Off Topic – Here’s an example of Single Payer Health Care

Want a sneek peak into the future of the one payer system the DNC wants, based on the model of the VA:

Last week my son had 2 appointments to the VA hospital on back-to-back days (the hospital is 2 hours away – get used to that, too, because hospitals are closing all over the place) because he’s been diagnosed with Krohn’s disease. They refused to reschedule the appointments for the same day, because that’s hard.

They’re seeing him for Krohn’s because he was misdiagnosed with an ulcer in the Navy, treatment made him worse, and then the VA in Washington state nearly killed him trying to get him to stop coming in. That’s a whole other story

We show up for the first one with my son in so much back pain that he can’t walk. We’re 1/2 hour early (as required) and wait an hour and a 1/2 because the doctor is the only one on staff for gastro. He does a simple check up which could have been scheduled at a local clinic, but he resisted that. He recommends that Bill go to the emergency room for his back, which is REALLY bad now because the wheel chair my son has been sitting in has no back support, and they won’t get him a different one.

To go to the emergency room, you need an escort. He tells the receptionist to call one, but she is on a personal call and waves him off. 1/2 hour later she still hasn’t called for the escort and, when I ask the duty nurse about it, the receptionist (without getting off of her personal call) tells us that they’re slow and there’s nothing she could do.

I say ‘screw this,’ and take him myself. I find out later that she DID take the time to tell the doctor that we left without permission. We wait over an hour for help in the emergency room where they HAVE to take people in order of arrival. This means the guy with flu-like symptoms goes before my son, and my son goes before the guy who’s actually bleeding from a leg wound.

We’re at the emergency room for five hours. The doctor (the only one assigned all night) barely speaks English. Although Bill will have to be there in the morning, she refuses to check him in because she doesn’t believe in it. She DOES want to run tests on him for another four hours after finding out that he’s got ‘wedging’ in his back from drugs they’re giving him for his Krohn’s disease. His doctor from gastro who prescribed it was supposed to be looking for symptoms like these but either wasn’t, or didn’t share with my son and I what was going on. If we run the tests she still won’t check us in. We elect not to do the tests because of how early we have to be back, and she reluctantly prescribes muscle relaxants and pain killers for my son. The pharmacy is already closed so we have to wait another hour for the off-duty personnel there to get the pills.

The next day Bill can barely move and, knowing he has to sit upright in a chair for at lease 2 hours for this procedure, calls in to reschedule it. They tell him to come in next Thursday.

I get calls from three doctors on Friday. The first is from the local clinic where he was supposed to have a bunch of tests and missed them. They were scheduled while we were in the main hospital 2 hours away. The doctor has no idea why this was, if we were ever called about the tests, or what was supposed to be done – he just wanted to threaten us for not showing up. He ended up admitting that the tests WERE the ones that were done in the hospital 2 hours away – doing those tests is SUPPOSED to happen in the local clinic, meaning that the whole ideal from the day before was unnecessary.

I then get a call from gastro doctor in the VA hospital, asking why we missed the appointment that morning. When I inform him, he says that these appointments can’t BE rescheduled – it will set his treatment ‘off balance.’ He can’t find the appointment for Thursday. He’s going to schedule one and then call us back.

Two hours later I get a call from the Emergency room doctor who can barely speak English to see if Bill had been scheduled for a back brace and physical therapy. SHE informs me that she can see an appointment for him on Monday at 8:30am for the procedure he missed. There is none on Thursday. Apparently his appointment was changed without telling him. I call him and tell him about the change, to find out they haven’t called him at all. He had no idea about the reschedule and fully believed that his appointment should be Thursday.

We show up on Monday at 8:00 for an 8:30am appointment. We wait until 9:00am to be seen. They don’t start the procedure until 10:30am because the duty RN doesn’t ‘feel comfortable’ starting an IV for him, and calls to the Emergency Room to have someone do it. We’re there until 1pm because, when the procedure is done, she lets him sit there for 1/2 hour because she has ‘things to do.’

There is no one to complain to. There are no supervisors, there is no chain of command. You don’t like it? Write a letter.

Welcome to the test pattern for ObamaCare


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