Sometimes, faith is rewarded

Hello my droogies,

We all know that the Entrepreneur has her issues. While she’s great looking, she can’t manage the price of a pack of gum and she isn’t reliable. However, show me a Sugar Baby that this doesn’t describe. For some reason, the more I clamp down on her, the more she comes back devoted. When I first spoke to her, she was a ‘maybe we could think of something more committed, but definitely don’t count on it.’ Since then I’ve invested a total of $700 on her – $450 for her to do some pictures for me (was $900, but she only did 1/2), then it was supposed to be another $250 for random girlfriend pictures of her until we met.

She didn’t do that, then sent me a tearful message wishing I had more time for her, and all of this time hasn’t paid her full rent.

So I tell her, “Here’s $250. I want some nudes of you that show your face,” which she really didn’t want to do, but agreed to.

Why ask for this? I’ve been over it before, but at this point I AM convinced of who she is, it’s a matter of her doing something to prove she’s got a stake in the relationship, and it’s not like she can buy me new car seats for the pick up. Essentially, sometimes, you have to be mean with a girl who keeps on not doing what she says she’s going to do.

And, frankly, $250 is like a really good night out. If she burns me, I’m just going to be pissed.

So she gets the money, she talks about coming out here, she’s got to get back to work, she’ll get me the pictures when she gets home.

The next morning I get an email: I dropped my phone in the toilet. Can’t do the pictures. Waiting on a new phone.

OK, yeah, right. Well, this morning, she got her phone, and she sent me the pictures.

First of all, Oh, my GOD, that’s a beautiful girl. You could seriously bounce a quarter off that ass.

Second, having done this, she’s even more focused on us meeting and furthering this. Unless this shows a level of fore-planning that she’s previously shown no ability for, it’s a legitimate statement that she wants the long-term, full-on Sugar Baby that I’m wanting, which would be some pretty freaking good news.

Next week is Father’s Day, the week after I’m in Seattle. I’m thinking I bring her out here the week after that. If THAT makes her want to stay here, the journey’s a success.

I’m letting myself feel good about this, my droogies!


Your SD


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