Worst…. scammer….. EVER

Well, my droogies, your beloved SD released a book yesterday. That will be a whole other entry. I have a bunch of advertising starting on Friday, so I’ve been updating the website as well, doing related things, plus there’s the job and all of the farm stuff I do.

Needed a break, hit the SugarDaddie site, and almost immediately get an IM

“Oh, wow – you’re so handsome! I want to chat with you.”

Sure – fine. We talk. She’s 21, which later becomes 22. She’s living alone in Camp Legune…. well, her Uncle is there. And her brother. And her kid.

She hates her job, she’s a web cam model, but she doesn’t make much doing it, and she hasn’t done it in a week. Her phone is shut off. Her Internet may be shut off tomorrow. She’d love to come see me. She doesn’t care that the current place is a shit hole.

OK, I’ll give anyone the benefit of the doubt, but seriously, if you’ve managed to fuck your life up real bad, do you REALLY think I want into it? Because, my droogies, it gets worse.

“Can you send me money for the Internet and my cell phone? I just need $250.”

Well, if it’s about to be shut off, why not just give me the account numbers? I’ll call and pay them off.

“OH, um, well, I don’t know the account number for the cable. It’s through Time Warner.”

That’s ok – give me the name on the account and the address, and they’ll let me pay your bill.

“Oh, um, well – it’s in my brother’s girlfriend’s name. He has bad credit.”

And she gives me the name, and it’s the same last name as hers, which I know from the email she sent me on Yahoo when I gave her an alternate to reach me.

“Oh, yeah – ha, ha! What a coincidence, huh?”

OK, tell you what – do you have Skype?


Get on Skype, let me see you naked.

And… oh, my, God. You can see this bitch’s ass from space. And while she’s showing me this heavily overweight bod (without a bit of evidence of a kid) she’s telling me she hasn’t eaten in two days.

Well, you know. That’s a start.

OK, I’m getting sleepy. I’ll talk to you in the morning. Then I’ll pay off your bills.

Because, you know – I do that now.

This morning she Skype’s me bright and early. They’re about to turn the Internet off! And by the way, my kid is screaming like crazy because there’s no food in the house. I’m looking up churches on the Internet where we can go eat (which are in walking distance because, of course, no car).

So… your kid has no food, and your concerns are Internet and cell phone? I mean, yeah – you’re looking for work, you need that shit, but apparently she isn’t looking for work. And like I said, that chick was NOT doing web cam sex unless she had clients in Russia.

Seriously, some people don’t have brains that generate the wattage to be a scammer like that. When you’re one, recognize it. Clinton still needs interns.

That’s it, my droogies. I’ll tell you about the book releases later.

Yours faithfully,



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