Had a date with a POF girl

One of the other sites I tried was Plenty Of Fish – it’s free. You get what you pay for usually – lonely people who look nothing like their profile pics, who usually want to talk and text until a tornado kills them.

This one pursued me. She’s got bipolar disorder and doesn’t work, but she’s pretty. So, you know, it’s already doomed, but you can be nice to anyone, and it’s just a date. I didn’t make her blow me in the parking lot or anything.

We talked and ate some kind of cheese and broccoli dip and fried pickles. Only the second time I’ve had them (and that was on my LAST conventional date). I don’t think they’re the meal of choice for your average Sugar Baby. Had a couple beers and so did she – want to warm my heart? Drink beer. I love women who drink beer. It is SUCH a turn on. If you are maybe 30 lbs overweight and you drink beer, you’re in my beautiful range.

Driving home, she texted me to call her and we chatted. She was drunk and wanted to cuddle me, but not go too fast. Ah – conventional girls. I wonder how many SB’s know that THAT is the way to man’s heart?

Meanwhile, a loyal follower may or may not throw her hat in the ring. We’ll see. She’s one of you whose mind a really like. She’s a tough chick – you have to love a tough chick. Of course, I’m a tough dude, and touch chick’s love that in theory and hate it in practice. Even if I pick that hat up, you guys aren’t going to know who she is – so from this point on she’s The Hat. I told her to send some pics of herself, and that if she read the blog, she’d know what that meant.

If she sends them, she becomes a contender. This is only the second time a loyal follower went for your beloved SD, and the first one REALLY didn’t know what she wanted, so it was also doomed.

This week was 12 hours of overtime, which wasn’t too bad, considering I get time and a half. Next week will be more, and this weekend I want to both get into the gym and clear the way for a road into my property for the new house.

It’s a busy, busy SD. OH – one more thing:

How many of you SB’s would clean a stall, if I gave you a horse?



4 thoughts on “Had a date with a POF girl

  1. Do you have to be a SB to get in the drawing for a horse? I want to ride… I haven’t been in far too long. SB would need to be a country girl, don’t know many city girls that would want to clean a stall.

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