Meeting with a local girl

Hello, my droogies – I know you’re all ready to get back to the hunt, so here is the next installment of:


I met up with a local SB today. I know, I know – I told you all that I was off of the hunt to improve my bod. I’ve actually been doing that on the ManCore diet/work out plan, which may not have knocked pounds off of me, tho it’s made my waist smaller

Anyway, that’s true, but she contact me, she was local and frankly, fuck it, I wanted to go out on a date.

Remember when I said there are three types of SB’s – well she was proving it. She’s a woman looking for a wealthy-ish boy friend.

Frankly – yuck. I liked her and all, but as I’ve said before, not up for the blue balls, and this one doesn’t kiss on the lips on the first date.

Negative. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m done courting. I don’t care what that makes of the women I like, but there ya go.

I’ll talk more about this tomorrow.



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