And THIS is why I insist on pictures before we meet

Sent to assure me that this girl is real

Sent to assure me that this girl is real

Hello, my droogies. We’re more on the humorous side today, with the latest installment of, “I can rip off a Sugar Daddy!”

In this installment, the girl from uses the pic on the left as her profile pic. Ten seconds on the internet using Google reveals that this DOES belong to a real girl with a similar name, and is on her Facebook. Sending a ‘howdy’ message to this girl gets us a ‘this profile is no longer valid’ message, meaning she saw a ‘Howdy’ from a stranger and blocked me – more to her credit.

Because when asked about this, our mystery girl was evasive, so I said, “Well, before we arrange to meet, let’s see some pictures of you – and don’t be shy.”

So I get 4 pictures. One is a shoulder to knee nude of a girl with amazing abs, the other is a picture of a thong riding up the butt off a girl with a LOT of butt. You can see a little blonde hair in the picture, but no face. The third and fourth I attach, compared to the profile pic.

OK, no 2 of these girls have the same color hair. The middle one, who’s showing her tits, has a TOTALLY different nose, mouth AND (if you look carefully) teeth. The first and third have completely different chests. Before I was blocked from the actual girl’s profile, she was all about her incredibly thick head of hair – the third’s hair is thin.

You could ALMOST say that one and three are sisters, or one girl much older than the other, but look at the size of her eyes.

I have no idea why I have this amazing skill at attracting these scammers but, just to be sure, I’m going to keep working out and losing weight.

There’s your chuckle for the day, my droogies.



2 thoughts on “And THIS is why I insist on pictures before we meet

  1. I think its always fun when they pick a girl from a porn gallery… you ask for pictures and they send you a few from it, then you send them back more from it too, LMAO.

    Another “trick” is to look at the header of the email too. It will show the IP from which the email was sent most of the time, then a quick GeoIP lookup and wham someplace in South America or Africa.

    It’s a shame most of the sugar sites make ZERO effort whatsoever to keep these scammers off their site. I let my account expire because of all of the scammers and me reporting them to NEVER see them kill one of those profiles. I even went to the effort of giving them a link to the Google search results and/or the info on that picture related to dating scams.

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