Back in the saddle, my droogies

Did you miss your Sugar Daddy, my droogs? Sorry, but I had to take a break from dating, and I didn’t want this to be non-stop bitching about the house I was building.

The house is DONE. 2250 sq ft, master bath with a 2 person Jacuzzi, two TV rooms and a full basement with a shop and a work out center. I could probably hide in fridge and have air for days

What a nightmare to build it. Take your eyes off of the builders for a second and they are fucking up. From putting my circuit breaker board on the outside of the house (why? Why would ANYONE do that?) to moving it to the inside and not pulling a permit for it (making the house uninsurable) to leaving the water connection to the ice maker on the fridge finger tight so that it leaked all over the hardwood floor and took out 40 sq ft of it – it just didn’t stop.

They left the sewer off of the estimate (and added another $6,000 which I had to cough up), they installed the hotwater heater and didn’t connect it (and wanted to charge me for it). Toilets that didn’t work, doors that don’t close – why would I burden some poor girl with all of that?

So I took a break. Just had the big five-oh (and spent it fixing stuff around the house), and now I’m ready.

Got onto and took all of an hour to get a date with a local hunny who describes herself as “not thin – full-figured with big boobs and nice legs.” I didn’t make her send me a naked pic because she’s local and I’ll be seeing her tonight. I think she’s going to be good for at least a hummer. She seems eager to please and I’m in desperate need of one

Abstinence and alone time are always good for self-reflection. I’ve started writing again and the NaNoWriMo is in 32 days, so I’m thinking of a book on how to have your dream house built. Contact me if you want to be a proof reader (or are ready with a hummer – I’m not picky!).

OK – that’s it for now, droogs. Another consequence of this is I am WAY behind at work and will be playing a lot of catch up for the rest of the year. This entry REALLY was more to get my creative juices flowing