Happy Star Wars Day

Seriously, if it weren’t for The Big Bang Theory, I wouldn’t know about this, and I’m a programmer.

But, anyway, May 4th be with you. Vomit.

Went out with the POF girl this night. Yeah, that’s the last time for that. We went out for dinner, she wanted to see the house plans (classy), told me she liked them, didn’t talk about a lot else. We had dinner, had a few beers, and then went back to her place.

OK – here’s why I want a Sugar Baby. When I was 20, and a girl made out with me and ground on me and turned me on, then sent me home with blue balls, it was ‘part of the game.’ You know what it is at 49? It’s a waste of my frigging time. I ended up watching her TV while she blew in my ear. Then she told me how much she liked me, how she wanted to lose 30 lbs, and how she’d love to see my place that I don’t want anyone seeing until I improve it.

Yeah – she’s done.


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