Just to be thorough, I broke up with my publisher, too

One thing you may not know about your beloved SD is that he’s a published author.

The difference between a published author and an independent author can be huge. First of all, ANYONE can be an independent author. All you need is a few words strung together by some semi-literate means, there you go! You can publish for free on CreateSpace, they’ll give you free cover art, and you can join more than 10,000,000 hopefuls who now have the word ‘Author’ after their name.


Published means someone looked at those words strung together and said, “Wow – I can money on that!” and then takes you under their logo. It USUALLY means they’ll work with you, edit you, advertise you, publicize you, etc. Problem is, just like there are more ‘authors’ than ever before, there are more ‘publishers’ than ever before, and most of them just aren’t good.

Mine wasn’t good. She and her husband pretty much sat back on a horse ranch in the Northwest and let others do their work for them, while they tweeted to less than 1,000 followers and informed even fewer on their Facebook page as to what was going on. They had college art covers on their books and cursory editing, and not a dime spent on publicity. Every now and then they told their authors in a group email to go join a contest or to post on someone’s web page where it’s free.

I was selling books by the hundreds before I encountered them, and 25 in the year after, so seeing as the house is underway and the job isn’t that demanding right now, I spent a few thousand bucks and arranged for some advertising, and I invoked a line in our author’s agreement that said, “If you don’t pay me for six months, you lose me.”

That was another of their little surprises – they didn’t actually disseminate royalties. Honestly, I have an idea that they aren’t ever going to and that they are out of money, so there’s another reason to get out from under their logo, before they get foreclosed on I find out that some bank owns my novel series.

Life carries on, my droogies. Now it’s the mad dash to get the books back online before my fans stop loving me



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