Went out with the Nurse last night

Drove the 90 minutes to see the Nurse last night. We met at a restaurant – she was late, but not too bad.

She was a little heavy but not fat by any means. More full bodied – she could drop 10 lbs and be amazing. She had a LOT of tattoos – what are women thinking of when they do that? It turns a great girl into a commodity.

Anyway, we drank for a while at the bar, kissed a few times. The girl is seriously down for anything. She doesn’t like her life, she doesn’t like her economic status (and who does these days?). She doesn’t care how old I am.

She has a 4 year old daughter – cute as can be. I have a feeling that she’s a good mom to her, and that she’s working her ass off to provide what she can. Another aspect of this is that she’s a former lesbian who went to women because men used to screw her over – then women screwed her over worse. Out of curiosity I asked how she’d feel about a live-in au pare into BDSM, and she was all over it.

I believe that if I decide to bring this one home as a live in she’s going to do everything she can to make me happy. It’s going to take a few more dates to get there – we started the first one off by hitting a hotel room and blowing each other in a hot tub. She’d have let me fuck her without contraception if I wanted.

You know how something can be so impossibly good, it sets off alarm bells? This isn’t impossibly good, but I have my radar out.

As for the Entrepreneur – she’s been taking temp jobs and done three pictures of about 40 she needs to do to get paid. She’s already hinted that she wants money for clothes. I told her to finish the pictures and maybe I’d find something else for her to do.

I dumped a bunch of money into book advertising so I’m not real eager to get into investing into multiple women. I’m thinking I’m going to have to make a trip to Seattle, as well, in the next month. It would be a good time to meet the Entrepreneur, but cheaper to bring the Nurse.

As for me – I’m going to Home Depot to blow a few thousand dollars on appliances for the new house. I’ll buy them on the card and pay them off interest free for the next two years. I’m toying with trying to turn it into a commercial deal with them.

Happy Memorial Day, my droogies!



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