How the Baby got her walking papers

It was going… pretty ok with the Entrepreneur. She was clearly who she said she was. She’s beautiful. She wasn’t crazy-about asking for cash and she understood we needed to meet.

I put her to work doing the pictures for a book I wanted to do before Father’s Day. She got a downpayment and she was ready-to-go for the rest of it.

Then she found something else she’d rather do, and put it off until it was too late. I was pissed and she was surprised that she didn’t get paid for the rest.

They aren’t SB’s for their advanced project management skills – I was disappointed but I didn’t come apart over it.

She came back looking for something else to do, rather than just begging for money. I tried to keep her busy

However, the bitch is a fucking basket case. If she isn’t blowing up her toilet, her cousin is in rehab or she’s just been screwed on some other thing. And she’s not making it up – these things are fully documented and her brain just doesn’t generate the wattage to pull that sort of forgery off.

Yanno, you want to get involved with a younger girl for fun and good times. You expect to have to help her out to iron things out in her life. That’s entirely different from “I’m a walking time bomb waiting for the next explosion.” Even if it were a catastrophe a month, it wouldn’t be that big a deal, but EVERY SINGLE TIME we talk, something’s gone horribly wrong.

To top that off, she switched to, “I don’t know if I can come out there to meet you, because my cousin really needs me.” That’s the red flag right there.

This chick isn’t a sugar baby, she’s a basket case. There’s a difference.

She’s done. Back to talking to the one nearby with a kid who used to be a lesbian. I give that a few months to deteriorate, but the sex was good and, frankly, for a while that’s all I’m going to want

Keep it real, my droogies,

Your SD


5 thoughts on “How the Baby got her walking papers

  1. Hi there,

    Currently, I have this GF I met through a normal dating site. A typical single mother financial basket case, no job, bills coming due everywhere, no cash in the bank, living in a big house she can’t afford, non-rent-paying roommate, all kinds of leeches taking advantage of her good nature. Really pretty face, sweet-tempered, naturally intelligent though immature, and like a girl between the legs (she had a caesarian for her children and evidently has naturally strong muscles there), but overweight by 30+ pounds on a medium frame. The blubber doesn’t bother me sexually (sort of funny actually, like a fat cat, though I don’t respect people who can’t control themselves) but it causes snoring so I can’t sleep with her, which is issue one. Issue two is that she can’t keep her mouth shut and I’m going crazy from listening to all that yacking. I gave her $2000 after she started delivering and the sex was enjoyable for both of us and my intention was to keep this up monthly, but she doesn’t seem to get the message that the yacking is driving me off. Finally had to walk out on her the other night to keep from losing my mind and now I’m dreading seeing her again, because it means listening to that yacking again. It appears we’re in the process of breaking up, though I’m not really sure. I’d gladly take her back if she just learn to shut up around me and save the yacking for her mother or women friends, but some people just don’t want to reform. I’m thinking of going the sugardaddy route for a new girlfriend. (I met this current girlfriend a month ago, my first girlfriend after a very long dry spell, I’m actually pretty comfortable satisfying myself.) Which site did you use? (Sorry if you addressed this question elsewhere.)

    What I don’t understand is why you meet women from out of the area? Everett, WA is not exactly the boonies. I’m planning to say in my profile that baby has to meet me at a nearby Starbucks, with no compensation for this first date. I go there daily anyway to read, so no problem if she’s a no-show (I would expect 90% no-shows, realistically). If she did actually show up, I’d give $40 for travel expenses and then schedule a second date at this same Starbucks, this time promising the $40 travel expenses in advance, just to see if she is serious. No way I’m sending money to someone before we meet in person. Basically, I’m looking for something like a 4 year arrangement where baby gets $2000/month for 7 nights together (every 4 days), allowing her to save $100K tax-free just for having fun, which seems like a pretty good deal. The 22 year-old me would have jumped on deal like this (even adjusted for inflation since back then) requiring vanilla sex with a 55yo woman in excellent condition (once you get back into shape, start doing handstands and pull-ups, since the nature of these exercises is they provide immediate feedback in the case of weight gain), but then maybe I don’t understand what fools most young women are. Do you think this plan is realistic? Did you get a lot of emails from women, or did you have to take the initiative? I think the woman should take the initiative in a situation like this, at least a one-liner inviting me to look over her profile and then I’ll take it from there.

    I’m retired from the computer industry myself and have no kids and about $50K after-tax income from stocks/bonds, of which half can go to baby. I live pretty cheap. (I’m exempt from Obamacare because insurance would cost >8% of my income. I’ll continue self-insuring, same as before. Not sure why you hate Obamacare so much. It’s actually great for most small businesses, since many of them had big problems getting insurance previously.)

    • Wow – that’s a lot

      First, women who yak a lot are trying to ‘control the air’ around them. If you watch her when she does it, she’s watching you to see what she can use to illicit a response. Most do it subconsciously and it’s practically impossible to train them out of it. You’d think you could pick your topics and then at least it would be interesting, or get her interested in a TV show or something where she can learn to listen, but it won’t work. If you can get her to read that will help but expect her to resist it. She needs to see a shrink about this and odds are you won’t like the bills that come with it.

      Second, I’m not in Everett anymore, I’m back in TN. It is slim pickings here. You were right about Everett – you could throw a rock out your front door and hit a sugar baby. They hate that, tho

      I think your allowance is reasonable, and I agree not to send money to a stranger. You’ll never meet that way.

      As for ObamaCare, I used to pay $300/month for awesome coverage and a tiny deductible. Now it’s $600 for me and one less kid, and the coverage is nil. The co-pay is more than double what it used to be (the coverage on medicine is better, but not $4,000/yr better). When my daughter fell from her horse and broke a bone in her spine, I paid $6,000 out of pocket toward $8,000 in treatment. That’s just bullshit – why have insurance?

  2. >why have insurance?

    That’s my feeling and why I don’t have it. Luckily, it’s easy for keep my income low enough to be eligible for the 8% rule, despite high net worth, especially since half the money is in IRAs. With higher income, I’d just pay the 1% penalty this year unless my income was high enough that 1% was more than the cheapest insurance. But then I don’t have kids. Maybe that changes things. Insurance for me (single man in his 50’s) would be like $500/mo with $6000 deductible, or $12000 out of pocket per year before the insurance kicks in. Meanwhile, I haven’t seen a doctor in 30 years, other than for a simple vasectomy when I turned 50. You’re in the one small group that got hit hard by Obamacare (though obviously the taxpayers as a whole will be paying some subsidies).

    >women who yak a lot are trying to ‘control the air’
    >she’s watching you to see what she can use to elicit a response

    Yep, that sounds like her. I’ve been avoiding her since walking out a few days ago but she keeps calling me (very sweet voice, quantity is the problem not quality) and wants to come visit me in a few hours. We’ll see what happens then. She does have potential…

  3. Love this! There’s a difference between just being a fuck up, bad at life, and being a sugar baby. This was a fun read, thanks.

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