoided as a teen-ager: life’s a real bitch

  2. Little Treasure is a spoiled bitch but also young. She will learn in time the consequences of her actions….hopefully.

    Oh and alcoholic Mothers make us interesting people, cheers.

  3. What a brat! I wish my parents would have helped me that much, when I was done with high school they told me “baby, you are on your own”. It was tough but it made me who I am now, fearless of life.

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