Sorry so long – a general catch up

Hello, my droogies. I didn’t mean to abandon you, but I’ve been real busy lately and being busy takes up a lot of time.

So, catch up on personal things: the house has a completed basement and the wood is here for the frame. The contractor will be asking for more money soon. It’s going to look great

One problem with it is that the contractor wanted to cut power and water from the old house to the new. For those who don’t remember, I bought 7 1/2 acres with a house on it, and I don’t like that house, so I’m building a new one and then demolishing the old. They want to cut the utilities across the property to the new because it’s cheaper than new street connections, and I threw the bullshit flag on that. The house is going to be demolished – it’s just asking for trouble.

The Little Treasure (my daughter) experienced three months of living on her own, and returned with an enlightened respect for the value of money. Now she’s trying to buy the stable where she’s been renting (buying it saves her $300/month AND gives her access to more stalls to lease). I’m trying to show her how to finance a down payment.

As for the three most recent babies – the Russian wanted me to give up drinking. Wow – that was a surprise. She’s pretty much done.

The nurse messages me when I message her. She’s still being a “I’ll do whatever you want” girl. I was supposed to see her last weekend and didn’t. I think I’ll talk to her about life plans this week.

The entrepreneur made a deal with me to do the pictures of a book project I need, delivered on about six pictures and then started telling me she had temp jobs, then that she was sick. I told her that I’d get someone else to do them. I sent her check to the wrong address, and then pay-palled her the 1/2 of the money she had earned (when she did six more pictures for me) when I got it back. She wanted something else to do for money and I told her she could send me nudes for $250 so long as they were good nudes. I’ve received one with her clothes on and one with her pinching her nipple, so no go there.

I’m SO SICK OF BEGGERS. Good God – what is it that makes a woman think that she’s owed money because her brain doesn’t generate the wattage to let her understand that the first of the month falls on the same day, every month, and that’s when your rent is due? The second week of the month is when you should have a plan to pay that bill, not the 4th.

For every girl I meet or hear of who is a business woman and SD’s are her clients, I hear from or see a dozen more who really ought to be kept women, because they just can’t run their own lives. The entrepreneur is like that. She’s very pretty (she’s sent me too many pics to doubt that it’s her), and I swear the broad is dumb as a frigging stump. I honestly thought she was another scammer, but no, she’s just this bad at running her life.

There’s this thing guys have called ‘baby bird syndrome,’ which is real. Guys find women who are wounded like baby birds, and they get it into their head to fix them. In the back of the guy’s mind, this girl is REALLY going to love him for that, and it’s going to lead to something really profound.

Truth is, the girls usually get on their feet and fly as soon as they can. That is the nature of birds – a long flight in search of another plate glass window.

So I’m resisting that.

Take care, my droogies! More later



4 thoughts on “Sorry so long – a general catch up

  1. A sugar daddy who’s sick of beggars? How does that work? Isn’t money the whole reason why they’re into it?
    Also, I think you should lower your expectations regarding the wits. There are very few smart sugar babes out there (for the obvious reason) and most of them are scammers i.e.: they have the brains to (at least try to) trick you without really doing anything for the money.

  2. You’re right, of course, sophie. It IS all about an exchange of goods and services here.
    And I think we’ll both agree that there’s no Harvard class in Sugaring.

    It climbed up on my back there for a moment. I think the point of this is: say, “No.” If she leaves because she can’t get money for nothing, then does it REALLY matter if she was pretty?

  3. Well, it’s not like you are choosing women because of their intelligence or character, you are choosing them because they’re “beautiful”. You are older than I, so I know you’ve heard the phrase: Beauty is only skin deep. There are a lot of women who would be thankful to you for helping them, and truly appreciate it. Apparently, they just aren’t “beautiful”. I guess, you do get what you pay for…..

  4. Actually, I don’t like REALLY beautiful girls. I was a model in the 80’s – it left a bad taste in my mouth

    And I’m not skinny, so I don’t want a skinny girl. If she won’t have a beer with me, what’s the point? I wrote about the kind of girl I’m looking for early in the blog

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