OK, seriously, WTF?

Hello, my droogies. If I’ve proven anything since I started this, it’s that trouble comes in threes.

In the last two days three prospectives have contact me, completely ignoring my hiatus on relationships until I lose weight.

All three contacts me. All three sent verification pictures, and I’ve spoke to all three on the phone. All three are long-termers.

The first we’ll call The Russian, because she’s from there. She’s here in the US now, living about 6 hours away, 40 years old and stacked like a brick shit house. Guns like that could take out a division of hungry infants. She’s ALL ABOUT long term relations and not being as focused on a pay day.

The second is a local girl (90 minutes away) who’s 24 with a 4 year old, who works as a nurse. She’s clearly just having a hard time keeping her head above water and getting someone to go out with her and deal with the kid. We’re going out on Friday, and she’s made it clear already that I can define any relationship I want, and she’ll be down with it. She’s a cute girl, but she’s clearly had a kid. You can tell that this one is looking for a permanent relationship. We’ll call her The Nurse.

The final girl is the Entrepreneur. She’s 22 and wants a mentor and a friend, and she’s in New Mexico. I swear, you could bounce a quarter off her ass. Hot as get out and very focused on business, getting to business, her own deals, etc. Her profile on the site I go to said Los Angeles, and her name isn’t like her profile, but as I said, she’s picture-verified and she’s been on the phone. The phone is on a LA exchange.

Never one to waste talent, I put her on a book I’ve been working on – an illustrated novelty book which requires pictures, which I’ve simply never released. I had her sign a non-disclosure/non-compete and then let her see the gallies of the book, and gave her some direction. She’s getting $900 for what should be 2 days’ work, and sets the stage for other partnering. Obviously, it’s part down, part on completion.

She really likes the work-for-money aspect. If this doesn’t work out but the book is done, I’m golden.

So I give up, and it’s like the dam bursts here. Especially after little-miss-four-part-personality, I’ve gone from nothing to really being unable to name a front runner. I guess that’s the way of the Internet – it doesn’t understand feast or famine.

More as it develops, my droogies.



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