I’ll be 50 in three months, and I get strep throat?

OK, seriously, what the fuck?

I was iffy about going to Seattle. Hadn’t been in six months, haven’t had a decent vacation in over a year, figured I’d visit the client, press the flesh in person, and then be on my merry way after a party-day in the port.

Did NOT happen. Their facilities picked that week to flood out, so I got to spend my time in the cheap-ass hotel room (I think the one crappy La Quinta is in Seattle), after trying in vain to get on site for three hours, then find out that I missed all of the meetings that they’d scheduled for me at the last minute. Everyone is pissed off and they’re saying I should come back.

Why am I at a La Quinta? Well, I have a girl who is an old Navy buddy, who has been torturing herself for years about whether she wants to be with me or not. Thing is that it’s not logistically possible, but this is going to be the time when she comes around and makes her ‘big decision,’ and I need a hotel she can access, which means Seattle proper, which is a night mare at the last minute.

As well you know, your beloved SD likes a hot tub in the room, a couple rooms, a kitchen, etc. Not here – for top dollar I get a place I’m nervous about leaving the rental car at and, of course, she loses her nerve and doesn’t want to do more than kiss.

We spent a day in Seattle – got some awesome stuff for the new house that you couldn’t get anywhere else, and then I go back to the airport four hours early. Couldn’t even land a first class seat back on the red-eye, so I ALSO get stuck sleeping in the sardine can.

The first day I’m home, I’m out of it but think it’s jet lag. That night I get up to pee like eight times, and in the morning I wake up with a sore throat.

I know the signs – I go to doctor (and pay an outrageous $55 copay) to find out that, yes, I have strep. Been in misery since Tuesday. Supposedly it’s the year for a virulent strain that affects adults, and it’s bad. Huzzah.

Good news? They’re drywalling the new house as I type this, and the siding will be on by Monday. Windows and doors are in, they’ll prime and paint and do the floors next week.

Should be a wacky good time


Your SD


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