Two mini-adventures

Hello, my droogies – and once again there are a lot more of you.

Funny where peoples’ interests lie

As I type this, a backhoe is tearing my property a new one – literally. It’s a new basement for the new house – they started today. I think the current house, which is just a shit hole, has held me back a lot. I really haven’t had a place I’d call ‘nice’ since I was divorced in 2001. I didn’t lose the house in that divorce, it’s just that it wasn’t nice anymore.

What this property is, is plenty of room for the horses, dogs, cats and I. The backhoe, for example, is digging on the property, and I can see him from the house I’m living in.

Anyway, around the start of the week, a magnificently good looking girl got in touch with me, very eager to learn to be an entrepreneur, and wanting very much for me to teach her and to support her while she did it. We entered a very intense discussion online as to what she needed, what I’d do, when we’d see each other, etc. Then I said, “OK, finalize the deal with some pictures of you.”

Using her profile picture, I’d already identified her. I sent her a message on Facebook, and was almost immediately blocked by her account. I’m thinking someone was stealing her identity online (or at least smart enough to pick some gorgeous girl’s profile pick in the same town where he/she lived).

The second is a local girl who also got in touch with me. She’s about 11 years younger than I am according to her profile, however since when did women tell the truth about their ages on those things. I’m thinking she’s more like 40 – we’ll see because we’re going out to dinner tomorrow night.

Wierdo POF girl got the hint and doesn’t call me anymore. While that could have gone better, I knew from the beginning it was doomed. Just no future in it – I don’t want a woman my age living in a one-room on state assistance, because she can’t function off of her meds, no matter how she looks. It was nice to go out to dinner with someone, and I didn’t promise her anything.

Anyway, my droogies, it’s the weekend, and I’ll likely spend it straightening up the place. If my Cub Cadet lawn tractor is repaired (AGAIN) I’ll even cut the lawn. NEVER buy one of those pieces of shit, it’s 2 years old and it’s been to the shop like six times. The engine is underpowered, the blades it turns are too long for it and that means they’re prone to bend, and THAT means that the rotator pulleys will burn out (which in turn puts more work on the piece of shit motor). I’m thinking this makes it to the end of the season, and I put it on Craigslist.

Take care, my droogies!



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