Amazed at the number of people who just want to talk

Is the world REALLY that full of lonely people?

Personally, I find speaking to most people very frustrating. This is often because they’re dumb – hate to say it that way, but it’s a fact. The average IQ of 100 means for every IQ of 110 there are five of 98, not that there is one of 90.

Texts are 100 times worse. I send a text looking for information about some prospective person, and hear about her dog’s new collar with rainbows on it. You know, if your dog were here and I was looking at it, yeah, that’s a topic for discussion. In text, it’s not an answer to “Are you looking to stay in Nevada?”

Most guys like results. Successful guys are more used to it. If I say, “Get in touch with me when you have free time,” and don’t hear from you for three days, then I’m going to assume that you aren’t interested, not that your definition of free time is when you’re sitting in a bathtub, which you do every Wednesday. I sure as HELL don’t need 50 texts to that end on Thursday when you’re asking me why we don’t talk.

This is kind of a cranky post, but I’m doing ManCore now and I think it’s messing with my blood sugar.



3 thoughts on “Amazed at the number of people who just want to talk

  1. Hahaha this cracks me up. I just had a POT who wouldn’t shut up about how intellectual I was and how much he enjoyed it etc. 3 days later he is discussing something and we get on the topic of women’s sexuality based on societal pressures, him voicing agreement with every point, even reinforcing some. Next thing I know I’m not his type because I am “too smart” and POOF! Done!

    What the flying fuck?

    • Ugh – no such thing as too smart.

      These days, some people think that having an opinion makes them smart by definition, and that’s monumentally annoying – but able to present an argument or position logically after thinking it through? Nothing sexier

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